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Sounds kind of ominous doesn’t it? All those things will be discussed in this post, and they’ve happened within the last 2 weeks. Can it be really two weeks since my last post… oh wow, it must be.

A surprise package

A few weeks back, a dear online quilting friend requested my address to send me a magazine she thought I would be interested in. Not only did I receive the magazine, but two others, as well as a piece of gorgeous fabric, a skein of silk thread, a companion DVD for one of the magazines, a beautiful card, and all this wrapped in a pretty ribbon. Thank you, Ann for a lovely gift. Ann has just started her own blog, beginning with a restoration project. I look forward to watching her progress.

A broken foot

The broken foot, is a comedy of the most tragic kind. Well, not particularly, but it sounded great in my head. Doesn’t read very well though. The Perseids Meteor Shower displays its beauty during August, with the best viewing on August 12 between 2 am – 4 am. I had woken up a little and looked at the clock which read 1:57. I thought I would then get up to see the meteor shower. I put on my glasses, and wandered outside. Looked up in the sky, and didn’t see a thing. Feeling rather tired at 2 am, and wanting to go back to bed, I headed back inside, and to the bedroom. About six feet from my bedroom door, a box… yes a box, which has been sitting in the hallway with its neighbours for several months (remember renovating quilt’n room), decided it was going to get my attention. The said box, leapt out from its place and right smack into my right foot. After a brief holler and several minutes of standing on one foot with both hands propped up against the wall, I waited for the pain to subside. I have hit my toes on several occassions over the years, but do not recall it ever hurting quite this much. I hobbled back into bed, and tried to get as comfortable as I could. A couple days later, it was still paining me, so I checked in with my doctor. After a precursory examination and answering a few questions, it was determined I had broken one of the foot bones. He didn’t think there was a need for an X-ray, and told me to wear hard-soled shoes. I told him I didnt’ have any, in fact all I had was the runners I was wearing. He wrote an order to get an Air-Cast. To close a long story, I received the cast a few days later. The first day I wore it, I didn’t realize how much low-grade pain I was in, until using the cast. The support it gives cannot be described.

The Doctor’s Appointment

We do not have a pediatrician in our community, and to see one we have to travel out of town. This past week was a scheduled appointment, so off we went. The details of the appointment itself are not something I will be writing about. It was the trip! As we live in a sort-of remote community, only access is by ferry or airplane, it means a lengthy trip out of town, between ferry trips. Which is okay, because it gives an opportunity to make the trip into a Shopping one!

The Shopping Trip

There is a shop, The Needle Loft Studio, that I have been meaning to go visit. I did attempt a visit in June, but got there, just after closing. My goal this trip was to go and visit. WOW. The Cross-stitching patterns they have available is truly amazing. Some are quite breathtaking. It almost makes me want to get back into cross-stitching… almost. I think I would need more steady work to support both hobbies. I did purchase some beads for my Bargello – West Coast Sunset. The nifty thing about this shop, is it in a “loft” of a barn-style house. Unfortunately, for me and other customers, the proprietress, will be closing her shop June 30, 2009, after 29 years of being in business. She is ready to retire.

I have decided to embellish the bargello with some beadwork. I want to create the setting sun. The dark beads on the bargello was to represent that, my circle didn’t come out very well. *grin*. I think I’ll have to draw on the shape, and then work at it.

I also want to have radiating lines from the sun to represent the setting sun rays.

I was using dark yellow coloured beads, and a quilting friend suggested that it was too dark, and to use lighter shades of yellow. I didn’t have the lighter yellow beads, but I do now. I’ll be taking off the darker ones, and start working it out again.

The beading suggestions I took from the DVD that Ann sent me. Lisa Walton is the featured quilter on the DVD. She has a website Dyed and Gone to Heaven. What she does with a piece of hand-dyed fabric is truly inspiring.

Now an unplanned trip cannot be complete without a little bit of fabric shopping. My goal and intention was to buy 3 pieces of fabric in a colourway, which I do not have in my stash. I looked at all the bolts and wondered what I should choose. I know my stash is low in pinks, purples, yellows, oranges… okay pretty much the entire colour spectrum. I decided to go with an “olive” green. Or in colour terms, a yellow-green palette. I chose 3 fabrics, a dark, a medium and a light. Unfortunately the photo I took, does not really bring out the colour.

I then spotted some Fat Quarters. In particular, a colour scheme I would never have chosen. These 2 pieces just spoke to me. I have no idea what I’ll do with them, but they are so bright, cheery and yummy.

I then saw a trio of fat quarters that were appealing… again, something I wouldn’t have thought as “my colours”… although I don’t really have a style. I then saw the same trio, but packaged with 2 other trios to make a 9 pack fat quarters. This line is “Swell” by Urban Chicks for Moda. I do have a plan for these. Until I work out the details, the project will have to remain unannounced. But, a small hint… wouldn’t these colourways look good in a kitchen?

The next FQ I found was a batik. I’ve been looking for a small bead embellishing project, and found this piece. I thought I would make it into a wall-hanging. On the trip home, I started thinking how I could use this piece, not just the beading. I have decided (for the time being anyway), of cutting it into quarters, flipping 2 pieces over (the other side is unique in its colouring too), and they say you buy both sides of the fabric *Grin*. I am thinking of “sashing” in between the pieces, to make it look like a picture frame or something, so each piece is a little different, or that there are bars over it. I hope I have described it reasonably well. We’ll just have to see how it comes out. In the photo, I have turned under one corner, so you can see both sides of the fabric. I really like the colour of this piece.

