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Grown up painting! My experience with fabric painting.

Posted on: 24 November 2008

Wow, what a class!

I think I mentioned in my previous post about having the Shiva Art Paint sticks, and not using them. Well, Saturday’s class has alleviated any unease I may have had.

We started with the book “Skinny Quilts & Table Runners” from That Patchwork Place. The Instructor chose the Sherbet With Every Meal, which was purchased as part of the class. We all have our own books.

We set-up our stations, freezer paper, pencil, ruler, X-acto knifeand scissors. We copied the stencil template, and started with the centre, and taped it to the table. Found the centre of the freezer paper (which was pre-cut to the size needed). Lined up the marking lines, and started to trace. Then the next stencil was placed, lining up the marking (guide) lines. Rotated the freezer paper, traced the other end. Then it was tracing the border. In this particular project, that included the edges, which are scalloped. My heart did a flop, as I had never ever done a scalloped border, and was unsure of the binding. The instructor told us, that it was “pillow-cased”, so no binding! Phew! Was glad to hear that, although I think trying a scalloped border would be neat.

It took us about 1.5 hours to completely trace the stencil, which was 15″ x 45″. Then it was on to cutting it out. This took a little longer about 2 hours. Lots of little pieces. The class was small, and the instructor spent a little time with each of us, chatting, and helping cutting out the pieces. Then the real fun began! The painting. We used stencil brushes to apply the colour. My hardest decision was deciding what colours to use. I went with white fabric… boring, now that I know what we were doing, but it gave me the opportunity to use the red and green I had. Then I bought the metallics – gold, silver and copper. And guess what I made! A Christmas coloured table-runner. Once you let your mind open up, and be free, it is amazing what you can create! Each of the participants finished painting our fabric pieces. The timing was just right. This class was all about technique, so no lugging the machines around, but we get to finish it up ourselves.

Now for the warning! If you are going to be moving a painted piece, like I did… be sure to protect it with parchment paper, before you fold/roll it up. I ended up with paint transfer, and of course it is very noticeable on the white fabric. As my fabric piece is a little bigger than the finished project, and I had been a little overzealous when applying paint to the border, some of the paint extended outside the area of the project. A great place to experiment with something to remove the paint. You may have heard of the “Tide-To-Go” Pens or Instant Stain Removers. Well I have a Tide one, as well as one that was a promotional item. I used the “Promo” pen on the outer edges. Wouldn’t you know… where we traced the scallop edge, it took that out! And it did remove the paint. My concern is the yellowing of the fabric, I had heard that using the pens on white fabric could be a problem. I don’t know if it is or not, but the directions on the “promo” pen, state (after the rubbing gently portion) to rinse with water and wipe with dry cloth. So far, I have not seen any discolouration. I’ll leave it for a few more days, to see what happens. I had applied my paint quite heavily in some areas, so I have to leave it for about 7 days, to completely dry, before I heat set it. I was also considering using a mild soap, and rubbing with a cloth with the soap on it. May be a problem to rinse out though. The paint transfer is much lighter than the edge paint, so I am hoping it will work well. The pen also states for stubborn stains to repeat the procedure. I’ll give that a go as well.

Okay… I suppose you are tired of reading, and would like to see the “eye candy”, at this point. I have 3 pieces for you. The first is the project under going the painting, only two colours at this point.


The second piece of candy, is the “reveal”, where the stencil is being removed. The instructor and another participant couldn’t wait for me to come back to help.


SIDEBAR: If you have not used freezer paper before, it’s great. You can reuse it about 4 or 5 times, and then after that, if you are careful with removal, use the 505 or 404 spray to make it sticky again, and re-use. Back to the topic! The third piece of candy is the finished painted piece.


After cleaning up the transfer, I will stitch around the scalloped edges, makes it easier to see, once its sandwiched and then turned inside out. I’m going to be using a product from Hobbs called Thermore Polyester Batting… it is a very lightweight batting, with a nice hand to it.

If you find an appliqué quilt you would like to do, but don’t have the time, patience, or where-with-all to make it… try the Shiva Art Paint Sticks and Stencils.

You can use stencils, rubbings, or paint free-hand. You can use paint brushes, the paint-sticks, or something else.

I am looking forward to using the paint-sticks for all sorts of things! Remember my shopping bags… you guessed it, my brain is all ready thinking of all kinds of ideas.

On a different note… I now have all my quilting, sewing, crocheting, cross-stitching stuff at home, I now need to sort and organize, so my room is in quite the disarray. I’m also looking at things that can be rubbed with the paint-sticks. I read somewhere about even using things like yarn, and other embellishment items underneath the fabric, and rubbing over top.

What would you do with the Paintsticks?



6 Responses to "Grown up painting! My experience with fabric painting."

Oh Alice, no wonder you’re so excited about this! Your piece turned out wonderfully. I like the idea of using it with stencils, rather than rubbings. I’m interested to know how you heat set it too.

I left a comment on your last post but hasn’t shown up, maybe because I had a link on it? It was only about Gocco – which is something I’d like to try but can’t afford right now.

Have fun! :o)

Jen, when I’m at the next stage, I’ll write about it. And also an update on the paint removal! -Alice

No wonder it took two hours to make the stencil, it’s quite intricate but shows off the paints very well.

Freezer paper is marvellous stuff. I use it all the time.

I’m not surprised that you enjoyed learning this technique. It has so many applications. I have a project in mind that would suit.

Your information about the clean-up whas most useful.

I am looking forward to seeing where this new craft takes you.


Just gorgeous Alice. I love this technique. You are such a creative person, I can’t wait to see where you take it. You always find another exciting way to use what you have learned.
Just beautiful.

Wow, I did not know that all of Canada is having a white Christmas this year and the last time in 1971. Neat. It is after midnight and I am still up. I have got to go to bed. LOL! I have to get up in 5 hours. We fly out, well I guess it would be today, I was going to say tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.


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