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Feeling a little star struck…

Posted on: 8 February 2010

It is not very often, that I will make a quilt from a specific pattern, unless I’m taking a class/workshop.   I had seen this particular quilt, and was intrigued… I’m going to stop there, because I want to create a very big lead-up.  *giggle*

Well, of course I started with the pattern, but not wanting to give that away, lets jump to the fabric selection.

My hubby and I both like the colour blue.  When we are away for our Anniversary in November, I decided I was going to buy the fabric for this quilt.  This quilt will be for our bed.   The first big quilt, that I will actually be keeping.

I ended up getting the fabric from three different shops, which was okay.  One fabric (the light blue – Fusions by Robert Kaufman), I actually ordered an entire bolt, as one shop didn’t have enough yardage I required.   The dark blue (Dimples by Gail Kessler for Andover Fabrics) I picked up from two different shops.  The white (Cambridge Square #2192 by Ro Gregg for Northcott) I fell in love with the pattern.  I think (I hope) I bought more than I need, so I can use it for some Christmas projects.

So with all this fabric, today I started cutting the strips.  At first I contemplated how to use the fabrics, and then decided the colour layout.   I don’t like doing all the cutting, then all the piecing, although the directions are written in that way.  I like to cut some, stitch some, press some, and repeat.  It’s a good thing I follow this, as I found out I was using the wrong instructions, and cut 3 or 4 strips at 4½”, when it should have been 6″.   Not a complete loss, I cut the 4½” into 2 – 2″ strips… which I also need!  I lost 1/2″ but that’s okay… with the string quilt I’m working on, I can add some of this fabric into it as well!

And I noticed, that following the correct instructions… I may have waaaaaaaaaaay more fabric than what I need for this project.   Yeah!  Some more for the stash!

After cutting the strips, and stitching them together, it was time to cut them using the specialty ruler that came with the book.  Phew… I’m able to get the required 8 componets from each stitched strip!

Then it was time to piece the sections together, and wow, oh wow… I really like how this is coming together.

This will be my first monochromatic quilt.

Now that all that has been said, and done, the quilt comes from Eleanor Burns Quilt in a Day Series – Day & Night.  I”m not sure if it was the star design, or the black, white and red, but what ever it was, this quilt caught my attention and held on to it.  Be sure to visit Quilt In A day website, and read how they describe this quilt.

As for the string quilt, it is coming along.  I was working on it, getting more blocks completed, and realized I was not feeling the fabric therapy that working on quilts usually gives me.  I’ve decided I’m going to work on the quilt when I need something to fill in gaps.  The double diagonal pattern I chose does not lend itself to using the blocks as leader/enders. Check out Bonnie’s website.  She has a great method for using up scraps, and some interesting information on String quilts too!


11 Responses to "Feeling a little star struck…"

Wow wow wow. Your block is star struck! I love fusions. I have to try and control myself so I don’t use it in everything. (We have several colors in the shop I wok in). We also have dimples in several colors and I really like the color and texture Your white I hadn’t seen but it is really pretty.
Look forward to seeing this beauty progress.
(I like yours better than Eleanor’s).

Wow Alice, what a great looking block! I’m looking forward to seeing this one grow.

PS. You can NEVER have too much fabric!!! 😀

I absolutely LOVE it! The fabrics and colors are fantastic! — Much prettier than Eleanor’s red and black in my opinion. I had looked at that pattern, and may have to make it someday, if I live long enough. I hope you will show us lots of pictures; those colors uplift my spirit! —“Love”

Wow! Blue is my favorite color and your pattern is spectacular in your colors. It is really striking. I can’t wait to see it all come together!


Wow oh wow indeed! I think I’m in love. I can’t wait to see the whole quilt. I’m a sucker for blues as well, and put together this way… What’s one more quilt on my “must make” list?

Fantastic! I can see why this pattern caught your eye. It’s very striking in those colours too. Terrific patterns in the fabrics, Alice. It’s going to be a stunning quilt. Ann 🙂

Ah, a blue and white two-color quilt with stars! What more can one ask for? Alice, it is going to be absolutely beautiful!

Your block is goergous, I can only imagine how beautiful the quilt will be when it’s all done. I, too, like your color choices better than Eleanor’s. We call her “Mrs. Annoying Lady” at our house (well at my parents’) because of her way-too-calm talking-to-3-year-old television persona. She writes a good book, though!

it looks fabulous Alice. Great colour/fabric choices – love both dimples and fusion, great ones to have in your stash. Can’t wait to see your progress on this one.

That block really pops! Its going to be so pretty when you put it all together. 🙂 Christine

Hi Alice, you have been doing some really fun stuff. I watch Eleanor Burns PBS series “Quilt in a Day” and I know she has done this quilt. It is really going to be pretty when your finished. With all the fabric you have left, you could make shams, too.

By the way, how are your new kitties doing.

Connie 204

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