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Another Give-away…. oh oh, could this be a new past-time???

Posted on: 29 May 2010

No, not really.

But I did have to share this Give-away with you, and besides, some of you may want to get in contact with her again.

Intrigued yet?

Her blog give away is about a new product that she is now offering at her store.  For quilters, I think this may a breakthrough we’ve been looking for?

Do you have problems with thread fraying or breaking at your needle on your sewing machine?   If you have answered yes, or if you are just a bit curious, please check out my friend’s blog post.

Granted, now that I’m telling you all about the give-away, it lessens my chances of winning, but I hope that you give this product a try, and support my friend in the process.

Okay, okay… I can hear you now… “GIVE US THE BLOG LINK”.

Without further ado, here is MsLibra’s blog, now you’ll have to go to her post to find out what this new product is!  You may remember MsLibra haunting the APQ blog.  Be sure to tell her you followed the link from my blog.  No, I don’t get any extra credit, I thought it would be fun just to track all of us!



8 Responses to "Another Give-away…. oh oh, could this be a new past-time???"

Thanks Alice! It’s maddening when thread breaks like that and I always like a useful gadget. Ann 🙂

Hi Ann,

From what Shawn (MsLibra) has told me, sometimes the thread just doesn’t match the needle, and with different fabrics, it can shred the thread. Apparently these needles will help eliminate that.

I hope you entered!


Those needles sound/look great! I won’t put my name in the pot, which might give you a better chance of winning the draw! Let us know how you like them. —“Love”

Oh, but “Love” you should enter it! I’ve already won one of Shawn’s little giveaways, and I didn’t actually enter this one.

I’m already getting some needles from her, and will definitely post about my experiences.

Be sure to enter. And check out some of her Long-arm quilting work.


It’s interesting but I rarely have that problem and I’ve no idea why! (maybe I have good sewing karma 😉 )

They do look like great needles though!

I only have the fraying problem, I think when I’m trying to work my machine too hard.

But can you imagine only having to change your needle after 60 hours, rather than 8?

I think that in itself is a recommendation!


Hi Alice, I also have rarely had the problem. I will be anxious to see how you like them. Connie204

I’ll be sure to post what I think of them.


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