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Some of my new friends, and a found treasure or two.

Posted on: 16 March 2010

I didn’t think I had anything to write about… well, actually, I probably have lots to write about, but I like to have photos, and it was taking me a bit to get that organized.

I had the opportunity last week to leave town, and visit a couple of Shops I had heard of, and seen online Hamels, and A Great Notion..  Although I didn’t have any money to spend, I did buy a few things.  Some things were just too good to pass up.  I was happy I checked out these shops.  And if my hubby gets accepted to the University, I’ll be hitting these shops more often.  A Great Notion has two store fronts, and I had visited the smaller of the two.  Next time, I’ll have to check out their main store!

As many of you know, free-motion quilting is one of my “hang-ups” when it comes to doing quilts.  I bought one book for design inspiration.  The middle book “Joannie’s Quilting Elements”, I feel is a resource that no machine quilter should be without.   She writes in a style, I think I would write.  She gives you some pointers, but does not tell you how to do it.  Allows for one to “play”, but still learn, and not be concerned with the “Quilt Police”.   I learn by reading (primarily), and this book was great for that.  She writes as if she is right beside you, guiding you along.  The third book, “Punchneedle Fun”, I purchased because I was given a punchneedle set, and threads, but haven’t jumped into it yet.  What could be better than combining quilting and punchneedle!  The projects in this book are small, but loads of inspiration!

I haven’t done any “Holiday” quilting.  Okay, I’ve done a couple of Christmas Tablerunners, but nothing really for the family.  I saw this little hallowe’en wall-hanging, and couldn’t resist.  A little kitty playing peek-a-boo in a pumpkin!

At one of the “chain” fabric stores we have in BC, they had a sale on the OLFA blades (is is just me, or have these increased in price in a big way?).  I was trying to remember what other supplies, I needed, and as I stood at the till, I noticed the sewing machine needles… so grabbed a couple packages.  The sales person mentioned to me that the coming weekend they were having a double discount weekend… I told her I was from out of town… way out of town (takes 2 ferries and 6 hours to get there).  So she gave me 50% off of my entire purchase!  I was so impressed… and wished I had grabbed another package of blades.

I also bought Clover Marking pens, they were a much better price in a package of 3.    And I’ve been reading about Awls and Stillettos used in sewing.  I’ve been looking for a brass one, and happened to find one at one of the other shops.  It was cheaper than the “bamboo” one.

Some of you may remember my foray into using the Shiva Art Paintstiks.   I’m doing a demo Thursday evening for our guild, and I happened to see these rubbing plates.  They are the OpArt plates, (this link has all the rubbing plates, just scroll down a bit to find the OpArt ones) and I think they will do wonders on transforming fabric that may be a bit lackluster.  I already have the Curve Plates.  This demo should be a lot of fun!

Some of you may remember mslibra from APQ?  She has her own blog and website (she sells Superior Threads and has a long-arm quilting business).   We live in the same community and have become good friends.   She lived originally down in the Lower Mainland (which includes Vancouver and other cities in the area).  She approached me about something she had seen in Langley, and was wondering if I would be interested in trying it out.  I said I would.  I can’t say what yet… but in the fall I should be able to provide more information.  But, I can tell you, I have been making lots of crafty stuff for the Christmas Fairs as well.  This idea of mslibra’s has inspired and motivated me to get stuff down now, as opposed to crunch time in the fall, when work picks up.  Okay, I know, I know, I’m rambling, and its time for another photo.

These are a few of my friends!  Ha ha!  These are made from knit gloves, with the ring finger tucked up inside and then stitched.  The gloves filled.  And then hair, eyes and a nose are applied. I’ve already sold one!   I had shown one to a fellow co-worker, and she was interested, and I told her I would post a photo on facebook… umm… well, I posted it here first.   Making more of these is being put on hold, as now is the wrong time of year to try and find knit gloves in a variety of colours.  Black and ivory I can find lots of… but I like the colourful ones, myself.

I am working on a couple of other projects for the Christmas season, and as they come along, I’ll be posting them too.



8 Responses to "Some of my new friends, and a found treasure or two."

Your brain must be actively creating something all the time! What’s more, all your ideas sound very interesting! I’m looking foward to seeing what you are working on, particularly the Christmas stuff.
Glad you had a fun shopping trip, and got the 50% deal! I think the Good Book says, “You have not because you ask not!” Worked again, didn’t it? *smile* —“Love”

If you manage to find some organising tricks please share them with me!

Nice score at the fabric store! 🙂

Ooooh, I love the little glove dolls!


You bought some nice goodies, love the peek-a-boo kitty project. It is really cute! Your little glove dolls are adorable, too. Sounds like you have ideas to keep you busy for a while!

Those glove dolls are hilarious!

Let me know how the free motion goes. Its daunting to me so anything to make it easier is a plus.

That pumpkin quilt looks so cute. It’ll be a great quilt 🙂 Christine

Great haul from your shopping trip. I really like doing punchneedle. Haved fun with it.
Your little glove dolls are so cute. My daughter got a book from Amazon that has a bunch of tiny critters to make. They are made with felt and a little stufffing. I’ll have to gethe name of the book.
Have fun. Can’t wait to see what ese you are up to.

I laughed when I saw your dolls. How clever! You’re definitely right about all the colors. Do they have a name? “Knitwits” came to my mind… I use my stiletto all the time; they are wonderful to match seams and points. I had my husband make mine from a dowel and a heavy-duty needle. When I found out how useful it was, I bought a brass one for Theri. Typical mother stuff! That was quite a teaser you gave us for your fall plans. Best of luck in your venture, whatever it is! Mary

Your glove dolls a re terrific Alice. I thinke they will be good sellers. Fantastic haul from the stores – how decent of the salesperson to give you the discount. I am happy to say that I just go with the flow on my free motion quilting and I am enjoying it so much more. I can’t wait to see what you have on the go. Thanks for the links to mslibra! Ann 🙂

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