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Gotta Luv Cats

Posted on: 1 March 2008

In April 2006, I attended a Redwork workshop given by our local quilters’ quild.  Redwork is needlework similar to embroidery, but uses traditionally only red thread on a white background.   It was a fun evening!

After taking this class, I had a great idea.  I’ll make a quilt for my Mom.  Now we should add, that at this point I was only just starting to quilt… no quilts started, only a thought of doing one to remember my dad.  (Another story, for another time).

In the Redwork workshop, the facilitator suggested that redwork designs could be found just about anywhere… but colouring books were often used.   Within a few days, I started to gather cats.  I traced a couple from a few colouring books, then I scoured the internet.  Found a few there too.  Some needed some “editing” to get rid of the colour, and to leave the outline (lines) of the design.    I worked off and on on these blocks until February 2008 (when I finished the last one).   I made 12 redwork blocks, and 13 puss-in-the-corner blocks as an alternating block.   I also gathered several burgundy/wine reds, as that is the colour of the thread I chose to do the redwork.    I wish I knew then what I know now… I would have bought a little more of the fabric… because I didn’t have enough to do the borders.  I found some fabric with cats on it, to use for the inside border.  The outside border is a paisley with colours from the inside border as well as from some of the blocks.

I finished attaching the borders today!  I am very pleased with my results.  I even did tricky (what I consider tricky for a beginner quilter), corners for the borders.  I made 4-patch blocks for the corners.  The tricky part is getting the border long enough to fit the sides of the quilt, and then of course matching all the seams.  I think I missed 3 or 4… so I think it went very well.

This will be my largest quilt made to date.   Currently it is approximately 70″x70″.   My design wall isn’t quite wide enough, so the pictures don’t have all the quilt.

Completed Topa few of the blocks are missing from this picture.  Once the quilt is completed, I’ll post a picture of the entire quilt

Gotta Luv Cats - Close up of cornerclose up of the border

All I need to do know is sandwich, quilt, bind and label it, and it will be done!  I think my Mom will like it.


1 Response to "Gotta Luv Cats"

She’s going to love it! For a first quilt you’ve done such a great job, and did I spot a redwork of Tazzie sleeping with her paw over her eyes?!!

Redwork looks so much better with a dark red like you’ve used, I’ve promised myself that I’ll make one of these some day – when I do not know!!

Glad you’re on the mend. Cheers, Jen 🙂

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