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Big Bags, Little Baskets, let’s get rid of all the plastics!

Posted on: 20 September 2008

Dr. Suess I am not, but look at what I got!

After a title like that, how do I start, or even better, where?

Okay, let us start with the baskets, as that is what I made first. I belong to a couple of different quilting online community groups, and one of the members posted a photo of a project she made, and the blog post of her inspiration. I thought it was a neat idea, but I wasn’t ready to tackle it. Oh my… that has changed, and Rachel is right… they are addictive.

These are my renditions of the little baskets.

This is my first attempt at the basket. The finished size is approximately 6″ x 4″ x 4″ (15cm x 10cm x 10cm). As I was making this, I thought… what a great way to use up scraps… either the 2″ squares, or 2″ strips. I bet you have lots of those?

My DS#1 is an upholsterer, and sometime ago he gave me some discarded upholstery samples. I thought they would be a good thing to add to my quilting, but haven’t really decided what. The “Ah-Ha” moment hit me, and I chose 4 samples to make a basket. It was a little more difficult to turn, and I did add the batting too, but it sure turned out great, I think!

I really don’t know what I’ll do with them… but I am thinking of hitting the scrap bins, that is for sure! Wouldn’t they make great gift basket ideas? I’ve even been thinking of experimenting with different size squares, and adding more squares to make different size baskets. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

On Wednesday, DH and I had to head out of town. On our way to lunch we passed a shop, which had a tremendous pile of jeans in their front window. The jeans had nothing to do per se, with the shop, but the display caught my eye. They were promoting and encouraging people to re-purpose jeans into shopping bags. The idea stuck in my head… I thought… and I thought.

I made my own. I’m thinking of perhaps making some cell phone cases (similar to the one attached to the bag). I left the pockets intact. My DS#2 suggested it looked more like a purse than a shopping bag, I guess someone could use it as both. *Grin* My DD#1 really likes the shopping bag. Maybe I should give her this one.

Are you reducing your use of plastic bags? I am! One pair of discarded jeans at a time.



4 Responses to "Big Bags, Little Baskets, let’s get rid of all the plastics!"

Ack! The shopping bag is hilarous!! I love it.

Yep, I’m a good little Greenie and use my fabric shopping bags!

You did a great job of the baskets too. I like the idea of gift baskets.

Jen 🙂

I the the shopping bag Alice.
These are great ideas.
Thanks for sharing it.

I like the Dr Seuss style rhyme. Reminds me of Green Eggs and Ham from my childhood.

Your little baskets are fabulous. I have Xmas scraps to use in mine. It’s such a terrific project with 1001 uses.

The jeans shopping bag is wonderful! Just the thing for an Etsy shop. They are much better looking than the green bags used here.

The phone bag/cover is a neat idea too. Is that your own design?

Cheers, Ann

[…] a skirt. (Ideas and tutorials here, here, and here.) You can also turn jeans into a cute purse or shopping bag or hand bag or some shoes or slippers. Another idea is to turn the legs of old jeans into cute […]

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