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Have you ever wondered who visits your blog?…

Posted on: 10 May 2008

I was heading for my little part of blog space, to write a post about “Setting Stitch Lengths” or the comparison between standard and metric stitch length measurements, when I checked my “Blog Stats”.

Blog stats gives all kinds of information, particularly where someone has come from to read your blog.

Well I checked mine today, and I had a “referral” from Mark Lipinski’s blog. Talk about a thrill… Now if you don’t know who Mark Lipinski is, maybe you know his new magazine “Quilter’s Home”. If you haven’t seen this magazine yet, I strongly recommend it. It is now available for subscription.

I’m not sure how the referral reached my blog, but I am tickled pink to no end about it.

Now to run, and think about writing my original blog entry for today. I have an errand, so maybe later today or even tomorrow I’ll get it posted.

Until next time!


6 Responses to "Have you ever wondered who visits your blog?…"

That is a thrill! I love his blog, very entertaining. Hope he’s over his pneumonia though.

Are these blog stats something that comes with WordPress or did you download it from somewhere like Site Meter? Blogger doesn’t have this sort of thing unless you download it yourself.

Jen 🙂


The blog stats come with WordPress. I’m surprised Blogger doesn’t have it, but then again, wordpress is the only blog site I am familiar with.


Fair enough! I did a bit more looking up in Blogger but all I could find were links to ‘Feedjit’, where I downloaded the map thingy- more for curiosity sake than anything.

Did you apply that pattern to my thumbnail? If so then thank you! I noticed the other day when I left a comment on another WordPress blog it came up there too.

Have a great weekend, Jen 🙂

No, I didn’t add it, sorry.

It is a new feature for wordpress. It assigns thumbnails based on topics of posts, or something to that effect.

It is a long weekend – to celebrate the Queen’s B’day, although originally it was Queen Victoria! And I am not working, so I hope to get a fair bit of quilting stuff done.

Enjoy your weekend!

Hey there girl, I’ve just read Mark Lipinski’s latest blog entry (he’s back!) – you’re a star!!!!!!! (well, you got a mention at least!!)

Oh my, I’m in the presence of blogging greatness.

I am not worthy. 😀

Alice, congratulations for the mention! I know a famous person…….WAHOO!

Thanks Myrna! You know Mark? *grin*

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