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Fast Scrappy Quilt gets Sashings, Cornerstones and first border.

Posted on: 9 April 2009

I decided to make a quilt from some of the blocks. You can get an amazing amount of scrappy blocks in no time at all, then the fun part is putting them together. I decided to put the blocks on point, and to add sashings and cornerstones. To be honest, piecing all those odd seams together in one big piece was a bit overwhelming. Although, I may just have to try that anyway, just to see what kind of a quilt it would become!

So onto the sashings and borders… and colour choices. When fabric is cut into smaller pieces it is amazing what goes together. I think that is the charm of scrappy quilts. What colour or colours was I going to choose for the sashings and borders. Why not black and red? And a vibrant red at that! Remember, this is a learning experience.

So I started cutting the black into 2½” strips, and then cutting pieces 2½” x 8½”.. I used two different black fabrics, to encourage the scrappy look. I also cut 2½” squares from the red fabric. I decided to make the setting triangles and corner triangles the black fabric as well. Cutting those blocks didn’t appeal to me either. And I’m thinking, that perhaps this will encourage the blocks to float… something I had only just read/heard about.

Here is a photo of the blocks hung on my design wall, with the sashing, cornerstones, and setting triangles.


I also added a small black border.


This is the top so far all pieced together.  Notice how somebody got herself in the photo!  That Tazzie!

Now to decide on the next border. Remember, this is a learning experience, so I’m going to go outside of the typical (for me) straight borders. I’m going to try my hand at piecing something. But what. FLYING GEESE! Don’t know why, but it is something I wanted to try. I want to make the geese the vibrant red, and use the black. I don’t have enough of the red… but I’m sure I can find some vibrant red somewhere… and I did at Galena Bay Novelty Fabrics. Fortunately for me, she is local, and I made arrangements to go up and see what she has. She has really nice fabrics, do check out her online store!

In the meantime, my thinking is changing about this quilt. I’m starting to feel, that the geese in black and red will overpower the quilt. I still want to do the flying geese… hold your horses… why not make scrappy geese! And that is what I did.

I did go and see Lainey, and bought some oriental fabrics – for another project yet to be started. And I have decided on a colour scheme for my SIL and her husband for their 25th wedding anniversary. Although my plans to visit Lainey changed, it was still a good shopping trip.

I’m going to create another blog on the Flying Geese Border. There are many ways of creating flying geese, and as I had several 2½” strips of various scraps, I decided to use the more traditional way (I suppose its traditional).

What have you done lately to jazz up an experimental learning quilt? Have you made one? Share it with me!



3 Responses to "Fast Scrappy Quilt gets Sashings, Cornerstones and first border."

Alice, it’s a triumph!. The black corralls and contrasts the scrappy blocks which look so dramatic laid on point like that. The red cornerstones give your eye somewhere to rest.

I can see why you chose Flying Geese – echoing the on point blocks. It will look amazing and I’m excited about seeing the next stage.

I hope you and Tazzie are feeling better.

Happy Stitching…Ann 🙂

Thanks Ann,

Tazzie is doing a lot better, although her hip will slow her down for quite some time I think.

I’m getting there. I have had two acupuncture treatments this week, and being mostly pain-free has been a boon! It is not the chinese acupuncture, but directly into ligaments/muscles etc.


Oh my Alice, it’s looking great pieced together! Flying geese in the border will be perfect.

Glad to see the acupuncture is working. Here’s you and Tazzie continue to improve. Jen 🙂

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