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Welcome to APQ bloggers

Posted on: 10 January 2010

Hello everyone from APQ, and for those who have been following my rather neglected blog.

I don’t usually have New Year’s Resolutions, but I think I’ll change that, and try to be a bit more active on my blog.

For those of you hailing from APQ, please be sure to leave a comment.  I hope to be visiting your blog soon.



10 Responses to "Welcome to APQ bloggers"

AQP blogger here – found you! I wonder if they even care we left?

Hi Alice! I’m so glad so many of us are staying in touch. Can’t wait to see some more of your creations 🙂 Christine

Hi Alice,
I’m loooking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!

Hi! I’m glad to see so many of the APQ quilters are keeping in touch! I really would miss everyone if we couldn’t.
Be sure to visit my site and keep in touch!

Welcome Back Alice! I have to admit that I have missed you although I know you have been very busy these last few months. I can’t thank you enough for your valuable technical advice on APQ and look forward to reading regular posts from you again. Cheers, Ann 🙂

I have made the same resolution. On APQ I tended to see what evryone was up to, comment, and then not make a post. Better do better here.
(friendquiltts) Beth

If you need some motivational whip cracking then hey, I think I can manage that!! 😉

Hey! I. Hope you do post here more. I added you to my blog list!

I found you! It’s great to see so many of the gang here too; I’ve been missing ‘talking’ with them all. I have a feeling I’m going to be a lost puppy for a while! Maybe I can get a post out tomorrow; I have it all set up; just need to do a little more work on it. —“Love”

Yes, I am here and once again completely ignorant of how anything works. Guess I will eventually figure this out, too… cya! 🙂 Theri

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