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Quilting Bloggers Unite!

Posted on: 2 June 2008

A few blog entries ago, I mentioned, have you ever wondered who visited your blog, when I discovered that Mark Lipinski had visited mine.

I have another discovery, and I think it is a cool site.  Quilting Bloggers.  This site is all things Quilting and blogging.  It is a directory of all quilting blogs they have discovered, categorized by Country.

It was launched May 28, and already they have 562 blogs catalogued.  WOW!

Check them out.  On The Quilting Gallery lots of neat stuff to read about.


3 Responses to "Quilting Bloggers Unite!"

Oo, wow, oh my – even I’m on there. Golly gosh, and so are you!!

I expected yours though, your blog is dedicated to quilting whereas mine’s all over the place.

Good idea for a site I must say.

Jen 🙂

A number of surprising things lately. I’m not surprised you were listed. *grin* I saw you too, but waited until you discovered it for yourself. -Alice

Hi there, I found out, quite by accident that my site is on Quilting Bloggers. What a neat site. I hadn’t seen it yet. I am in BC also!

Hi there yourself! It is a neat site. I’ll look for your site, and drop in for a visit. -Alice

Cool idea for a blog. Thanks for posting the link.

Hi Judi. I think its a great idea. I look forward to seeing what she does with it, as it grows. -Alice

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