A new job

I forgot about this, and instead of trying to go up, and find the place where it should happen, I’ll write about it here. I have been hired by a local grocery store to help with the “reline” crew. What this means essentially, is moving stock from an aisle/shelf to another location in the store. The job was to start September 3. I will be working nightshift, this should prove interesting as I have never done that before, and should be about 2 or 3 weeks work. I received a phone call last Friday, asking if I was available for some work on Saturday, and possibly the following week. I said yes. Before you say it… I know… the broken foot. But I was fortunate, that I had a day off between the days I worked, which helped. And the cast too has helped. I have finished the week off, and now they are saying it could be September 12, or 15 before we come back to do the reline. Which is okay, gives me sometime to allow my foot to heal. I took the few days, so I could do the shopping I mentioned above. Now my bank balance doesn’t (or won’t) look so dismal.

I think I mentioned in a previous entry, that somewhere in my posts I want to give you some thought provoking topic, or challenge. With this entry, it may be difficult to determine what it may be. *Grin*. But my challenge to you, is to look at a couple pieces of fabric, you may usually pass up. And add them to your stash, or a project you are working on. I think you’ll be surprised at the “pop” results you will gain.

Until next time,



As I mentioned in my blog yesterday my local guild has started a blog. It is primarily for the guild members to get up-to-date information on workshops, demonstrations and other events.

I decided I was going to clean up my blog, and put it back to the way it should be? What is that you may ask. As soon as you come here, you should be reading my posts. I had created a different home page, which is pretty much an “About Me” page.. I created this different feel to the blog, so I could display the Canadian Quilters Webring link. The code was made for a much larger area than the sidebar on blogging pages. I have seen a few of them, that have placed it in the side-bar, and it is missing half the information required, to goto the next website in the ring.

I have some web design experience, although I admit, I am fairly rusty… haven’t done any coding in a few years. I asked DS#1 for some assistance on resizing the table (code), and he… well, let’s just say he doesn’t give much thought to using tables for layout in coding websites. He wrote some code for me, and now I have a nice little block for the Canadian Quilter’s Webring.

While I was waiting for the code, I started looking through my blog space. And revised the Quilting Information page, so that one can now click directly on a link to go to the information they are looking for, or they can still use the “Pathways” navigation through the side-bar.

Well, although the blog is for today, I haven’t been to bed yet… currently 1:00 am… so technically it is tomorrow. I think this will be enough about the changes to my blog for now.

Until next time!

At the beginning of July I saw a couple who I have known for quite some time, although not that well. Their daughter used to babysit my eldest two children.

I noticed that he did not look well, and asked his daughter. Sure enough he has been ill for the last several months. My heart went out to him, and I really wanted to make a quilt. My stash is not very big, and I don’t have anything I thought was suitable. I sent an email to a couple of quilting buddies, asking for some ideas and some assistance. With several ideas being bounced back and forth, I was invited to Shirley’s for a visit. She showed me her new acquisition, a nice Baby Lock Quilter. And a few of her projects. She then offered me a quilt to give to this fellow. It was meant to go to a group her daughter works with, but it has a masculine quality, so she offered it to me. All I needed to do was quilt it, bind it, and label it. The blocks were made by two other of our Quilt Guild members. Shirley completed the quilt top. This is the finished quilt… already to be delivered.

On other Quilt Guild News… Nina has launched our Guild’s weblog. She is doing rather well, for it only being launched a few days ago.

In other blogging news, one of the quilters I have met online surprised me the other day. I received a package from her. Thanks Fer! I had asked her sometime ago if she knew of a certain book. My son had visited Australia last year, and started reading a series of books from an Australian author. We were unable to find the books in Canada. Well, the sweetie that she is… she found the book and sent it off to us. Included in the package was a fat quarter from Prints Charming and a post card of some of the shops in her home town, I love “old” architecture. I truly appreciate the That fabric is so cute… and so so soft. It is like touching silk.

Boy, if I had known about this company when my son was in Australia, I would have asked him to pick me up some of those pieces. Although I shouldn’t complain, he did bring me home 2 pieces of .5 metre fabrics from the Bulurru Australia line – “Man’s Ceremony” by Peter Marshall, and “Walkabout” by Karen L. Taylor.

I’ve been working on a few things… and a few that were not on this list. Time for an update.  Mom’s quilt may have to wait just a little longer for the binding… I just realized the date, and I sort of promised, that I might be able to get my landscape quilt done for the “Art in the Park” next weekend.

  1. Flutterbys: sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  2. Mom’s Red-work Cat Quilt: cut, piece, redwork 12/12, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  3. Sunflower placemats: bind 2/4 complete
  4. My very first quilt (when I was 9 years old): fix, size, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  5. Landscape Quilt – Sunrise over Bayne’s Sound: sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  6. Curve Play quilt: piece 24/24 blocks completed, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  7. Bear’s Paw quilt (Oldest DD): 3/6 blocks completed, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  8. My Interlocking Block Quilt: sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  9. Bargello #2: piece, sandwich, quilt, embellish, label, bind, post pic
  10. Guild Challenge 2008: piece, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  11. Guild Mystery Quilt 2008: piece, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic

    Completed Quilts:

    • Community Charity Quilt: bind, post pic COMPLETED!
    • Mystery Quilt – Star Bright: piece backing, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic COMPLETED!
    • There’s a Dog on My Quilt: sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic COMPLETED
    • Stained Glass Rose Wallhanging: sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic COMPLETED!

    EDIT: The Mystery Quilt is completed!!!! – 12 Feb 2008
    EDIT: There’s a Dog on My Quilt – 21 Feb 2008
    EDIT: Rose where did you get that red (Stained Glass Rose Wallhanging) – 12 Mar 20008
    EDIT: Gone Fishing – 30 July 2008
    EDIT: Summer Porch Comfort – 08 August 08

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