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Lack of inspiration, motivation… or what?

Posted on: 20 May 2010

A little bit of the first, with a smidge of the second.

I don’t know why I haven’t been inspired, or even motivated to do much quilting.  I know its all in my head, I have not reason not to be.

I think I”m rambling, just to get something down.  Ever have one of those moments?  Ha ha!

So, I’ve been asking myself, why I have been uninspired and not motivated.  Here are some of my answers:

  1. lack of funds
  2. boring projects
  3. small blocks + lots of blocks required = loss of interest in a quilt
  4. Quilt’n Room is too small
  5. No room to move or create
  6. Too many projects and quilts on the go, to be done

I don’t know if any of these are the culprit, but I started thinking what I might be able to do about some of them.

1.   Can’t really do anything about that for awhile.   It’s taking me some time to wrap my head around this one… I originally took this job (not my favourite), to pay for my habit… err, I mean hobby of quilting.   As life so often does, our situation has changed, and now I’m paying bills and buying groceries.   I don’t have the freedom to do what I want with my earnings… (uh ha moment)… perhaps that is what is wrong… I feel I have lost that freedom.   Hmmm… need to ponder on that.

2.  Well they are not really boring, just taking a long time to get anywhere with them.  I think I need to focus on getting some of these WIPs completed to the flimsy (quilt top) stage.   Don’t get me wrong…  I have enough projects and for the most part, enough fabric to keep me busy for quite some time.

3.   What I should be focussing on here, is to work a little at a time… you know, a block here, and a block there.. instead of doing mini-quilting-marathons, and wanting to work on a lot at one time.

4.   Can’t do anything about this one either, not until a couple of kids move out… ummm… this is rather funny, my eldest is actually moving back in.  At one point I was in jeopardy of losing my quilt’n room, to be moved down into the unfinished portion of the basement… thankfully another solution came to light.  And I get to stay put.  Unfortunately, I still dont’ have the storage space in my quilt’n room, and I need to do some major organizing, tidying, and what not.. which leads to #5 on the above list.

5.   I need to make a list of the projects I want to work on, and make time to work on that project.   A few of us are working on craft and other items to sell at a fair in November.  We decided to be working on stuff throughout the year, so we would have a lot for the fair.   I have all these ideas I want to do, but just haven’t implemented them!    So with a little bit from solution #3, and throw in a bit of #5, maybe I can now focus on these other little projects.  With the odd day here and tehre to work on some of the bigger quilting projects.  I started working on organizing and sorting through stuff in the quilt’n room.  I got my magazines sorted and put away.  I’ve been working at this pretty much all day, and it doesn’t look like much has been done.   Which leads us to #6.

6.  Wow… I think I may have a plan after all!  Sometimes just writing it out, and thinking it through, a solution will come to mind.  Hopefully… maybe?

I am going to throw in a couple of photos, just so you know, that I have been slugging away at it, but just not quite where I was thinking I should be.  One can only do what one can do, right?

A pile of Knit Dolls

These munchkins are made from those inexpensive knit gloves.   I scooped up as many different gloves as I could before they were gone for the season.  Looking forward to the fall to get some more!

The Monkeys for the girls for Christmas

It started off with my youngest daughter talking about Sock Monkeys.  I decided to make one for her for Christmas.  While I was thinking about it, I thought I’d make one for my eldest daughter and my granddaughter.   The plan was not to tell DD#1 and present the other two to the younger girls.   When DD#1 was to utter “Where’s mine?”, I would present hers.  Well it didn’t quite go that way… DH asked her “Didn’t you always want one?”… and she had this little sad face.   I wish I had had the camera ready, when I presented hers.  Her face lit right up.  In order are DD#1, GDD, and DD#2.

And I couldn’t resist this pose.  Did you know the See No Evil, Speak No Evil and Hear No Evil monkeys actually have names!  Mizaru, Mazaru, and Mikazuru.  Although the girls have not given them those names… LOL.

I made the fourth one for my DD#1 fiancee for his birthday in February.  He didn’t want to ask for one, but had asked DD#1 if I would make him one.  I have since made 2 more, but alas I have no photos of them.  They were sold already.

I have been working on a couple of scrap quilts, which we have been challenged to do!   I should get some photos of what I have done thus far.  I keep changing my plan for the layouts.  We’ll see where that leads us!

My blogging and quilting days will be shortened quite a bit for the next 3 or 4 months… it will be busy time at work and I’ll be working pretty close to 40 hours a week.   I will really need to organize my time, in order to fit some quilting and working on craft projects.

Well, I think I better get back at this mess.  It’s hard to organize, I need to remove stuff, and then its a meal time, and I have to move it back… without finding a home for it.  Well at least I can see my desk, and a better part of the floor again… now to tackle the next couple of feet around me!

What do you do when you lose inspiration, motivation… or what?    Tell me about it!


10 Responses to "Lack of inspiration, motivation… or what?"

I think that when we work full time it can really drain our sewing enthusiasm, I know in the past I’ve had to make an enormous effort to sew and then the adrenalin kicks in again. The hardest part is that first step (but isn’t that always the way with everything?!!) 😀

I LOVE the sock monkeys! You’ve done a really great job! 🙂

First…It’s good to hear from you;)
As for the quilting block….I went through that about a month ago and spent the following few weeks tearing through the house. After my fit of spring cleaning, I pulled out some projects that I had discovered and started working on them. I also made the hard decision of letting go of a good portion of my UFO’s. I figured if I hadn’t worked on them for so long and still didn’t have any inspiration to finish them that it was time for them to find a new home.
As for work….it’s my opinion on life that you make SOME time for your passion, otherwise there isn’t any reason to work in the first place. Five minutes to your craft is better than no minutes.
I used to have my own quilt room. Now I use the dining table and we eat at the coffee table. We sit on the floor and eat at it like it was a table. You may not be able to go that route, but I think my point is that it shouldn’t always be our craft that gets put aside in order for the family to function. If you don’t do what makes you happy, you won’t be happy for anybody else.
That’s my two cents;) Love the sock and glove goodies. Fun projects like that always brighten the spirit;)
Happy Quilting!!

