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Sewing Machine Woes

Posted on: 11 February 2008

Everyone once in a while, my sewing machine “acts-up”. It just doesn’t want to work. Of course this is always when I need to do something.

So what choice do I have. The machine is only about a year and half old. A new one is not an option *grin*. Out of frustration, I turn it all off, and go pout and watch TV for a bit… what else is there to do. Well, I guess I could finish a binding project, or a redwork project… but then I wouldn’t be able to pout! LOL.

Is it my tension? I thought so… it looked to me like the bobbin thread was not being pulled up into the layers of fabric. I made the adjustments… eeek. Tension is now at 7. I had read somewhere that using the Tension above 6 was not good… (hmmm… on second thought, how can that be, as you should adjusting your tension for whatever fabric you are sewing).

I started looking for help on the internet. Maybe a course/class on Sewing Machine Repair might help. And if I can fix my own machine.. maybe I can fix others. But is there enough work in my little community. That’s something to think about later.

Now, not only is my tension acting strange… but my machine started clunking, and it just didnt’ seem to sound like it was sewing properly. Clip the threads, and take the piece out… WHAT! is all the needle thread doing on the bottom of the piece? Where’s the bobbin thread?

I think I have discovered what caused this! It’s me! Yup! I caused it. I’ll talk about that in another post!

So this is the beginning of my discovery of my sewing machine!


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