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My turn to tell about a Give-away

Posted on: 26 May 2010

Every so often, one of the bloggers I follow will post about a Give-away they have entered, and to tell others about it.  Well, I decided today would be my turn.

But how did I get hear you may ask.  Well as a Facebooker, I have subscribed to a few Quilting Related groups, in particular C& T Publishing.  The had a link for a give-away, and well, I just had to follow to see what it was all about.

Stash Books is having a Giveaway of four great books!  I think these books would be an awesome addition to my personal library.  Check out the giveaway!

I like all four books, but I chose the Socks Appeal as my favourite.  Sock monkeys are something I am making right now, and my DD#2 and I would love to make other critters and make accesseroies for them.   The other books are also good resources, and something I am interested in.



8 Responses to "My turn to tell about a Give-away"

Great, I will go check it out!

I had a quick look around the site, they have some very nifty stuff!


Thanks Alice! You can never have too many books. 🙂

I agree with you Jen, but my quilt’n room doesn’t. I need more storage space!


I truly hope you win! —“Love”

Thanks “Love”. It would be neat, that is for sure!


Thanks Alice! There are just too many giveaways to find them all by yourself.. Good luck I hope you win! Ann 🙂

Oh Ann, you are so right! I don’t have enough time for quilting, blogging, let alone trying to find the giveaways.


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