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What’s blue and yellow, and blue and yellow?

Posted on: 9 June 2010

This crazy string quilt I’ve been working on.   I can’t believe it, I am half way through the last 12 blocks.   They should go fast, as the yellow is much faster to put on then the blue.

I’ve been playing with some ideas using EQ6 for layout.  Using sashing and cornerstones will easily make the quilt bigger… we need a bigger quilt (or two) around the house.

SIDEBAR: trying something different here… I’ve never “inserted gallery” before, so we’ll see how this turns out.   Not sure if I’m liking what it does.  click on a photo, and it shows an enlarged photo, but you lose the post, you have to press your back button to come back here.  Tell me what you think?

Okay, back to the quilt.   I was getting discouraged having to make all these blocks, and started playing in EQ6 to see if it I could make it bigger, and hence the sashing.  I’m thinking of using a dark blue with yellow centre.  It will finish at 3″.  And I’m liking the 9-patch block as the cornerstone.  I’ll have to check my stash and see if I have enough fabric to do that.  Once I have all the blocks done, I’ll take a photo for a progress report.

The other one is with no sashing and border, it does make a different design to it.

In the latest Quiltmaker magazine, Bonnie Hunter shows how to make 2 blocks from one set of patches.   All you need are 4 – 2½” strips cut down to 4½”  (2½x 4½).  Sew a light and a dark together.  Cut in half on the diagonal.  Take 2 from unit 1, take 2 from unit 2, and put together.  She calls the blocks Twin Sister.  I visited her website to see if I can find them there.  She has been posting her articles on her site, but this one isn’t there yet.  Be sure to check out her site (if you haven’t before), she has some really wonderful ideas on how to deal with those scraps!

Food for thought: How do you work out a quandry to finish off a quilt?   What do you do with all your scraps?  What is the smallest scrap you have used?  If you haven’t considered making a scrap quilt, why not?   Scraps are anything that have been used, and are just sitting around.  They can be any size!



17 Responses to "What’s blue and yellow, and blue and yellow?"

Looks good 🙂 Can’t decide which I like better. I think the one with the sashing; makes the string blocks ‘vibrate’ in the background.

I’m liking the sashing too. Originally I had thought of just “black”… but one of my goals is to push my limits and try to do a bit more. I think the pieced sashing will do that for this quilt. Although the black was striking…Oh! That reminds me… I was going to try it with white.


I like the one with the sashings and 9-patch cornerstones, just like you have it. The other one appears a little wonky to me, but I think it’s “kinda” (my English teacher would kill me!) cute. But if you need a larger quilt, the sashings will do it!
You ask some hard questions at the end, but I’m beginning to think ‘scrap quilt’ a bit; maybe someday before too long. When you or someone else, figures out how to make me want to finish projects, be sure to let me know!
One more thing: you know, I’m sure, that clicking on the pictures in our blogspot blogs will also enlarge the pictures; I like it — both places! —“Love”

I like the 9-patch cornerstone… trying to get outside of my “box” once in a while.

Now, if I could only do that with the quilting part of it. But that will come too!


I like the sashing too 🙂 Scraps well, I dont have a lot of room and anything small gets chucked but I do have a couple of ziplock bags with pieces bigger than say 2 inch square. I suppose I should keep stuff and then give it away to someone who wants to do a scrap quilt.
I sent off your package last week but because it was so heavy I had to send it by ship, the air price was a weeks shopping!!! lol He said it would take 2-3 weeks so hopefully next week 🙂 Karen xx

Hi Karen.

I never thought I would do a scrap quilt, but my quilting DD#2 was given boxes and bags full of scraps, and I’ve been working out ways to use them up. And then of course there are the odd strips I’ve thrown in of my own, leftover from a quilt.

Some pieces are too small, and I have been throwing them out. It seems a shame to be tossing out all those bits, especially when they accumulate into a nice grocery bag. I’ve been trying to find if anyone recycles them.. .but it seems all the recycled fabrics come from textile mills.

I’ve been tempted to use some of these leftover bits and threads for stuffing of other projects. We’ll see where I get with that.

I’m looking forward to the parcel. My DD#2 is really excited.


I’m going to be difficult and say that I prefer no sashing, I love the kaleidoscope effect. 🙂

It’s been so long (too long!) since I’ve made a quilt, but the scraps are still there in all sizes. I guess the smallest ones I’ve used have been in appliqués.

LOL… Jen, it’s okay to be difficult… I still ❤ you!

I'm torn between which version… but because I want a bigger quilt, and I'm not prepared to make more blocks, because I would really like to get this quilt done, and my yellow supply is rather limited, I'm leaning towards the sashing… but I may just play around with placement and see if I can come up with something that will use both methods.


I like both ideas! Love the yellow and blue together.

And when they are scrappy, it really adds some pizazz with the multitude of blues and yellows! It has come together well.


I like the one without the sashing. I also really like the blue and yellow. I made a scrap quilt a couple of years ago. I made a ton of flannel rag quilts to give everyone. I had alot of scraps left and made a scrap flannel quilt. Connie

Hey Connie!

I find the blue and yellow is quite striking. Your flannel quilt must have been a nice and cozy one!


I like both versions, but I like the sashless one better. When I am in a quandry on how to finish…I walk away for a bit. It usually comes right to me when I go back to it. Smallest scrap…an inch sized piece for an applique quilt. My scrap box is multiplying all the time. You’ve seen what I have managed to pull out of it lately;) I have no idea where they come from if I am not making stuff from my stash!!
Happy Quilting!!

I think they scraps do multiply… until I need a lot of one colour, then it seems they just up and disappear!


Oh I like them both! If you want a bigger quilt, I’d go with the sashing (bigger is always better!).

I don’t really have a good scrap solution and have yet to make a scrap quilt. I really should! The scraps are multiplying!! 🙂 Christine

HI Christine,

I like them both too! I’ve even been considering doing a centre of 4 blocks without sashing, and then adding sashing, or “borders” on the outside, another “square” of blocks then another border…hmmm.. I may have to play around with EQ6 some more. *grin*


[…] first 9-patch rendition from the post What’s Blue and Yellow I think borders each individual block, which allows more focus on the block itself.  The second […]

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