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Catching up…

Posted on: 15 June 2008

It seems like so much has happened, but I haven’t gotten much done. Ever had days like that… or weeks?

My eldest daughter graduated from Grade 12. I’m very proud of her, and happy she went back to do it. She had invited my Mom to the grad ceremony. It was a busy weekend.

I didn’t get my Mom’s quilt done, but I did show it to her. She was very pleased and surprised.

I have added another UFO to my list… which reminds me… I need to update that list. Yesterday (Saturday, 14th) our guild ran a “Wimpy-All-Nighter”, which ran from 9am-9pm. We worked through a mystery quilt. My youngest daughter is a junior member of the guild. She and I worked through the quilt together. She pieced, while I cut and pinned. The different fabrics that everyone chose, will surely make this quilt a beauty. We started the day with 9. A few had to leave early, due to other commitments. There was 5 of us that made it through the day. The last few hours saw us all a little goofy, having to read instructions 3 or 4 times, only to come up with 3 or 4 ways to do it. it was a great day. My youngest daughter was motivated, that she is determined to finish the quilt for our Quilt Show in March.

Some exciting news from this last week… I received a phone call from Quilter’s Club of America, on Tuesday advising me, I had won their contest. The only thing that came to mind, was that they were going to feature me on their website… oh dear! This is the conversation:

Me: Hello
Voice on phone: Hello. May I speak to Alice.
Me: This is Alice
Voice: Hello this is “so-and-so”, from Quilters Club of America.
Me: Hi (wondering what is going on, are they calling about my subscription, and will be offering something).
Voice: I am calling to advise you, you won our May Contest, and will be receiving a notion in a week to two weeks.
Me: (very excited, and confused). Wow. That’s cool. What do I need to do?
Voice: *chuckle* Just sit tight. You entered the contest “How do I find time to quilt”. Your entry will be posted on the website and in the newsletter. Do you have any questions
Me: No, (trying to remember what I wrote, and if I had a copy of it). But you have made my day today. Thank you.
Voice: Have a great day!

After sharing this experience with my husband, and then my good friend, I remembered emailing my submission. I quickly checked my sent messages, and voila! I found it.

Here is my submission:

I don’t find time to quilt, I make time. I make that distinction, because I was always looking for time, and never finding it. Having my own space now, makes it easier to make my time. I don’t have to worry about cleaning up, and I can leave a project in progress, and it will be there when I make the time to come back to it.

I make time, by telling my family that “blank”day is my day for quilting. I also make time some evenings, when I am not too tired from work.

I worked at it for some time, to get it to the 100 word limit. My hubby wants me to write a book… with all the quilting books out there, I’m not sure if I have any “refreshing and new” ideas. After reading Mark Lipinski’s blog about Book Reviews, I am more than ever reluctant to follow that adventure. If you haven’t discovered Mark’s blog, I recommend it, if you are looking for something a little different on views of quilting, and life in general. I like Mark’s idea about writing/reading Book Reviews, which tell it like it is, not some of the super fluff that is written. Many of Mark’s readers tend to agree, judging by their comments.

I am feeling a bit like a yo-yo right now. I have several UFO’s to be worked on, but I also want to try some “new-to-me” techniques… in particular embellishing with beads. I’ve been looking on the internet for ideas, but haven’t found anything. I don’t want to make something, that someone has made before, I want to learn how to decide if beading on a quilt, will work with the piece. Where do I start? I was fortunate that a guild member at our spring retreat, gave me a piece she was working on. I really enjoyed doing the work. Selecting beads, and making up a design as I went. *thought to self, did I take a picture of that piece? NO.*

Another bit of news, I am leaving my second job. Although the little bit of money I was getting was nice, the negative aspects outweighed the positive. I was very tired coming home, and grumpy. I think part of it was because I didn’t have the time to work on my creative side aka Quilting. Too tired to quilt, wow, I didn’t realize how much quilting has had a positive influence on my life, until I wasn’t able to do it. I’ll be in the full swing of things again.

Now that I have wrapped up my week, my neglected sewing machine is begging me to come and play with it for awhile. Not sure what we will create together, but that doesn’t matter, as long as we have our quality time together.

Take care of yourselves!



2 Responses to "Catching up…"

Your submission is spot on. I think every diligent quilter is the type who does make the time, but probably doesn’t realise that this is what they’re doing – ‘making’ the time!

Sounds like quilting is your therapy, which makes me think – would there be many quilters/stitchers out there who do go to therapy? 😀

Jen 🙂

Thanks Jen! I read somewhere that quilting is cheaper than a physiotherapist, perhaps it is! -Alice

Oh, for God’s sake, write the damn book that your husband wants you to write. Go for broke. Don’t settle for. Open up your creativity.

If you write a book that you’ve never seen or a book you wish you could find, then you’re in good shape, pumkin! That’s exactly how Quilter’s Home was born. I wanted a magazine that I couldn’t find. Love it or hate it, it wasn’t the same old quilting magazine and filled the void!

Now start writing your outline!


Yes dear! Thanks for the help Mark, it gives me a place to start… an outline… eeks…. I forgot about that part. -Alice

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