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My life as it was, and how it shall be.

Posted on: 13 October 2008

That just rolled off the tongue, but I don’t know how accurate it will be.

As many of you know, my life for the last three weeks, has not necessarily been my own. A little more than two weeks was spent working from 5:00pm to 3:30am. I adapted to those hours quite nicely. Our last week or the third week, the second through fifth night was from 1:30pm to 12:00 midnight. Wasn’t too bad, except I was still up until about 4:00 or 5:00am. The very last shift was on Saturday, October 11, from 10:00am to 7:00pm. It was difficult getting up at 8:30am, as I didn’t get to sleep until almost 5:00am. It was very strange however, driving to work in the morning, and seeing the morning light, and cars.

I am having difficulty adjusting to “normal” hours however. Saturday night, I slept for 12 hours, and I lost Sunday morning. I must have needed the sleep.

Last Sunday, which was my day off, I paper-pieced an origami crane. I wanted something that I could work on, that was not too quick, and something a little different.

I wasn’t to sure on a few of the fabric choices, but its growing on me. I think I would have liked a little more contrast on the neck and tail portions.

I am thinking of making two more this size… hard to believe it is only 4″ (sort of square). I am thinking of perhaps doubling the pattern, and placing all four in a setting. Perhaps even reversing one of the cranes so it is looking at the large one… or (as this thought occurs to me), having the large one, lower right hand corner, and the smaller ones “following” it… like a momma with her babes. I’ll have to get the blocks done to figure out what I’ll do with them.

I had considered trying to get them done for my binding class which I am doing on Thursday, but I have spent too much time sleeping yesterday and today.

Which brings us to the next topic. I am demonstrating Sharon Schamber’s Binding Technique to our guild on Thursday. I have been using this technique for a little while now, and I do enjoy using it, instead of using pins or clips. You can visit Sharon’s website and watch the 90 minute video, or you can check out my video listings, and watch the video in 3 portions of approximately 30 minutes each. I don’t have the perfect corners yet, but with each binding I do, it gets better. I have even discovered a few additional tricks of my own to add to this technique. I have since changed my mind on what I’ll be using for the sample. As I was writing a message to an online quilting friend on one of the Quilting Communities

Now for something completely different. Last Wednesday (October 8), I was heading home, and I noticed on the other side of the road a bird… a seagull or something I thought. I turned around, and pulled up about 10′ away from the bird. I noticed it was a duck. For those of you who don’t know… most birds, such as chickens and ducks become “stupid” when it is night time. It’s not that they are really stupid, they do not have very good night vision (practically none at all), and are fairly easy to snatch up. Bears know this, and they liked to raid chicken hutches at dark. We have chickens, so I know from experience… but back to the Duck. I grabbed my cell phone to call 911, but it was dead, and even plugging it in to the van, didn’t give me enough to make a call. I got out of my van, and checked the bird out. I noticed it was a relatively young duck, and probably a Muscovy (this is not the specific duck I rescued). He was not too worried about me being near him. He was standing on one leg about 6″ from the edge of the road. Although there is not very much traffic on this road at midnight, there were a few vehicles, so I walked him a little off the road. During this, I noticed one eye was injured and slightly bulging, and he had an abrasion on one “elbow” of his legs. I didn’t want to leave him for the wildlife (bear, cougar, raccoons), so I took off my jacket and after a few attempts, I had him. It was a good thing I was only about 500 metres (yards) away from home. I found a box and placed him in it. He was very curious as I put him in the box, and none to happy, that I was shutting him up in it. When I called the SPCA the next morning, they asked me to take him to the vet, which I did. The vet’s office called on Friday, to let me know the duck was doing fine, and they were wanting to know the location I found him. Apparently there are a few people around there that have ducks. I think he made it home safely.

Today is our Thanksgiving Day! I was really hoping for a Turkey, but DH decided to have a ham. We’ll have all the kids and granddaughter her for dinner. It will be nice to visit with all of them, as I really haven’t seen much of them over the last three weeks.

Now, all I need to do, is get my life back to some sort of normalcy (whatever that is), and sort out my projects, as well as home stuff.

On one of the quilting groups I belong to someone posted this link – http://woodgears.ca/eyeball/ I don’t have a “Fun Friday” post or anything like that… as of yet *wink*, but I thought this was neat to share with you.  My first time through, I didn’t understand some of what they were looking for, but I figured it out.  Try it once and then post your score.  My first was 5.5, the second 4.4.

I hope your week fulfils your quilting needs, and remember, you’ll only have to time to quilt if you make the time… you’ll never find the time!



7 Responses to "My life as it was, and how it shall be."

Your eyesight must be better than mine, I got 10.16!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Why have turkey or ham when you could’ve had duck for free! 😉

Looking forward to seeing more of you from now on.

Jen 🙂

I think your crane is terrific, Alice and I can’t believe it’s only 4 inches square. Rather coincidental that you should make a bird and save a bird. A good omen perhaps?

Happy Thanksgiving! I didn’t realise it was something Canadians celebrated but your ham sounds delicious. It must be nice to have family about.

I had a turn at your game and scored rather poorly – 6.86 but then I do have astigmatism. And hayfever. And streaming eyes.

Well, that’s my excuse…

I am sure your binding tutorial will be much appreciated – it’s a great technique. Any chance we can persuade you to share your tips in a blog?

Cheers Ann.

Hi To Ann, who left the previous message.
Alice had a great demo tonight- with the 3 segments of the video and then hands on instructions. I have been doing this type of binding for 20 years – BUT I learned 12 new things that will improve my work.
Maybe you could twist alice’s arm to add her twists on the video link. Thanks Alice!!

12 new things! That’s fantastic. I wish I could have gone too. I bet Alice is a great teacher. The videos are helpful but having someone there to show you each step makes all the difference.

I think between us, Nina, we can convince Alice to share her tips and tricks.

Hey Alice!

Consider your arm twisted!

Cheers, Ann.

Ann, it would have been great with you there!

I’ll need to sell a lot of my shopping bags, to be able to come to Australia to teach you and Jen! LOL.

12 new things! It was all new to me, when I started.

I’m glad Nina, you found 12 new things!

I really enjoyed the class, and would love to do it again. Now to find some other topics, perhaps. *grin*


So great to hear from you Alice. Back to work I see and already doing good deeds. Sounds like you saved that little duck. Great job. I love animals and hate to see anything injured or suffering. Love the quilt too. Just beautiful as always.
Take care,

First time was 6.69. Would have been a lot higher, but I use a stylus instead of a mouse, and the point kept slipping. Second time through I got 4.13. However, my physicist husband got on the board with 2.55–his first time. Sickening 🙂

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