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Summer Cleaning? No, just polishing the blog!

Posted on: 9 August 2008

As I mentioned in my blog yesterday my local guild has started a blog. It is primarily for the guild members to get up-to-date information on workshops, demonstrations and other events.

I decided I was going to clean up my blog, and put it back to the way it should be? What is that you may ask. As soon as you come here, you should be reading my posts. I had created a different home page, which is pretty much an “About Me” page.. I created this different feel to the blog, so I could display the Canadian Quilters Webring link. The code was made for a much larger area than the sidebar on blogging pages. I have seen a few of them, that have placed it in the side-bar, and it is missing half the information required, to goto the next website in the ring.

I have some web design experience, although I admit, I am fairly rusty… haven’t done any coding in a few years. I asked DS#1 for some assistance on resizing the table (code), and he… well, let’s just say he doesn’t give much thought to using tables for layout in coding websites. He wrote some code for me, and now I have a nice little block for the Canadian Quilter’s Webring.

While I was waiting for the code, I started looking through my blog space. And revised the Quilting Information page, so that one can now click directly on a link to go to the information they are looking for, or they can still use the “Pathways” navigation through the side-bar.

Well, although the blog is for today, I haven’t been to bed yet… currently 1:00 am… so technically it is tomorrow. I think this will be enough about the changes to my blog for now.

Until next time!


2 Responses to "Summer Cleaning? No, just polishing the blog!"

I had a peek at your guilds page, excellent idea! More guilds should do the same.

And Alice …… go to bed!! You must keep your quilting strength up! 😀

Jen 🙂

Thanks Jen. Our guild probably won’t have a newsletter this year, no one has stepped up to do it, so the blog idea came as a way of keeping members up to date on changes, as well as a place to get supply lists and such. It is going to be an interesting endeavour. As for going to bed. LOL :p Thanks Mom! *Grin* -Alice

Jen is right – get to bed Missy! Although I must admit when you are on a roll it’s hard to put down tools, as it were.

Even blogs/websites need housekeeping and it’s good to have a tidy-up now and then.

All the best, Ann 🙂

Wow… I really got it. LOL. I did goto bed just shortly after posting this one. I agree about the housekeeping for blogs and websites, especially websites, but I don’t have one of those… yet. *wink* -Alice

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