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No, not really.

But I did have to share this Give-away with you, and besides, some of you may want to get in contact with her again.

Intrigued yet?

Her blog give away is about a new product that she is now offering at her store.  For quilters, I think this may a breakthrough we’ve been looking for?

Do you have problems with thread fraying or breaking at your needle on your sewing machine?   If you have answered yes, or if you are just a bit curious, please check out my friend’s blog post.

Granted, now that I’m telling you all about the give-away, it lessens my chances of winning, but I hope that you give this product a try, and support my friend in the process.

Okay, okay… I can hear you now… “GIVE US THE BLOG LINK”.

Without further ado, here is MsLibra’s blog, now you’ll have to go to her post to find out what this new product is!  You may remember MsLibra haunting the APQ blog.  Be sure to tell her you followed the link from my blog.  No, I don’t get any extra credit, I thought it would be fun just to track all of us!



Every so often, one of the bloggers I follow will post about a Give-away they have entered, and to tell others about it.  Well, I decided today would be my turn.

But how did I get hear you may ask.  Well as a Facebooker, I have subscribed to a few Quilting Related groups, in particular C& T Publishing.  The had a link for a give-away, and well, I just had to follow to see what it was all about.

Stash Books is having a Giveaway of four great books!  I think these books would be an awesome addition to my personal library.  Check out the giveaway!

I like all four books, but I chose the Socks Appeal as my favourite.  Sock monkeys are something I am making right now, and my DD#2 and I would love to make other critters and make accesseroies for them.   The other books are also good resources, and something I am interested in.


A little bit of the first, with a smidge of the second.

I don’t know why I haven’t been inspired, or even motivated to do much quilting.  I know its all in my head, I have not reason not to be.

I think I”m rambling, just to get something down.  Ever have one of those moments?  Ha ha!

So, I’ve been asking myself, why I have been uninspired and not motivated.  Here are some of my answers:

  1. lack of funds
  2. boring projects
  3. small blocks + lots of blocks required = loss of interest in a quilt
  4. Quilt’n Room is too small
  5. No room to move or create
  6. Too many projects and quilts on the go, to be done

I don’t know if any of these are the culprit, but I started thinking what I might be able to do about some of them.

1.   Can’t really do anything about that for awhile.   It’s taking me some time to wrap my head around this one… I originally took this job (not my favourite), to pay for my habit… err, I mean hobby of quilting.   As life so often does, our situation has changed, and now I’m paying bills and buying groceries.   I don’t have the freedom to do what I want with my earnings… (uh ha moment)… perhaps that is what is wrong… I feel I have lost that freedom.   Hmmm… need to ponder on that.

2.  Well they are not really boring, just taking a long time to get anywhere with them.  I think I need to focus on getting some of these WIPs completed to the flimsy (quilt top) stage.   Don’t get me wrong…  I have enough projects and for the most part, enough fabric to keep me busy for quite some time.

3.   What I should be focussing on here, is to work a little at a time… you know, a block here, and a block there.. instead of doing mini-quilting-marathons, and wanting to work on a lot at one time.

4.   Can’t do anything about this one either, not until a couple of kids move out… ummm… this is rather funny, my eldest is actually moving back in.  At one point I was in jeopardy of losing my quilt’n room, to be moved down into the unfinished portion of the basement… thankfully another solution came to light.  And I get to stay put.  Unfortunately, I still dont’ have the storage space in my quilt’n room, and I need to do some major organizing, tidying, and what not.. which leads to #5 on the above list.

5.   I need to make a list of the projects I want to work on, and make time to work on that project.   A few of us are working on craft and other items to sell at a fair in November.  We decided to be working on stuff throughout the year, so we would have a lot for the fair.   I have all these ideas I want to do, but just haven’t implemented them!    So with a little bit from solution #3, and throw in a bit of #5, maybe I can now focus on these other little projects.  With the odd day here and tehre to work on some of the bigger quilting projects.  I started working on organizing and sorting through stuff in the quilt’n room.  I got my magazines sorted and put away.  I’ve been working at this pretty much all day, and it doesn’t look like much has been done.   Which leads us to #6.

6.  Wow… I think I may have a plan after all!  Sometimes just writing it out, and thinking it through, a solution will come to mind.  Hopefully… maybe?

I am going to throw in a couple of photos, just so you know, that I have been slugging away at it, but just not quite where I was thinking I should be.  One can only do what one can do, right?

A pile of Knit Dolls

These munchkins are made from those inexpensive knit gloves.   I scooped up as many different gloves as I could before they were gone for the season.  Looking forward to the fall to get some more!

The Monkeys for the girls for Christmas

It started off with my youngest daughter talking about Sock Monkeys.  I decided to make one for her for Christmas.  While I was thinking about it, I thought I’d make one for my eldest daughter and my granddaughter.   The plan was not to tell DD#1 and present the other two to the younger girls.   When DD#1 was to utter “Where’s mine?”, I would present hers.  Well it didn’t quite go that way… DH asked her “Didn’t you always want one?”… and she had this little sad face.   I wish I had had the camera ready, when I presented hers.  Her face lit right up.  In order are DD#1, GDD, and DD#2.

And I couldn’t resist this pose.  Did you know the See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil monkeys actually have names!  Mizaru, Mazaru, and Mikazuru.  Although the girls have not given them those names… LOL.

I made the fourth one for my DD#1 fiancee for his birthday in February.  He didn’t want to ask for one, but had asked DD#1 if I would make him one.  I have since made 2 more, but alas I have no photos of them.  They were sold already.

I have been working on a couple of scrap quilts, which we have been challenged to do!   I should get some photos of what I have done thus far.  I keep changing my plan for the layouts.  We’ll see where that leads us!

My blogging and quilting days will be shortened quite a bit for the next 3 or 4 months… it will be busy time at work and I’ll be working pretty close to 40 hours a week.   I will really need to organize my time, in order to fit some quilting and working on craft projects.

Well, I think I better get back at this mess.  It’s hard to organize, I need to remove stuff, and then its a meal time, and I have to move it back… without finding a home for it.  Well at least I can see my desk, and a better part of the floor again… now to tackle the next couple of feet around me!

What do you do when you lose inspiration, motivation… or what?    Tell me about it!

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