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Another Adventure – String Quilts

Posted on: 22 January 2010

Tomorrow (Saturday), I am embarking on another quilting adventure.  Our guild is providing a workshop on String Quilts.   And I was not originally scheduled to work the day, I took advantage of it, made myself unavailable for work and will be participating.

My friend Nina will be teaching the class.  She has posted some of the samples she has done for the class on her blog.  From what I’ve seen this is a great way to use some scraps up.  I had read somewhere about trimming off a little extra when you square up your yardage of fabric, instead of just trimming off the bare minimum.  This is so you can use the odd sized and shaped piece in things like string quilts or other types of scrap quilts where a “squared” piece of fabric is not required.   I had started doing that, except… I ended up putting the pieces in with all sorts of other odds and sods.  One of the things I’ve done over the last few days is trying to sort and find those strips!

I’m not sure when I’ll be posting photos from my progress, tomorrow evening we (my hubby and I), will be attending a Robbie Burns dinner.  This is my first time to this event, should be interesting!  I’m not so sure about the Haggis, but will keep an open mind!  I have never been fond of eating organs, but who knows if my taste buds have changed, and the childhood memories have been erased enough to give it a go.  My husband’s grandparents immigrated from Scotland via New Zealand to Canada.



10 Responses to "Another Adventure – String Quilts"

Alice I have one word for you – Gravy!
I love haggis – but i mix it with the mashed potato and the gravy. It has a pleasant flavor and is likely over 1/2 ground oatmeal- just think of it as turkey dressing with the giblets added .
Have to pack the car and get just one more teeny sample done – it’s like potato chips – can’t stop!

I hope you will share often what you learn on string quilts; I’ve been looking at them and wanting to make one but just haven’t had the courage yet! I think they are beautiful; can’t wait to see yours! —“Love”

I won’t eat haggis but I do like black pudding!

Enjoy your class, it should be great. I remember a class I did years ago where the teacher said she always cut a 2″ strip off each new fabric she bought. I always thought that I should do this but never have!

Eeek for haggis! Let us know how it goes…

I’ve never done a string quilt but I love the way they look. Have fun and I can’t wait to see the results! 🙂 Christine

I don’t know about the haggis either, I’m kind of picky about what I eat. Enjoy your class, string quilts are so pretty. Let us know how it goes and I hope to see pics of yours.


How was the haggis? I’ve never had it, but worked at a historic house museum and helped prepare it. Unfortunately I was pregnant at the time and the smell of the ingredients cooking was more than my stomach could take (trust me, it reeks!). I heard from the rest of the staff that the end product was quite good…

Hope the string class was fun.

The Chieftan of the Puddin’ Race…my dad loves it but I can’t say it’s my favourite.

Have fun with the string quilt – you’ll ahve some fun with that. I saw one the other day using selvedge (apparently it’s the latest craze).

Happy Stitching, Ann 🙂

Hope you enjoyed the haggis. I am anxious to hear about the string class. They look amazing.

Love it. Do you know Mary of
and the Heartstring Group at

I love making string blocks … they always come out perfect.


Hi Sandy,

No. To be honest, I haven’t checked the internet about string quilts. The instructor did though. There are also a few books out there too. Thank you for your links, I’ll be sure to check them out.


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