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Pride? Revulsion? Embarrassment? Satisfaction? Honour? Amusement?

Posted on: 27 January 2010

When you think about your first quilt… the very first quilt that you made, what emotion does it invoke?

After reading Theri’s post about her first quilt, it got me to thinking about proffering a challenge to our circle of quilting friends.

Post about your very first quilt, and all that you can recall about it.  Have a photo, of course you have to include it.  Tell us about the horror or the pleasure the quilt gave you, at the time, and how you feel about it now.

The Quilt!

I have posted about my first quilt on my blog here.  This blog was a list of firsts that I had done with relation to quilting.  And of course, this is my oldest UFO!

The Recall!

I would have to say, that when I was 9 or 10, this quilt was a very big thing for me.  As I mention in the other post, it was put aside for a while.  I pulled it out, in my teens, could be when I took Home Ec in Grade 8, or TAC (Textiles Arts and Crafts) in Grade 10, but I did add a few more things to it.   I’m thinking it was Grade 10, so I would have been 15/16 at the time… I see a few pieces that I used for a couple of projects.   I don’t know why I never threw it out.  I still have not finished it, although I do intend to.  I have to mend a few places, and square it up.

The Photo!

It all began with this?


Now this quilt (top) brings me amusement and memories.  Some of the fabric pieces I recall fondly of childhood memories.  It has polyester, nylon, wool, acrylic, cotton, denim, terry towel, flannel, and a lot more.   Can you tell what era it’s from?  I shudder at the thought of even trying to machine quilt it… perhaps I will just tie it.   Some of you may recall this quilt, as I did post it on APQ, and I called it my “ugly” quilt.  Now before you all go and tell me it isn’t ugly, and that it is full of memories, you would be right about the full of memories… but IT IS UGLY!  and I am the first to admit it!  Hmm… I have an old blanket that was given to me by my Paternal Grandmother, which is orange (I really didn’t like it), about the time I added to it (way back when I was a teen), that maybe I’ll back it with that!  No need to put a batting in!  Or maybe the orange blanket could be the batting, and I’ll have to rummage around and find something for the backing!  Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!

The Challenge!

If you wish to accept is to find that deep down area in  your “gut”, and find the courage to write and post about your first quilt on your blog.

  • What do you recall about making the quilt?  What you felt?  Who/what it was for?
  • Post a photo (if you have one)
  • Tell us about the quilt as it is today?  Where is it?  How do you feel about it today?
  • And of course, anything else you would like to share!

I do hope you take up the challenge and post here that you have!


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: You have to look back on your first quilt(s) and give them the credit where its due!   As we gain more experience and find new interests, our knowledge base grows exponentially.  We may try one technique and find that we don’t like it, but it leads us to another.  Or we may like the technique and find our own path.  I’ll be the first to admit, that some techniques perhaps some of the simpler (easier) techniques intimidate me.  Why?   I’ve been thinking about that a lot, and think perhaps it is because I have not found a need? an interest? or a true desire yet to try that technique.   And then there are other techniques, where I just jump in, despite not knowing how deep the water is, and have a blast!  I have one quilt that I am scared to finish piecing.    I have made 3 similar quilts, and because I have learned so much since I made the first 3, I know that I will see the “mistakes” and “imperfections” and will want to change it to make it better.   I am just going to have to “suck it up”, and one of these days, just jump in.


11 Responses to "Pride? Revulsion? Embarrassment? Satisfaction? Honour? Amusement?"

Yep, I remember your first quilt from your APQ posting. Maybe it’s best if you just remember that it brings back lots of memories! *grin* Let’s not worry too much about the construction; after all, you were a mere child! At least you have that excuse; I was more than 50 when I made my first quilt, and can’t claim the youth thing. The fact is that you’ve made great progress over the years, and that’s what matters. I just hope I can say that some day about my quilts. —“Love”

I will have to think long and hard on this one….not;) I can still see that thing in my head;) Will post a shorty on it as soon as I get the courage;)
Happy Quilting!!!

It’s great to be able to look back on our first projects and see how far we have come since then. My how we change – taste, style, design. As confidence builds so does our desire to try something new. Ann 🙂

Despite what you say, I still like this quilt! It’s full of memories, and that makes it very special.

I will take up the challenge, but I can’t tell you when (even as type Ant is hanging out for the laptop!)

I remember you posting about this quilt on APQ, and like Fer, I like the quilt, too! It is colourful and full of memories! My first quilt was made as a wedding gift for a friend many many years ago. I have no pictures of it, and shudder when I recall how I made it. Yes, I did use cottons, but my piecing and quilting left an awful lot to be desired by my standards today, but it was a start!

I remember when you posted this quilt pic on APQ. It is great that the fabrics hold so many memories for you, that is what makes it so wonderful.

I must have joined APQ too late to experience this gem the first time around, but it made me smile. I have a friend who was making a “quilt” a few years back and hers, like yours, was not exactly square and she was adding pieces as she went. So do not fear: you are not the only person out there making wonky-shaped quilts! But I do think you should finish it. The memories are worth it.

I’m going to have to think about which quilt was my “first” because I made a lot with the help of my mom… I need to determine where to draw the line for doing it myself…

Yeah, I remember is quilt, too! It made me laugh and feel good. I encouraged you to finish it back them and I feel the same way now. Does this mean I can blog about my Playful Puppies first quilt now? Ooo, what fun!

I remember your quilt from APQ. I see a wonderful history and a great story about the times you have pulled it out and added to it. I hope you do finish it. Beth

Hi Alice! Somehow I missed this post. I remember that quilt from APQ too. Its been great to see everyone’s firsts. Thanks for the food for thought 🙂 Christine

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