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Wow… I didn’t know I could do that.

Posted on: 19 January 2008

I set some goals for myself with what I wanted to do with quilting this weekend. Forgetting, that I was going to be away on Sunday… so I’m not going to get them accomplished… but that’s okay.

I’ve been having way to much fun. I’m working on the charity quilt. I wasn’t going to quilt the border, I didn’t want to calculate and mark it. When I was about to square it up… the border kept shifting… so what to do. It’s a leafy fern, or spiky plant for the border, and I thought I would quilt the spikes… following the leaf. WOW. I thought this would be difficult… but it is fun, and easy. I have to remember to change position, as I tend to stay in one position to long, and stiffen up.

It’s working out really well. A nice contrast, of sorts to the grid quilting I did on the quilt itself. No pictures yet… I’ll wait until its done, and do some close ups of the quilting. I’m really happy with it… did I mention that? LOL.

Sometimes you just have to jump in, and try something new, and don’t think about “rules” or if its right or wrong. Just Do It!

This is the quilt, before the binding.

Log Cabin Charity QuiltLog Cabin Charity Quilt - close up border quilting


2 Responses to "Wow… I didn’t know I could do that."

What a great quilt and you’ve done a really good job! I know what you mean about moving position, I can get so absorbed that my neck and shoulders start to hurt long before I even realise it and have to remember to take little breaks every 15 minutes or so. But sometimes I just don’t want to leave it!! Happy stitching, Jen 😀

Hi Alice,

I was looking on APQ and saw your site there. I really like your quilt. I like you new website also. Hope that is the correct term?! Oh well, I think you understand what I am trying to say. I will have to stop in and visit you here also. Very nice. Leisa

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