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Glad Press’n’Seal – the new quilting tool.

Posted on: 28 May 2008

I had read somewhere on the internet that Glad Press’N’Seal was a great tool for quilting, so I bought a box… someday to try it. Well someday happened.

I decided to use it for my Mom’s Quilt. I am not a very experienced quilter… and it does intimidate me, to try the feathers, and all those other very neat designs.

I started with a piece of parchment paper, and drew the size of the finished block on it. I then started drawing the design on it. Then I folded it, and drew the other corner, then unfolded and refolded, and traced… until the design was all over the paper. It didnt’ look half bad, if I do say so myself.

Quilt Motif on Parchment Paper

I didn’t want to affix the parchment paper to the quilt (it is a bed-size quilt), and then I remembered my box of Glad Press’N’Seal (Pns). I pulled out a piece… careful here, as it will fold up onto itself (but it will come away easily). I laid the PnS over top the parchment paper.

I started tracing the design with a pencil… but the pencil wasn’t marking very well, and in some cases put small holes into the PnS. What to do… what to do… ahhh… I’ll grab a fine point sharpie, that should do it. I traced the design. Didn’t look to bad, except the lines are now really really thick.

Quilt motif on Glad Press\'n\'Seal

For the next 12 times I need to trace this pattern out, I am going to use a very fine point pen.

Although… if I get the “hang” of the design in a couple blocks… I may just go free-form.  I’ll see how adventurous I feel on that.

For now… I have 5 more of the redwork blocks to finish quilting.  But I think I’ll do that other block first… maybe.

And just because this quilt would not be complete without a few candid shots.  This is my cat, Tazzie, we’ve had her for 6 months now, so that would make her about a year.  She has decided that this quilt is hers!  I think she is going to be disappointed, when I give it away.

Wake up TazzieWake up Tazzie

Hello TazzieHello Sleepy Head.

Tazzie can\'t stay awakePoor tired Tazzie, just can’t stay awake.

Tazzie Back to sleepTazzie back to sleep.


8 Responses to "Glad Press’n’Seal – the new quilting tool."

Poor little Taz, how could you bear to give HER quilt away.

I’m really liking the idea of that Glad stuff (we have Glad products over here too which is a bonus!). So this should peal off nicely when you’ve finished quilting? I’ll have to get some and try, would make machine quilting a breeze.

Jen 🙂

It does come off easily… I had to reposition it to fit the block, because of the large tracing lines with the felt pen. I haven’t stitched over it yet… that’s tomorrow. I’ll let you know! -Alice

If I were you, I would try the glad press and seal on a sample first. I used it once and never again, it was very difficult to remove after the stitching was done, in fact, I’m still removing bits from my quilt.

Karen L

You are absolutely right! With the design I chose, there is a lot of going over the stitching, and removing that Press’N’Seal is quite a pain. Not even 1/2 of it took me 45 minutes to “pick out”. Thanks for your comment! -Alice

Here’s another option for Glad Press and Seal that I posted about a couple of weeks ago.

Quilting Gallery

Thanks Michele. I wish I had read that, before I decided on the free-motion. I really started to think that perhaps where ever it was that I saw to use the PnS, that perhaps they were using it to try out different quilt motifs before marking. I will have to try the Pounce out on the PnS. -Alice

I’ve yet to use the Press N Seal, have you tried freezer paper that you stitch with a large needle (without thread in the needle) to mark your pattern? The shiny side of the freezer paper irons right to the fabric and you just follow your needle holes.

Thanks Judi, no, I haven’t tried that method. How do you mark it, or do you use Pounce too? -Alice

Thanks for the comments girls. I was just getting ready to try this. I appreciate the update.

[…] This block is the first one I quilted… I drew a design then used Press-n-Seal to “mark” the quilt.  I wrote about my adventures with this technique/tool in this blog – Glad Press’n’seal – the new quilting tool. […]

Yes it is hard to remove, but not impossible. If you use a seam ripper or small scissors, cut or rip near the stitches. Pull towards you, and it comes right off without pulling the stitches out. Pull slow though.


I tried the pns. Not only did it NOT come off the quilt, but the marker lines are forever stitched to the quilt. I will NEVER do this again. I have tried washing the quilt to no avail. Any suggestions out there?

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