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Feather Quilting – we have to try this.

Posted on: 21 February 2008

Our quilters’ guild had a “movie” night tonight. We watched one of Patsy Thompson’s videos on free-motion quilting feathers! What a treat. That’s all I want to do now, is try this technique out.

Okay… I don’t have all the thread weights she suggests… but let it be known, it is on my shopping list.

Back to wanting to practice this technique… and as she says the possibilities are limitless. But I can’t… I have a 7 hour work shift tomorrow (I know, I know… I’m not really whining about working, I’m whining about not quilting!).

I am really excited about this. Quilting a project is one of my stumbling blocks for a project. How do I quilt it? What design(s) do I use? I do understand that with practice, a few books, and internet resources, my quilting repertoire will grow… but I want to do it NOW!

Watching this video, has broken down some of my walls. I may not be perfect at it (which I know I won’t be), but at least I have something to work with now.

I have hinted that I would like her DVDs for my birthday (Paul if you are reading this… this is a reminder about my birthday). And what I don’t get for my birthday, I will buy over the next few months for myself!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa – the weekend won’t be here soon enough.

I haven’t had the opportunity to really look through her website, but what I have seen… list of instructional videos, and the free downloads… my arsenal of quilting motifs and ideas is getting bigger.

Now I need to goto bed… and tomorrow evening, you can be sure, I won’t be around my computer much, as my sewing machine and I have a date!


3 Responses to "Feather Quilting – we have to try this."

That’s a great idea for your guild to have a ‘movie’ night like that, did you all sit there and quilt/sew whilst watching or were you too glued to the set?!

I’ve finally left a reply comment on my blog for you too, weekends often don’t allow me to get close to a computer – but sometimes this is a good thing!!

So how have the feathers gone? I’d love to see the results, I’m sure you’ll master it in no time!!

Oh no, poor thing! I’d been wondering where you were, as this wasn’t like you. I hope you’re feeling better very soon – I’m sending you happy get well thoughts with this message! Jen 🙂

Have you tried Long Arm Supplies? I am sure they would have the thread you need! http://canadianlongarmsupplies.com/

PS. I work there so I know how much thread there is to choose from! LOL 🙂

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