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A new Adventure…. beading.

Posted on: 25 January 2009

You know, I should really schedule some time to actually sit and write.  I have so much to write about… and I just don’t get it done.  And now I’ve kind of put myself on the hook, so I had better keep up.

What am I babbling about?  Well, it all started quite some time ago.  I was asked by the Program Comittee of our Quilters’ Guild to do a presentation on Computers and Quilting.  The place we meet does not have internet access, so I was working on a few things getting ready for the presentation.  One of the topics to be discussed was Online Courses.  It is amazing in less than one year, how many online courses are now available at different websites.  Some are free, some require a membership, and of course there are the paid ones.

While checking out Quilt University I saw that they had a Beading class beginning January 23.  I thought it over, even brought it up at the discussion.   I jumped in and signed up for it on the day it began.  So now I am a student at Quilt University.

Now for a little more history on my Adventures with beading.

At the top of my blog, you’ll notice a bargello.  This is my first Bargello.  When I displayed it to my guild (in the fall of 2007), one of the members suggested I bead it.  I was aghast… I had no idea how to bead.  I let it slide.     A workshop was offered by our guild in early 2008 on beading and embellishing.  I wasn’t ready to pursue that venue, so I didn’t sign up for it, but I did show up to take some photos of the group, and what they were doing.  The bug hadn’t bit me yet.  I was asked to come and visit during the Spring Retreat, and to take some photos.  I had a lovely day, and I look forward to when I can actually participate in an entire weekend retreat.  Well, one of the members (actually the one who suggested I bead the bargello), asked if I wanted to do some beading.  I quickly explained, I had no idea what to do, and she very promptly told me that didn’t matter… put the thread on the needle, poke it in the fabric, put on a bead, and put it back through the fabric.  Sounds easy enough?  Well, it was, and I felt I got very creative with her piece.  Don’t know if it was to her liking, but no matter, I had fun with it anyhow.  The bug hit me!

In September’ish 2008, the bug bit me even more.  I decided I was going to quilt a setting sun, and sun rays on the bargello.  My first attempt did not appeal to me… There wasn’t enough contrast between the beads I was using, and the fabric.   I mentioned this to another guild member, and she offered to give me some suggestions.  I was heading to her place to teach her a few things on her computer.  WOW!  What great ideas.    So I’ve been working a little at a time on the Bargello, to get it ready for our Quilt Show in March.

I had actually stopped working on the Bargello, as I felt that if I worked on a small piece, and do some practice it would better prepare me for the Bargello.   This did and din’t work.

I started “My Beading Experiment”.  My idea was to find a piece of fabric with a design, and then use the design as a guide to the beading.   I found a Fat Quarter of fabric.


I cut it into quarters, added sashings and a border, sandwiched, and quilted in the ditch around the sashing and borders.


My plan is each quarter will be a different colour scheme, and each will be beaded differently.  The first colour I used was green.  I’ve started in the photo above.

I have since finished the green, and am working in the opposite corner with blue.    I want this project to be a surprise to my Guild Members… so I won’t be publishing any more photos until it is completed, after the Quilt Show.

Which leads us to the Quilt University course.  We will be working on a sampler during the course, and another project or two.  I don’t know if I will ever apply beading to clothing (never say never, right?), but I will be definitely looking at projects a little differently.

Well, I should be off to prepare my fabric for the course.  I’ll be posting my progress here.  Thanks for stopping by!



4 Responses to "A new Adventure…. beading."

I certainly won’t complain if you post more regularly! I always enjoy your blogs, Alice. I have been following your beading adventures with great interest and will be keen to know what you think of your Quilt University classes. I think you are well on track but probably need to have that confirmed. Having seen some fabulous beaded quilts at a show I can see why this embellishment appeals to you. My favourite was one titled Seed Pods – redolent with free motion machine stitching and beads. Your batik piece is a great starter and I am excited about seeing the finished work.

Cheers…Ann 🙂

I too enjoy your blogs, but life has a way of getting in the way. HA HA I love watching your progress and the enthusiam you always have when learning something new. Way to go Alice.
Someday I will have time so something new. For now I will live through your posts.
Take care,

Thank you Ann, and Debra.

I hope to keep up, especially my progress with the course. I bought the remaining supplies I needed, so now to prepare my fabric… and away we go!


You go girl! You seem to thrive on diversity so I’m sure you’ll get a lot out of this. 🙂


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