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Fabric Collage Revisited – Part 2 – The Conclusion.

Posted on: 17 January 2010

It has been several months since I presented the finished quilt to the recipient, and I thought that as my hours are dropping in the next few weeks, that I should write something more about the quilt, and show some more in progress photos, as well as one of the finished project.

It was bittersweet to present the quilt to our friend, I really liked it, and almost didn’t want to give it up.  In the previous blog Fabric Collage Revisited,  about this project, the last photos show my technique for working on the water.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take photos in progress of the land portion of the landscape.  The photo below (clicking on a photo will display a larger image to see the detail)  is the landscape portion finished, with a piece of black tulle laid over it.

The tulle helps hold all the little pieces, requiring less stitching to hold everything in place.  Black is best, as it does not really change the colour of the fabric.

The next section I worked on, was directly to the left of the collage section, and is the Ship’s Crest.  I used my artist’s prerogative, and decided to duplicate only the rook portion and the background to it.

I stitched the red and yellow pieces, and then cut them so they would be on the bias.  I appliqued the rook , and then thread painted it to give it, its dimension and colouring.

I added a border to the collage portion, then attached the Rook.  I added a blue piece on the top and bottom.  I used a font on my word processor, for the lettering, and printed it off, and then traced it onto the blue fabric.  I thread painted using a  Sulky variegated rayon thread.  I really liked the way this thread practically glowed on the fabric.  This was the first time I had used a rayon thread for quilting.  I was very impressed with the results.

This is the finished top, being sandwiched.  I was standing on a chair above the table to get the shot… didn’t think of hanging it first!

And this is the finished project.

And this is the recipient and I.

I presented the finished quilt to Pamela at the Change of Command Dinner, with Pamela stepping down in July 2008.  Pamela spent her first summer as a Cadet at the Summer Training Centre in the summer of 1980, and was the first female Commanding Officer of HMCS Quadra.


11 Responses to "Fabric Collage Revisited – Part 2 – The Conclusion."

It’s beautiful, a real work of art. You are so talented, going way beyond quilting. It is like painting with fabric. It has so much meaning, too.

Thanks for sharing it with us!

The quilt is really very special. You used so many techniques to create a wonderful art piece. I would have had a really hard time parting with it.
Can’t wait to see what you work on next.

This was such a fabulous project Alice. I’m sure Pamela will treasure it very much. What a wonderful momento of her outstanding achievement and service. I am always so impressed with your willingness to try different techniques and the success you have with them. Inspirational! Ann 🙂

Wow Alice! That really is a work of art! I’m sure she will treasure it 🙂 Christine

Hello!!!!! Can’t believe I found you 😉 I was suprised to find out that allpeoplequilt ditched their blogspot!!!!
good to see you;)
Happy Quilting!!!

What an extraordinary project! Unique, for sure! No wonder you hated to see it go, but it will be treasured by Pamela for sure. Your talent amazes me; you are not afraid to dream and tackle anything! And you always succeed! Great job! —“Love”

Thanks for sharing the finished product with us. I’m impressed by how many techniques you are willing to try. The results surely must encourage you to keep going!

Projects like that always mean so much more than just fabric and stitches. I’m sure the piece will be treasured! 🙂

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. It was a lot of fun. It’s amazing when you have a project in mind, and then just go for it – there is no fear, there is just doing it!


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