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Books, books and more books.

Posted on: 4 February 2008

I received another book order today. Woohoo!

I received an order about a week and a half ago – two books I had ordered from – Crafters Choice Bookclub (Canada).

Quilt as Desired – Your guide to Straight-Line and Free-Motion Quilting, by Charlene C. Frable

I was very interested in this book, as quilting a project still intimidates me, in particular marking (this book doesn’t cover that). Free motion quilting I am very interested in; Charlene walks you through an understanding of the technical aspects of quilting, and then leads you through several lessons to practice, practice, practice. I have not had the opportunity to do the lessons, but have had a quick look through the book. I am very motivated to try this out.

Fat Quarter Fun, by Karen Snyder.

This book was “bundled” with the one above. I have several Fat Quarters (FQs), and have been using them in different projects. Having a quick look through this book has fostered an interest in making a quilt just with FQs. The patterns and what Karen has done with them, are very inspiring. It’s not just a book on patterns to do with FQs, she also has a General Instruction section on quilting basics. Although I wasn’t sure about this book, I think it will be a good addition to my “library”.

Today, I received another book order, this time from Chapters/Indigo/Coles. The story behind these books, which I did want, was I got them for next to nothing. How? I am a member of an online survey company, and I fill out the survey’s they send to me via email. Every once in awhile, they have a compensation and you have a choice of 3 items. I chose the gift certificates for Chapters/Indigo/Coles bookstore. I had a total of $53 in gift certificates accumulated… and paid about $5 for the books.

Some of these books my local Quilting Guild has, but I wanted my own copies for interest, but for reference when working on these types of quilts.

Bargello Quilts, by Marge Edie.

I have seen several Bargello quilts, and the size of them and the work that goes into them intimidated me! All those little pieces. EEK!!! I had picked up a quilting magazine last April which had a “small” bargello wallhanging. I figured I could handle that. (Which I did!). I made the quilt last fall. It was a blast, although I did not follow the advice I had received from a Quilt Shop owner. Do NOT press until the top is put together. And I offered to teach a beginner Bargello class, in May. So I bought this book as a reference, and as a guide to make larger quilts. I haven’t had a chance to do anything but browse through the “gallery” in the book. Spectacular quilts! A quick look at the Table of Contents, and she has split the book into six sections. She has a basic section, great for us beginners, and an advanced section for those who want to “punch up” their bargello, or design their own. There is also a gallery and a pattern section.

Origami Quilts – 20 folded fabric projects, by Louise Mabbs and Wendy Lowes

Origami has always interested me. Several years ago, I played with traditional paper origami. With a couple of young children, I never pursued it like I would have liked. Now that I’ve taken up quilting, you can understand my excitement to learn that there was Origami Quilts. Although this technique is a ways a way for me, I couldn’t resist the book! Again a quick peek of the contents, and wow! Its amazing what you can do with a piece of fabric. I look forward to looking at this book more in depth, and then of course in time, trying out the technique!

365 Foundation Quilt Blocks, by Linda Causee

There is nothing like a big book of blocks! In this case Foundation or paper-piecing blocks. I took a workshop last year at the guild on paper-piecing, and was hooked. This book will be a good reference as I grow as a quilter, and put my own quilts together. From some very simple/easy blocks to some that are very complex with many pieces. Linda has set this book up as a perpetual calendar. One block for each day of the year, including a few holidays.

It’s not over yet… I have another book order coming in… not sure when it will arrive. Soon I hope, but not to soon, I want to read the three new ones! I should be signing off now, and get these five books catalogued in my electronic library catalogue.

Have a great day!

PS… The Bargello wallhanging I made is the one in my header on my blog! Cheers!


1 Response to "Books, books and more books."

Ooo, yummy yummy books! I’ve been meaning to get a fat quarter book for ages, as that’s mostly the size fabrics I buy. Your mention of that has rekindled the spark.

Happy reading! Fer

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