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A funny thing happened to me…

Posted on: 18 January 2008

It didn’t happen to me on my way… but actually after I got to our guild demo night.

I wasn’t planning on participating, as they were doing valentine postcards, and I have never done a postcard, so didn’t know what to bring.

A couple of the members offered to assist me in finding a way to quilt a Mystery Quilt I did a year ago. I thought it would also be a good idea to bring a couple of others, to be sandwiched, then I would be ready to quilt them.

Once I was ready, I got my quilt top, batting and backing out… then realized no masking tape, to tape it down. So the hunt for tape was on. As I lived relatively close by it was suggested I run home and get some. As I was about to grab my jacket and dash out the door another member, asked where I was going. So I told her “home for some tape”… she pulls open a drawer… and voila! tape. So next we take the chairs of the table and put two tables together. I pick up the backing only to realize… I had not cut it, and pieced it to fit. Well, I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

I have set goals for the weekend.

  • fix oopsies on the mystery quilt
  • piece backing for mystery quilt
  • sandwich mystery quilt
  • quilt the stars on the mystery quilt

And if that goes well, and there are no other distractions, I will tackle

  • piece the backing for “There’s a dog on my quilt”
  • prepare binding for mystery quilt
  • sandwich “There’s a dog on my quilt”
  • prepare binding for “There’s a dog on my quilt”.

These are the two quilts I am talking about.

Mystery Quilt - Stars Top

“There’s a Dog on My Quilt”


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