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A little bit of Sunshine… part 2!

Posted on: 8 September 2010

It seems that my DD#1 is a little piqued with me.  You may be asking, why?  Well, let me refer back to my first post titled A Little bit of Sunshine.  It seems I had missed some important aspects to the making of this little wall-hanging.

First, let me fill you in.  I don’t think DD#1 checks in on my blog.  Sometime ago, I linked my Blog with my Facebook account, so when I post a blog, it posts it on Facebook.  Well, she read the blog, and had to tell me how upset she was.  (Well, she wasn’t really, but she likes to pretend she is).

You see, I took a trip to Victoria the first weekend in June, and asked my DD#1 to go with me.  I had made plans and was meeting a friend, and DD#1 asked if she could come along, so we could look at Wedding Dresses and such.   We are planning a wedding for next May.  I said sure.  Did not tell her the reason for my trip, except I was going visiting.

So off we went.  The trip down wasn’t so dreary, as May had turned out to be, and I think we only hit only little cloud burst the entire 400km (approx.) trip down Vancouver Island.  On the trip home was when we stopped in Nanaimo and I did a bit of fabric shopping.  Now I would also have something else to write about, as I made her a notebook cover in the colours she has decided to use for her wedding.  The Notebook is her Wedding Planner.  I used a pattern we saw at the Quilt Shop.  Unfortunately (and I know DD#1 you are reading this), I do NOT have any pictures, ahem (clear throat).  We had a great time looking at fabrics, and that is where I found the fabrics for the Challenge Quilt – Wilderness Downpour.  Come to think of it, I think it was at this Quilt Shop that I noticed the names of the colours.  And I will give DD#1 some credit, as she helped picked out some of the fabrics, as well as help me work out the name for the Wall-hanging.

Now if only I could get a photo to include in this blog.


PS – DD#1 – Happy now?  *grin*


9 Responses to "A little bit of Sunshine… part 2!"

Yes I am happy now. I’m sure I could bring over the book one day so you can take a picture, because I am to lazy to find batteries for my camera :p

Yes, I am sure you could bring it over. At least that is what you have told me once or twice. 😉

Well done Alice, you’ve made amends beautifully! 😀

Thanks Jen… she’s a bit of a cheek.

Love mother/daughter situations! They make me smile ’cause then I think of my daughter!


Kids! Can’t do without them, but sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to do with mine! Looks like you got it figured out with yours! —“Love”

Daughters are just the best aren’t they? I have two and I have to make sure that whatever I do for one I do for the other. LOL
Sounds like all is well again (for the moment) in mother/daughter land.

Daughter do tend to keep us in line!

It all works out in the end! Ann 🙂

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