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Summer Comfort

Posted on: 8 August 2008

At the beginning of July I saw a couple who I have known for quite some time, although not that well. Their daughter used to babysit my eldest two children.

I noticed that he did not look well, and asked his daughter. Sure enough he has been ill for the last several months. My heart went out to him, and I really wanted to make a quilt. My stash is not very big, and I don’t have anything I thought was suitable. I sent an email to a couple of quilting buddies, asking for some ideas and some assistance. With several ideas being bounced back and forth, I was invited to Shirley’s for a visit. She showed me her new acquisition, a nice Baby Lock Quilter. And a few of her projects. She then offered me a quilt to give to this fellow. It was meant to go to a group her daughter works with, but it has a masculine quality, so she offered it to me. All I needed to do was quilt it, bind it, and label it. The blocks were made by two other of our Quilt Guild members. Shirley completed the quilt top. This is the finished quilt… already to be delivered.

On other Quilt Guild News… Nina has launched our Guild’s weblog. She is doing rather well, for it only being launched a few days ago.

In other blogging news, one of the quilters I have met online surprised me the other day. I received a package from her. Thanks Fer! I had asked her sometime ago if she knew of a certain book. My son had visited Australia last year, and started reading a series of books from an Australian author. We were unable to find the books in Canada. Well, the sweetie that she is… she found the book and sent it off to us. Included in the package was a fat quarter from Prints Charming and a post card of some of the shops in her home town, I love “old” architecture. I truly appreciate the That fabric is so cute… and so so soft. It is like touching silk.

Boy, if I had known about this company when my son was in Australia, I would have asked him to pick me up some of those pieces. Although I shouldn’t complain, he did bring me home 2 pieces of .5 metre fabrics from the Bulurru Australia line – “Man’s Ceremony” by Peter Marshall, and “Walkabout” by Karen L. Taylor.


2 Responses to "Summer Comfort"

Alice, as I have mentioned on your APQ blog, your gestures is such a noble one. I’m sure the gentleman concerned, and his family, will be deeply moved. Prepare yourself for an emotional moment.

I adore the chaotic nature of the blocks. They are quite challenging to look at and such a contrast from the orderly, precise nature of more traditional designs. I think they would be a lot of fun to make.

I wish I’d known that you are a Prints Charming fan. Mmm..next time hey? They have some funky fabric that’s for sure. Jen is an absolute treasure isn’t she? Her part of the world has some lovely buildings. I have enjoyed very much all my trips to Tassie.

The aboriginal designs are quite striking. They are usually based on stories from the Dreamtime. The original paintings on bark were used to tell the history of a particular tribe, how the land, mountains, rivers and animals came to be.

The colours are so indicative of Central Australia, especially the ochre.

Happy Stitching, Ann.

Oh Alice, the quilt is wonderful! I love it and as Ann said – the “chaotic nature” is so striking. You and your guild are very special people to do a thing like that, I’m sure your friend will appreciate it.

Your son did well with those Aboriginal prints – I’m impressed!

Jen 🙂

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