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I had read somewhere on the internet that Glad Press’N’Seal was a great tool for quilting, so I bought a box… someday to try it. Well someday happened.

I decided to use it for my Mom’s Quilt. I am not a very experienced quilter… and it does intimidate me, to try the feathers, and all those other very neat designs.

I started with a piece of parchment paper, and drew the size of the finished block on it. I then started drawing the design on it. Then I folded it, and drew the other corner, then unfolded and refolded, and traced… until the design was all over the paper. It didnt’ look half bad, if I do say so myself.

Quilt Motif on Parchment Paper

I didn’t want to affix the parchment paper to the quilt (it is a bed-size quilt), and then I remembered my box of Glad Press’N’Seal (Pns). I pulled out a piece… careful here, as it will fold up onto itself (but it will come away easily). I laid the PnS over top the parchment paper.

I started tracing the design with a pencil… but the pencil wasn’t marking very well, and in some cases put small holes into the PnS. What to do… what to do… ahhh… I’ll grab a fine point sharpie, that should do it. I traced the design. Didn’t look to bad, except the lines are now really really thick.

Quilt motif on Glad Press\'n\'Seal

For the next 12 times I need to trace this pattern out, I am going to use a very fine point pen.

Although… if I get the “hang” of the design in a couple blocks… I may just go free-form.  I’ll see how adventurous I feel on that.

For now… I have 5 more of the redwork blocks to finish quilting.  But I think I’ll do that other block first… maybe.

And just because this quilt would not be complete without a few candid shots.  This is my cat, Tazzie, we’ve had her for 6 months now, so that would make her about a year.  She has decided that this quilt is hers!  I think she is going to be disappointed, when I give it away.

Wake up TazzieWake up Tazzie

Hello TazzieHello Sleepy Head.

Tazzie can\'t stay awakePoor tired Tazzie, just can’t stay awake.

Tazzie Back to sleepTazzie back to sleep.


Have you ever wanted to do a technique, or make a certain type of quilt or block, and was intimidated by it?

Have you ever been intrigued by any of the above?

Have you ever imagined “how did they do that, it looks very complicated”, and were afraid to try it?

Me too! Too all of the above.

Bargello is one of those techniques, quilts that intimidated but intrigued me at the same time. They are so beautiful, and so many designs. The first Bargello I saw was the twist or ribbon style. There was no way I could do that. Then I started searching on the internet about Bargello’s. I tell you, there are some gorgeous works out there. Just no way, I can do that.

Well, it just so happens, that I have made a Bargello quilt … and it was a wall-hanging, which made it less intimidating. Cori Derksen and Myra Harder of Blue Meadow Designs designed Bohemian Rhapsody for McCall’s Quilting April 2007 issue. And what is even better, they have posted the story behind this quilt on their blog. (Clicking on the quilt name will take you to the page the blog entry is on Day 44).

I didn’t know about them, their website or blog until just this year.

I made my version of this pattern “West Coast Sunset” in the fall of 2007. I changed the pattern to suit my needs, and to allow better placement of the colours. I live in the South-west corner of British Columbia, and the sun sets over the mountains of Vancouver Island. After completing the top for this quilt, that is what it reminded me of, and therefore it was named “West Coast Sunset”.

Westcoast Sunset Bargello Quilt

Now, have you ever considered teaching a quilting class? Gotcha there didn’t I!

Well, I have, and I am. Bet you can’t guess what I’m teaching? Do remember, that I have only been quilting for 2 years. Oh, you figured it out, because I’ve been talking about Bargello’s at the beginning of this blog entry.

Yes, that’s right… I am going to teach a Bargello class. It is titled “If I Can Do a Bargello – So Can You!”.

I am going to talk:

  • history of Bargello
  • about fabric selection
  • designing a bargello
  • Books and Internet resources on Bargello
  • Cutting fabrics
  • Piecing options – matching seams, off-set seams, separator strips

My class is next Sunday – May 25th for our local quilt guild members. I was a little disappointed at first of the low numbers (5) taking the class, but as it is my first quilt class, perhaps smaller numbers would be better.

The second Bargello that I am making (the class example), will be for my eldest daughter. She wanted 3 specific colours – pink, purple and lime green. I think I have succeeded in selecting fabrics to meet this demand. Pictures to come after the Bargello class.

If you are looking for resources on Bargello, I have posted the list I am providing my class.

Until next time!

I was heading for my little part of blog space, to write a post about “Setting Stitch Lengths” or the comparison between standard and metric stitch length measurements, when I checked my “Blog Stats”.

Blog stats gives all kinds of information, particularly where someone has come from to read your blog.

Well I checked mine today, and I had a “referral” from Mark Lipinski’s blog. Talk about a thrill… Now if you don’t know who Mark Lipinski is, maybe you know his new magazine “Quilter’s Home”. If you haven’t seen this magazine yet, I strongly recommend it. It is now available for subscription.

I’m not sure how the referral reached my blog, but I am tickled pink to no end about it.

Now to run, and think about writing my original blog entry for today. I have an errand, so maybe later today or even tomorrow I’ll get it posted.

Until next time!

Have you missed me? Now come on, you can be honest… I know… you didn’t even notice I was gone.

Not much has happened in my quilting world lately. Just working on a few projects, nothing new.

I also started a new job, and that has taken a lot of energy. I’m not really sure how long I can do it, so I am looking for other work.

So, what am I currently working on. I am working on my Mom’s redwork quilt. I am working on the machine quilting. The redwork blocks have diagonal lines 1/4″ and 1″ apart. I was going to do a cross-hatch but with just the one set of lines, I thought the cross-hatching would make it too busy. I have each row going in a different direction. I like the effect. Now just to figure out how to do the alternating “puss-in-the-corner” blocks, and then the border. I am thinking in the bottom corner of the border… or even all 4 corners of doing a mouse motif, with 3 mice, one on the horizontal border, one on the vertical border, and one in the corner – the corners of the borders are a 4-patch.

My contest quilt – fizzled. I got the top completed, and it looks very nice, even if I do say so myself (and I just did). It fizzled, well… I was getting close to the deadline – 48 hours. I thought to save myself some money (bank balance getting low – hence the new job), I would piece 4 batting sections together – 3 vertical, 1 horizontal. Wouldn’t you know it… the middle vertical and the horizontal piece – puckered/buckled… whatever you want to call it. I thought that maybe laying it out, and then spray basting all 3 layers together would help ease it out. I left it for the night. The next morning, I thought that I would not be doing myself justice, nor the quilt, if I proceeded to quilt it. So, I didnt’ get it done for the contest. Ah well, perhaps another contest, and if not, well at any rate, I’ll have a nice quilt for my bed, when I finish it. I may even try some of these free-motion quilting techniques that I have a couple DVD’s on.

Well, that brings us pretty well up to date…. almost. But that is for another blog entry – I am teaching a beginner Bargello class in 2.5 weeks.

Until next time!

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