Gee, it’s good to see something from you again! Sorry circumstances are such as they are, but believe me, I ‘resemble’ the same maladies! I think I’ve finally gotten to the bottom of my computer problems after suffering almost a month from computer withdrawal!!! Unfortunately, that’s not the only problem I’ve experienced lately; I’ll probably post a blog in a day or two (perhaps in the form of a daily calendar!) about it all. (It won’t include much quilting!) *frown* Seems like the whole world has gone sour! It is very late here, so I’m going to hit the sack for a few hours, and then get up and hit it again! Glad you’re back; do check in occasionally; we all miss you! —“Love”

It’s terrific to see you posting Alice, you have been much missed. There’s no doubt that a full time job and a family mean that you have less time to spend on yourself but spend it you must. Perhaps your family can make sure you get at least half an hour or 45 minutes on the weekend that you can devote to sewing. I also set aside $2 coins from my purse to spend on quilting needs. They add up quickly enough. I think I remember reading in an earlier post your suggestion to break things down into manageable chunks. I also try to have a hand piecing project that’s portable. You can sew a few stitches here and there. The glove creatures and sock monkeys are fabulous. Glad you posed them too! Ann 🙂

Hi Alice! I work full-time, too, and I’ve found the best way to make the most of my time is organization. When things get a bit too overwhelming, I take a step backwards and clean everything up. So you are taking the first step! Then I organize my tasks. I find it very helpful to set things up for the next day, so I can walk into my room, sit down and sew! Then I set up for the next day. Sometimes I only get 15 minutes. You would be surprised what can be accomplished in 15 minutes when things are all ready to go. Hope this helps. Love the sock monkeys. I can get those little gloves at the Dollar store. Is that where you get them?


It’s good to hear from you again! The sock monkeys are adorable. I had one growing up, but didn’t appreciate it and now I have no idea where it went. Wish I had it back…

I work full time as well, but only have my furry “kids” and hubby, but I understand how hard it is to find time for yourself. My hubby does little around the house to help, but I try to get a little time in for myself every night after dinner. He turns on the TV and zones out, so I head up the sewing room. Sometimes I just take a good book and curl up in my comfy chair with a kitty, sometimes I go full steam ahead with the sewing machine, and sometimes I look around and think “how did I make all this mess by myself?” and start tidying up. It helps that I have a small room with little surface area – things can’t get too messy before I have to clean up to be able to work, so don’t despair that your sewing area is small! What I guess I’m trying to say is get into that sewing room, even if you don’t have much time or get much done. For me, setting foot into a room dedicated to creativity helps get the juices flowing and often, before I know it, I’ve created another (good) mess!

Hi Alice, it’s really good to hear from you. I certainly know how you are feeling and your reasons. I have found that when I’m feeling down or the world around me is not an easy place to be right now. My inspiration goes out the window. After making the baby quilt and it was not received all that well, I kind of shut down. When my BFF called and asked me to make the walker tote it got my butt in gear. I have enough fabric left to make another one. A few years ago a took a cross stitch class and the gal lthat taught it (I was working full time) she said that if you worked on your project 15 minutes a day in no time it would be done. I guess there’s something to that. I was also told that if I practiced free motion sewing 10 minutes a day I would get good at it. Anyway, your little munchkins are cute as ever and I love the sock monkeys. Hope that you find your inspiration and take sometime for yourself. Connie204

I’m so glad to hear from you again. You’ve been missed! As far as motivation and inspiration goes I am starting to discover that I work better when I don’t have too many options. I used to limit my project so I only had one being pieced and one being quilted at any one time, except for small gift projects interspersed here and there. That didn’t stop me from adding to my idea book, but it did keep me 1) focused and 2) within my budget. In the last 6 months I’ve allowed myself to have many more projects on the go simultaneously and bam, I’m slowing to a crawl. I just don’t know what I want to work on anymore, and I’m not getting the boost that a finish used to give me. So, I am now picking a UFO at a time, plugging away at it and getting them done, With every one I check off the list, my excitement about starting something new is building. I’m a big believer in checking things off lists. Sometimes I even add something that I’ve done that wasn’t on a list just so I can cross it off 🙂 It boosts my spirits every time!

Love your knit dolls and your sock monkeys.
Make sure you take at least a little time each week to take care of you, whether it’s in your craft room or doing something else that’s just for you. You need that to live instead of just function.

Like the others said, I too try to do things in chunks. I get a bunch of cutting done. I put the pin cushion & pieces by the couch. I pin when possible. Last week while on afternoons, I sent the pinned stuff through the machine. After work I ironed what went through. During the next day, I cut & pinned more. It was nice to see some progress. With all the pinning I was doing the sewing really turned out to be mindless sewing. The more mindless when life is busy, the more relaxing it is.
Love the monkeys & gloves fellas.

So glad to hear from you. I think everyone else has given you the advise that I would so I will just say that your little glove dolls are adorable and I love those sock monkeys.
Keep on stitching.

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