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My List of 10 UFO items – updated 22 February 2010

Posted on: 22 February 2010

On Quilting Friends an online community, one of the members issued a challenge – now the details are a little fuzzy, but basically to list 10 UFO items, and complete them before starting any other projects.

It has been several months since I’ve updated my list… and a few projects have come and gone, so were never added.    So I’m working on a few now.  Some were from classes/demonstrations from my quilt guild.   And some are just ones I’m doing.

Some of the items on the list are not really UFO’s, but WIPs, but they do need to be done too.

Current List of 10 UFO items

  1. My very first quilt (when I was 9 years old): fix, size, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  2. Curve Play quilt: piece 24 blocks completed, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  3. Bear’s Paw quilt (Oldest DD): 6/6 blocks completed, borders, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  4. Intertwined Squares: pieced, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  5. Beading Experiment: piece, sandwich, bead, quilted, bind, label, post pic
  6. Flight (Bargello #2): piece, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  7. Fast Scrappy Quilt: piece, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  8. Christmas Attic Window: piece, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  9. Strip-quilt – blocks, border, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic
  10. Scrappy Snow-ball quilt: blocks, border, sandwich, quilt, bind, label, post pic

COMPLETED QUILTS removed from the “10 UFO Items” List

  • 25th Anniversary Quilt – Entwining Love COMPLETED August 2009
  • Flutterbys COMPLETED February 2009
  • Landscape Quilt – Winter Sunrise over Bayne’s Sound: COMPLETED! February 2009
  • Mystery Quilt Star Bright COMPLETED! 12 February 2008
  • There’s a Dog on My Quilt COMPLETED – 21 February 2008
  • Stained Glass Rose Wallhanging – Rose, where did you get that red: COMPLETED! 12 March 2008
  • Mom’s Red-work Cat Quilt – Gotta Love Cats COMPLETED – 05 Sept 2008
  • Sunflower placemats: COMPLETED – 20 August 2008
  • Community Charity Quilt: COMPLETED!

Looking at the list this way, it breaks down the project, and makes the goals of completion seem more achievable.  I’m looking over the list, and realize that they are achievable… except, that how I envision them being quilted, and my current quilting level of experience don’t quite match.   I think I will have to work on that this year.

GOAL FOR 2010 – Practice quilting techniques, and find motifs that are of interest!

Have you updated your List of 10 lately?  And what is your goal for 2010?


8 Responses to "My List of 10 UFO items – updated 22 February 2010"

Well done Alice! I’ve been meaning to knock up a similar list and now you have inspired me. You have completed some wonderful projects – seeing them on the list bring back memories of them. Have you visited the blog 365 Days of Machine quilting? Plenty of inspiration for quilting patterns there. Check it out! Cheers, Ann 🙂

Remember when I first joined this group, and I always finished every project before beginning another one? Well, you gals have been a bad influence on me! I now have four large tops (two patriotics, the strack and whack, and now the kaleidoscope! *sigh* I’ve worked most of today on a new table topper, and it’s not finished! I MUST practice some machine quilting, and then get started on the S&W and kaleidoscope. I’m still thinking I’ll snd the patriotics out, but still haven’t contacted the quilter!
Good luck with your list!
BTW, your Canadian skaters skated beautifully tonight! They truly deserved the Gold! —“Love”

Having your list broken down that way is brilliant Alice – it definitely keeps you on track without overwhelming. There is a real satisfaction in being able to cross things off.
Ann beat me to it – I was going to suggest Leah’s blog to you as well http://freemotionquilting.blogspot.com/
She has come up with all kinds of good filler designs and videos that show how to do them. Nothing beats practice (except finding the time to do it), but I have noticed a real improvement in my quilting this year because I do it. In the past I was afraid I’d make a mistake, now I just go for it, and it keeps getting easier. Good luck!

You have made great progress. I like the way you have made up your list to break everything down to smaller tasks.

Ah… I had forgotten about the 365 days of quilting blog. I shall revisit it!

Thanks for the reminder.


You’re very brave Alice, that is actually making a list! I’m WAAAAY too scared to do anything like that! 😀

I have a list of all my projects too. Sometimes it kinda scares me. Not counting the two BOM that I am doing this year, I have 19 WIP in various stages of completion and I have (gulp) 55 tops to be quilted. I REALLY need to start working on the quilting. Not all of them are big quilts.
I also have needlepoint pieces and knitting in progress but only 3 total between them.
I think I better go quilt something.

That’s the wonderful thing about the List of 10… you only list 10 items… doesn’t matter how many UFO’s you have, you just put 10 on the list and work the list. Then when you’re done the list, you make another one.

Some have just added another project on the end, but its your list, and your rules!


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