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Just checking in…

Posted on: 5 August 2010

I’ve been getting a couple of emails wondering what I’ve been up to.  In a nut shell, not much at all.

Between full work weeks between 32 and 40 hours a week, and dealing with vertigo I just haven’t been feeling up to much.  Not even spending a lot of time on the computer.

Thanks to “Love” and Ann (A good Yarn) for keeping tabs.

Currently our province of British Columbia is under a blanket of smoke from approx 400 wildfires.  The outflow wind from the interior has brought smoke to the coast.  We do not have any fires burning near us, and the ones in the interior are something like 3 mountain ranges away.  They are expecting some Thunder showers in a few days, which could easily spark fires in our area, and they say it will not be enough rain to really help at all.

The sky is really weird, I have never experienced anything like it.  It filters the sun, so it seems much later than it actually is.

Be assured, I am doing well, despite what I have already mentioned.



13 Responses to "Just checking in…"

Glad you let us all hear from you again! Sorry to hear you are literally under a cloud — of smoke of all things! I’m glad to know the fires aren’t really close to you, at least at this point.
Keep your chin up and get all the rest you can. Hope hubby enjoys his school and will be home before long, all “educated”!
Maybe soon you’ll feel like quilting more. —“Love”

Gosh Alice, that’s enough to be managing alomg with family commitments. We are getting news about the fires in Russia but no mention of Canada. Having been through a few I can understand your concern. They make things pretty uncomfortable and eerie. Sorry to read the vertigo. Try and take things easy. Ann 🙂

Each summer we’ll get a sky like that, from fires that burn hundreds of kilometres away! The burnt smell in the air isn’t nice either. Hopefully your area will be spared. 🙂

I’m glad to hear you’re doing OK. Good luck with the vertigo! I’ll keep my fingers crossed the fires won’t reach you.

I have an understanding of that cloud you are dealing with…we used to get that when I lived in Southern California during fire season.
Veritgo…my hubby had that a couple of weeks ago. He would literally fall over. Not fun.
Take care, and try to not work too much;)
Happy Quilting!!

Glad you are OK!


Vertigo definitely seems like it could hamper quilty progress. I hope it resolves soon. And I hope the fires are out soon, too. It’s amazing how far the smoke has travelled.

Alice, glad to hear from you. Sorry things are not going too well right now. I hope the vertigo leaves you. I hadn’t heard about the fires, I hope that is under control, soon.
Take care.

Hi Alice, good to hear from you. Hope that your vertigo gets better and that you start feeling like yourself. Take good care. Connie204

Nice to hear from you! No fun with the work and the vertigo – really drains you and leaves you with no desire to do much! Hopefully, the vertigo will disappear soon, and we’ll see more from you. The smoke in the air does mean we are getting some pretty colourful sunrises and sunsets, although this morning it’s so thick in New West it’s like clouds – maybe it is clouds, as like you say, they are forecasting rain tonight…

It’s good to hear from you. I’m sorry things are not going so well. Here’s wishing you success at beating the vertigo, and praying the fires get tamed and no new ones flare. -Joanne

It is good to hear from you. The smoke in the air is no fun, really messes up the senses. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Hi Alice–
It seems that “Love” and Ann were not the only ones thinking of you.

I have been reading a bit about vertigo, but I have to admit I have never experienced anything like it. I do know a bit about the effects of the forest fires. We have the haze and the smoky smell to deal with. Occasionally, we have the smoky, ‘weird’ kind of day you describe. Very unpleasant! Very unhealthy as well. I hope you will feel well, soon.


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