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On Being a Canadian

Posted on: 1 July 2008

Being a Canadian means a lot to me. I am proud of my heritage. Our country is relatively young compared to others. Young at 141 years.

I find today that I remember those who have past before me. And I reflect on our members of the Canadian Forces, those that are currently on deployment, and even those who remain on our soil. And I think of the families, friends, anyone associated with the fallen. I am proud of all of them. I am proud to be Canadian. I can only imagine, and I can’t even do that all that well, what they have gone through.

I will be attending our local ceremony to celebrate today.

While wandering about on the internet, I found one project by Canadian Quilters – The Canadian Comfort and Remembrance Project. I had heard of this through my guild, but I had not been to the website. This website is truly touching. The personal stories of the quilt recipients truly touched my heart. But what really moved me, was the list of the Canadian Forces members who have been killed in the line of duty. To hear the reports that a member is the 76th member killed… is one thing. But to see this list, with a photo of the quilt cannot be described accurately in words. It is finding things like this, that make me proud to be a Canadian. Canadian Quilters gather to make the blocks and put the blocks together to make these quilts. It makes me proud to be a quilter among them.

There are many ways to celebrate our Nation. There are many symbols that we see as being truly Canadian. I found a site… 101 Things Canadians Should Know About Canada It began as a survey, and then developed into something a little bit more. According to the organizers they were surprised at what items made the list, and what didn’t.

If you are a Canadian, I hope you enjoy today, in what ever manner you choose! And I hope that you take a moment to reflect on those members of the Canadian Forces who have been killed on duty, who are not able to share today with us!


3 Responses to "On Being a Canadian"

I visited the CCRP site, very touching. All those lives lost in service for others.
One of my guild’s members grandson was killed in Afghanistan this June.
Hugs to all Canadians and all service people on both sides of the border.

Thanks Judi! I know our numbers do not compare with the losses from your country, and my heart goes out not just to our Canadian families, but those from everywhere. -A

I don’t blame you for being proud, such a beautiful country and lovely people. I had a look at the CCRP site, wonderful.

Australians can be very apathetic when it comes to patriotism, however come Anzac Day or Remembrance Day our patriotism comes to life when we think of those lost in wars. Not just our own boys but that of our allies as well.

I’m so glad you shared Canada Day with us!

Jen, I am not sure if remember those who have fallen is shared by other Canadians on July1. I think most tend to remember on Remembrance Day – November 11. -A

Dear Alice,

My grandmother married a young Canadian soldier in WW1. Tragically, he was killed in France a few months later. Her sisters all married Canadians.

I think Canada is a little like Australia – a young country whose people were often *refugees* looking to start a new life. It’s great that you are so proud of your country’s heritage. So many young men – Canadian and Australian made the ultimate sacrifice for the freedoms we enjoy today. The Canadian soldiers at D-Day were conspicous for their valour under relentless fire.

A couple of years ago I visited the Australian War Memorial and was deeply humbled by the Wall of Remebrance listing the names of all those who had lost their lives in the various conflicts. It was impossible not to be moved when standing in the Hall of Memory.

I have been fortunate to meet agood many of the *ordinary* men and women, who in war, were called upon to do extraordinary things.

I would certainly love to visit Canada one day. I nearly went to live there when I was 18 but life took me in another direction.

Cheers, Ann.

Hi Ann, If you ever make it our way, let me know. If you visit BC I am sure I’ll be able to meet up with you. And I would love to visit Australia! Some day, eh? -A

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