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The continuing saga of the blue and yellow string quilt

Posted on: 23 June 2010

After much consultation with family and you my quilting friends, I have decided on the path to take with this quilt.  After getting several sashing strips stitched and cut, and several 9-patches created, I started thinking that just making the blocks would be faster to get this quilt completed, but I had already started with the sashings and cornerstones.  In fact, I need 110 sashing strips, and 59 cornerstones.   YIKES!  What was I thinking.  Well, it does give me something “quick” to work on, where I can sit down in short periods and work on it.

As I was crosscutting the strips for the 9-patch cornerstones something occured to me, and that is the next segment of this post.

Finally, I can actually use a “tool” I bought some time ago.

You may have heard of the June Tailor Quarter Cut ruler?  I had bought one several months ago, thinking that it would be a good tool, to cut multiple strips.  Boy was I disappointed.  I still had that “V” and in some cases, because I double folded, I had 3 of them.  So I put the ruler away on my ruler rack.

Today, I was using my 6”x12” ruler to cross-cut my three strip for the 9-patch cornerstones for the Blue & Yellow String quilt (still un-named), when I happened to glance up, and spotted the Quarter Cut ruler.  WOW!  I can cut my 1¼” cross-cut strips, and not have to move the ruler… and get more out of my pieced strips.!  Eureka!  A use for this ruler.  Okay… so what if I put two pieced strips down.  Now I can cut my Yellow/Blue/Yellow and Blue/Yellow/Blue at the same time!  Now it IS important to be sure your strips are straight… a couple of visits back to the iron helped out with that.

This is lining up the strip set, getting ready to cut.

8 pieces all cut up, in less time than it took to cut 2 when using the 6×12 ruler.

And as I started writing this blog, I thought if you hadn’t heard of this ruler, that linking to a website might be handy.  I wish I had thought of looking up this ruler when I bought it… there is a short demonstration video!  Who knew!  In fact there are videos for a lot of their rulers.  I will have to watch the video to learn how to get rid of the “V” in my strips.  But for now, I need to get back to stitching those strips together and cross-cutting them with the ruler.  Oh, I need to cut more strips, so I’m going to check out that video first, maybe I’ll pick up a few pointers.


Food for thought: Have you ever bought a gadget/tool for your quilting,  thinking it would make your “life” easier, only to have it tucked away somewhere, because it was such a disappointment.  Tell me about it!  And my lesson learned from this, is to go and check the manufacturer’s website (if possible), and see what they have to say.  I’m sure you’ll have an “ah-ha” moment like I did.  Granted, I only got the “lightbulb” turned on, because I decided to write about actually being able to use it.


16 Responses to "The continuing saga of the blue and yellow string quilt"

Thanks for the reminder! I bought the Quarter Cut Ruler probably 3-4 years ago, hung it on a nail in the closet, and forgot about it! I’ve never used it, but I just now looked, and it is the same exact thing! After watching the videos, I’m sure I’ll be using it next time I start cutting strips, etc. (Wonder what else I might find if I were to start digging around the place???)—“Love”

You should give it another try. I did, even cutting the strips, and I’m much happier with the results now. I think it is important to use that 0 cut to square up the fabric. I think I had “lined it up” before, and didn’t get the results.

But it is definitely making short work of cutting strips, and even cross-cutting the strip sets.


I guess I am in a rut then. One motto I follow is “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I tend to avoid new “gadgets” in favor of the way I have always done something, unless someone or something can point out a good reason why I should change. Now, if it is a new gadget that makes something completely different, that’s another story, LOL.


Liri, I wouldn’t say you were in a rut. I try to only buy things that will make things a little quicker or easier. When I first tried this ruler I was not happy with the results. So I saw another use (for me at least), and tried that. Was happy, and as I mentioned I learned more from visiting their website.


I have looked at that ruler several times, but never bought it. I am going to go look at that website and maybe get one at the next sale.
I have so many specialty rulers and I rarely ever touch them. I need to get them out and use them, there might be some time savers in there.

I’ve seen these rulers advertised, but have never considered buying one. It looks the perfect gadget for this type of thing.

At the moment I really need to replace the rulers I have – they’ve been used so much over the years that the lines and numbers are wearing off! Oh and you’d be appalled if you saw my cutting mat!

I have become very attached to my OLFA frosted rulers. I much prefer them over Omingrid/grip.

When cleaning them, do NOT use that “goo be gone”, or whatever. Use rubbing alcohol.


I just love a gadget/ruler that makes quilting easier and I have to say I use all of mine. Your ruler was a good buy after all and I’m delighted that you have found it to be useful. I didn’t realise there were all those vidoes on how to use the different kinds. Ann 🙂

Hi Ann,

Aren’t the videos great? For now on, when I’m considering making a purchase of rulers, or some other “gadget”, I’m going to check out the websites for information first!


That ruler is awesome!!! I have to remember to add that to a Christmas list. I don’t really have too many gadgets, but the only one I’ve bought and been disappointed with is a 12.5″ ruler. I ordered it online and when it arrived it has really thick lines that makes it hard to line up the strips. Happy quilting! 🙂 Christine

Hi Christine,

So sorry to hear your 12½” didn’t work out for you. Most of my rulers are the Olfa Frosted rulers now. I swear by them. They do work both on dark and light fabrics, and their lines are not thick.

I read somewhere that if you use the same “spot” on the lines… for example on the thick lines, use the right side on all your cuts, your cutting will be more accurate.


I don’t have alot of gadgets either. I think the only one I’ve got and don’t care for is the square 9″ ruler. I guess I just haven’t gotten the hang of it. Your ruler looks interesting. I will have to look the next time I’m at Joannes. Connie

I have the square 12½”, 6½”, 4½” rulers, and use them a fair bit. The square rulers are great to square up a block, or a unit. The first square one I bought was the 6½”. It came in very handy.


As far as gadgets go, I don’t tend to purchase them. My mom, on the other hand, does. I tried some “make life easier” gadgets when I first started quilting and found that alot of times they only have one use for one type of quilt, and the end product doesn’t justify the cost.
I will say, though, that my husband finally got me to purchase a pair of gloves for machine quilting. That was a worthwhile purchase;)
Happy Quilting!!

I totally agree with you. The “one purpose” gadgets, I do stay away from, I like to get my money’s worth and more! And, I’m soooo glad you found the gloves. What a world of difference.


I love mine and used it so much i had to buy another because I nicked the grove a couple times and shared my old one with someone who wanted tro try one. (haven’t seen it since and that is ok). They are awesome!

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