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Fat Quarter Quandry?

Posted on: 1 February 2009

I’ve been blog surfing this morning… catching up on a few of the blogs I follow, and finding a few more.

One of the quilters introduced another blog, which I would like to share with you.

Sew, Mama, Sew! – For the month of February they will be posting a Fat Quarter topic each day – tutorials, information, swaps, and much much more.  How cool is that.

I will be following along.  I have a small’ish FQ collection, but I do wonder what to do with some of the fabrics… do I call them orphan FQ’s because they don’t go with anything?


This is an older picture… a few FQ’s have come and gone, but basically, that is all I have.

Do you have a FQ collection?  What do you do with it?



4 Responses to "Fat Quarter Quandry?"

Well…..ummmm…errrr…..I have a a rather large fat quarter collection (emphasis on *collection* which assumes that you acquire these things for the pleasure of acquiring them and looking at them afterwards).

I’m actually planning a quilt with all the blues ones but as for the rest; I mostly use them for applique or to substitute in a quilt when the fabric I bought doesn’t actually work in my quilt.

I will be following the FQ Topic with much interest.

Cheers…Ann 🙂

Like Ann, my fat quarter collection is on the large side, but then some fabrics are over 10 years old! (I love them too much to cut them – sad isn’t it?)

A collection the size of yours would be much more manageable. The problem with FQ’s is that I wish it was bigger than a FQ! *sigh*


Fat quarters have always been both a problem and a curse as well as very handy. I often wish I’d bought more – but if I just need some lights, darks, or polka dots /squiggles/blacks and whites- then I grab fat quarters. Yes, I too “collect” fat1/4’s particulary batiks just for the different textures – I like variety and no quilt should be restricted to a formula number of fabrics.

Hi Alice,

I too have been following the Sew Mama Sew.
Fat quarters month. It has been fun.

I too love Fat quarters (a little too much). Basically I collect them *Grin*
Hopefully a few smaller projects may help with clearing some of the collection. YEAH.

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