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Fabric Collage – Quilt Art: Another step closer

Posted on: 12 September 2008

I took the plunge today. I decided to work on my Landscape Quilt. I had emailed Ionne during the summer for some assistance on how to finish it. She was a great help. This lady truly inspires me.

I had written about the Landscape Quilt in March, just after taking two of Ionne’s classes that our guild hosted.

I had kept all the pieces I needed together… but somehow I misplaced the black tulle. I couldn’t believe this… after finally getting up the gumption to do this quilt, I was going to be waylaid by not having the importance piece. I opened a tote box, wondering if I had put it in there (I don’t remember, or could think of why I would), as it was, it wasn’t in there – BUT! there was an extra piece… oh my luck! Away we go.

I used the grey Invisifil thread on the top, and a clear monofilament nylon thread on the bottom. I used this combination on my “Beading Experiment”, and thought it worked well. I then dropped the feed dogs, put on the darning foot, and off I went. The rhythm of free-motion quilting is very therapeutic.

In my first post about this project, I had decided on a border treatment. I since have changed my mind. I started to feel that adding a border to this piece would take away from it. So instead, I will be binding it, with a black marbled/mottled fabric. I think the small edge that the binding adds, will be a nice finish to it. But then of course, my hubby suggested maybe I should just frame it. Hmmm… Perhaps a visit to the local frame shop to find out the cost may be in order.

Here is my Fabric Collage – Landscape quilt… another step closer to be completed.

Winter sunrise, looking south from Comox over Baynes Sound, with Hernando Island and Denman Island.

Winter sunrise, looking south from Comox over Baynes Sound, with Hernando Island and Denman Island.


12 Responses to "Fabric Collage – Quilt Art: Another step closer"

My word, Alice that has worked so well. It seems to me that this style of quilt encourages free expression in a way more traditional pacthwork does not.

It definitely deserves to be on display. I am amazed at how well you have captured the light shimmering on the water and the “movement ” of the clouds.

I can see how a project like this would perhaps be intimdating but you have certainly conquered the technique.

A really good project, well done.


I clicked on the image so I could get a bigger view, it really shows off your increasing skills at free motion.

I think I’d have to agree with hubby too, framing would be very nice!

So glad you shook off your procrastination with this one!

Jen 🙂

Thank you both for your kind comments. I had a lot of fun with this.

And I’ve been thinking… I know dangerous as that is! *grin*

I want to take photos of “landmarks” and scenery of our community, and make Landscape/Fabric Collage quilts of those.

Perhaps even do a series of say one shot over four seasons too. (That idea just came to me). Although we don’t very often get snow… that would be a neat idea. It had better snow this year.

Okay, Jen, I’ll go get a quote or two for framing costs.


Good idea! You’ll have to make sure your local tourism board finds out about them too – they may start commissioning pieces.

Lovely job Alice – didn’t you say that you wanted to do a series of the heritage buildings in the townsite also?

Three more suggestions (if it’s not too late to weigh in) for the border/frame decision: Some years ago I made a wallhanging using Gai Perry’s Impressionist quilt technique. If you look at a copy of her book “Impressionist Quilts”, you will see that she “frames” her pieces (which are like pieced landscape paintings) with fabric borders that are simply quilted and give her pieces the look of being framed but with fabric.

If you are interested in using a regular picture frame, Gai’s book “Do It Yourself Framed Quilts” may also give provide ideas and guidelines.

For my own piece, at the time and the place I wanted to hang it, I wanted a wood frame but when I finished my piece, it was in between sizes for standard frames and at the time I could not afford to custom frame it. I wound up doing a fabric “frame” (and actually the backing too) made out of some leftover curtain fabric (a heavy textured cotton jaguard) thatr was the color of wood and that I stuffed with batting to create a rounded 3 dimensional fabric “frame” which I think worked well.

To make it possbile to stuff, I extended the backing to the width of the front “frame”, pressing under the outer seam allowance to the wrong side of the back. The front “frame” was attached to the piece like a regular border (I think it works best mitered) and it’s edges were pressed to the wrong side as well. I took loose batting (but you could also use a rolled up length of batting) and laid it between the frame and backing layers pinning the edge shut and adding batting as needed to fill out the frame as desired. When it was filled enough I whipped stitched the edges closed with a matching thread.

Your landscape is a beautiful “picture” and I’m sure however you choose to “frame” it, it will be wonderful.

Thanks Vivian, for your suggestions.

Great ideas! It’s not too late for suggestions, I’m still pondering on what I’m doing.


Oh, that is so lovely! Makes me want to start one of my own right away. And the idea of doing local heritage buildings is a great one. Little wheels already turning in my head… 🙂 Keep up the beautiful work!


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Gorgeous quilt. My favorite way of working, I like the freedom of expressing my own perspective. Good job!

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