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Something new, that I’ve wanted to do!

Posted on: 21 November 2008

I am just a twittering with excitement. I don’t know if I can get to the job of telling you, what I’m all excited about.

Oh, where do I start. The beginning you say? Which beginning.. because there were several “events” that have me all a buzz.

Hmm.. maybe if I back-up…. nope… I think I’ll start at the beginning beginning, and then hopefully lead you to where I am today… or better yet… where I will be tomorrow (Saturday).

Last year sometime.. no, I don’t remember exactly when, but more than likely the summer, when I was on Vancouver Island, I stopped in one of the quilt shops there, to browse and see what they had. At the time fabric choices still overwhelmed me. (Sidebar: Okay they still do, but not so much anymore, now when I go to fabric stores I go with a “goal” in mind… typically 3 pieces of a colour in light, dark, medium. But of course if something catches my eye, then there is a piece of that too, okay, now back to our the point of this blog). I was looking over all the notions and such, when I came across a kit. This kit included six Shiva Art Paintsticks, a package of rubbing plates, and a book on using the Art Paintsticks on fabric. The idea of painting on fabric intrigued me, I had seen quilts done. But I wasn’t ready to go down that path, embellishing was still in my future. I bought the kit, as it was on sale… and for that maybe day. The kit was packed up and kept in storage, and then found its way home again, only to sit in a drawer, waiting for that someday!

Fast forward to Wednesday this week. It just so happens I am on the email list for the fabric shop I bought the paintsticks from… okay, that doesn’t really have relevance, but it does. The email mentioned a class this Saturday “Paint Stencil Class”. Now this was intriguing. Using the Shiva Paintsticks. I was planning on heading to Vancouver Island on Saturday anyway, to visit and do a little shopping with a friend. I called the shop, and asked about the class, and request the class supply list, to see if I needed a lot of things. If I was going to be spending $50 on supplies, it was going to be too expensive for me right now (Ferry Fare, Class Fee, Supplies Cost etc etc). As it was I had most of what I needed. So I called back, and said I’d be interested, and would someone be able to pick me up at the ferry. The ferry is only 5 minutes away from the fabric shop. I have transportation covered, and will be taking the class. I am so excited about it. I’ll be sure to update with photos when I am home… I’ll be home Saturday night, I have a 3 hour wait after the class before the ferry home, which will give me time to spend with my friend.

For those of you who know me… I’m sure you can guess what I did all Wednesday afternoon. Yup, that’s right, I scoured the internet looking for information on fabric painting using the Shiva paintsticks. One of the websites I browsed, was Cedar Canyon Textiles (the kit included the rubbing plates and book from this company). Wow… the ideas are brewing…. embellishing the Upcycled Shopping Bags, embellishing christmas projects, and so much more!

I even found a couple of videos on Youtube! And boy… are the ideas just percolating over! I thought of using the paintsticks as embellishment. But after a comment from Ann – A good yarn to me on AllPeopleQuilt a quilting community we belong to. I never ever ever considered making my own fabric via the paint. Well, one of the Youtube videos’ kind of shows how you can do it.

And of course the stencilling part of the class sounds like fun too! We spend most of our time on the stencils, but I’m good with that too!

Have you ever been excited about learning/trying a new technique? Tell me about it!



2 Responses to "Something new, that I’ve wanted to do!"

Gosh Alice, thank you for the mention. I have watched the video…no wonder you are excited. I can see you having loads of fun with the class before launching off in your own direction.

I am impressed with the way you can layer the colours without having to wait for it to dry in between applications.

Have a wonderful time at the class and with your friend. I’m looking forward to seeing your results and I think I’ll be looking for the paintsticks here.

Cheers…Ann 🙂

Wow, I watched the video – this looks very you Alice!

Something I’ve been wanting to try is Gocco printing –


The kit is pretty costly though, over $100 I think, and when would I have the time to make the designs, let alone print them!!

I really hope you enjoy the class, I’m sure it’s ‘meant to be’. And look forward to seeing your results.

Jen 🙂

Hey Jen! That Goccu system sounds very intriguing. I did enjoy the class! Oh, I found your comment in the SPAM queue, could be because of the web link. Thanks for the link, very informative! -Alice

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