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Progess on the Anniversary Quilt

Posted on: 6 May 2009

I first introduced the Anniversary Quilt in my post on Colour Value.   I knew that this quilt would come together quickly.  And I knew the challenge for this quilt would be the pieced setting triangles.   With the help and advice of some of my quilting friends online and in person, I worked through the challenge.

The challenge was the bias edges that would be on the edges of the top.  Putting my design on point, caused the setting triangles to have the bias edges on the outside, instead of nicely stitched into the body of the quilt top.   I used foundation (paper) piecing, to piece all the triangles, and used my Easy Angle ruler to cut the angles as needed.  I had very little waste, which I am quite happy about.

As I was piecing the main units, I was starting to wonder if 50 units was going to be too many.  I laid out the blocks I had, on the bed on point.  I left to go get the camera, and was distracted for a moment or two, and when I came back… well this is what I found.


I realized that the blocks were going to be enough… and this is going to be a large quilt!  This past weekend, I was able to devote an entire day to stitching.  I’m scheduled to go back to work next week, and wasn’t sure, when I’d get time to work on it.  Sunday was a very productive day.


Half done!   You would think that I would bring the camera in with me, and take the photo.  I’m sure she knows when I’m taking photos.   Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to work on the other half.  It’s nice to have the time to work on it.  I really didn’t think I would get this much done in so few days.


I wanted to take a photo of the progress, and laid out both halves on the bed to take a photo.  Didn’t know if I’d get more done or not.  As it was, I did.  I really wasn’t sure about the orange/pink, and the background fabrics, but the more I work with this quilt, the more I’m liking it.   I am very fond of the burgundy and the pink (which will be in the second border).

I had to measure the quilt top, to add the first border, and laid it out on my bed to do so.  I also wanted to see how the small border would look.


And no, I didn’t have the camera before Tazzie checked the progress.  I actually went to get the camera and the green border fabric.   The hair on her leg (right hind quarter) is really starting to come back in.

I’m hoping to have the last green border pieces added tonight, then it is off to figure out the pieced border. I had a different experience when measuring the borders.  Typically I measure down the centre of the quilt, then cut the border to that length.  Find the centre of the quilt top, and the border strip, line them up, pin, pin the ends, and ease in as required.  As I was about to pin the border, I noticed there was an excess of 3″ on one end.  I double checked the centre.  Check.  Double checked the length of the border strip.  Check.  Double checked the quilt top. Check.  It just wasn’t matching up.  There was no way I could ease in 3″ of fabric on either end of the quilt.   So I measured the edge of the quilt top.  It is actually smaller than the centre.   I was so concerned with the bias stretching on the edges, and the paper piecing helped stabilize it, that there was some stretch in the centre of the quilt.  I’m hoping that the borders will help ease the fabric back into shape.

I really don’t know what I was thinking when I decided to add a pieced border.  Well, I did, but I’m questioning my motives now!  LOL.  To be honest this quilt did go together quite quickly, so I’m actually not grumbling about the pieced border.

The quilting on the other hand, although I know I’m a ways a way from that, will cause me some grumbling.



3 Responses to "Progess on the Anniversary Quilt"

You are the stitching dynamo! It’s great to see it coming together so quickly, and I feel that any uneven-ness in the blocks will come out in the quilting. Yep, I don’t even you machine quilting such a big one, but it will certainly be worth it.

Tazzie is looking great! 🙂

Gosh Alice, you really have kicked on with this quilt. I think those fabrics work together beautifully and that thin green border will give it a bit of szhooz. Press on with the pieced border – it will be worth it. It’s nice to see Tazzie looking more like her old self. Such a lovely puddy-tat.

Happy Stitching…Ann 🙂

Alice the quilt is just fantastic. What a wonderful job you are doing. It will spectatular when it is done. I love the cat too.

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