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What I’ve been doing… quilting, shop-hopping, and other things.

Posted on: 7 February 2011

I think I’ve mentioned that I have been working on a quilt for an acquaintance.  She bought fabric remnants from a seamstress while on a trip to Hawaii.  The pattern she bought to use the fabrics for is very basic, using rectangles.   The pattern is called “One Block Wonder” designed by Randy & Chriss Murrell of Seams Sew Right Designs.  I spent most of the time making this quilt cutting the pieces.  You would think cutting rectangles would go reasonably quickly, but remember, I said remnants.  Imagine (if you have sewn a shirt you’ll understand) cutting all the pieces out to make a shirt.  What do you have left?  Yes, that’s right, those are the pieces I had to cut rectangles from.  Some pieces only yielded one or two rectangles, and I needed 880 for this quilt.  Ah well.  All the rectangles are cut, and the blocks are pieced together.  Now to sew the blocks in rows, to complete the top, then we will be going and choosing a small border fabric to compliment it.    No photos yet.  Sorry.

The other thing I have been doing, is reading blogs.  I have mentioned one before, Patsy Thompson’s.  Patsy’s blog/website is two-fold part of my blog.  The first, is she impressed me with what she’s been doing with her Sizzix machine.   She sent me a very nice email reply, and suggested a few places here in British Columbia, that I might find them.  My DH was attending university in Chilliwack, and I found a scrapbooker who was selling them.  Long story short, I received one for Christmas.  She didn’t have any of the dies, so I got to look at my machine for a month.   On a trip to North Vancouver with a friend, we made a stop to Micheals.   My friend wanted to look for a few items, and I was just basically doing the driving.  Imagine to my surprise, (okay, I knew they had scrapbooking stuff, and Sizzix stuff), that they had some dies.   I was so excited, it was hard to choose.  I decided that two would do.  I decided upon the Flower Layers #3, and Butterfly/Dragonfly.  DD#1 is getting married in May, and I thought the flowers would be perfect for decorating the tables.  And it works great for that.  DD#2 and I played with fabrics and made a few layered flowers.   We fused one to a shirt of hers, and once I get motivated (today seems like a good day), I will stitch it down for her, and take some photos.  I wonder if she’ll model it.  *grin*.

The other thing I’ve been doing for the last couple days, is doing the FabShopHop.  And it started with Patsy’s website.  You may have seen the FabShopHop icon, if you visit specific Fabric/Quilt Stores online.   I’ve seen them around for the last couple years, and didn’t “bother” with them, because most times something like that is specific only to US customers.  Well, I saw the icon on Patsy’s website, and one late night, decided to check it out.  In fact, the ShopHop is open to Canadian and US customers.  I was intrigued, so I read a bit more, checked out a few more pages, and before I knew it, I was registered, and bouncing around the internet, checking out these shops, and looking for the elusive bunny.   And oh my, some of these shops are so yummy!   I’ll be checking them out again, when the pocket book will allow.    I’ve been doing the FabShop Hop, and having fun doing it.  I must admit, that some sites, are near impossible to find the bunny, the don’t offer hints, and you have to guess on where it might be.  One site, I spent over an hour, and never did find the bunny, and wasn’t all that impressed with their site layout either.   But!  I’ve been having fun.  If you buy online, or even visit the brick and mortar stores, you may find a few you recognize, and many have Shop-hop deals!  Each Shop-hop lasts for the month, except November and December are combined.  So don’t delay, come shop-hopping, and find something special.

Have I mentioned that I will be receiving a machine quilting machine (not a long-arm, but along those lines).  My Mom upgraded her machine, and I will be getting her “little” one.   Now, I just need to find the space to set it up, before she brings it in May.  This will be no easy task.  Hmmm… I wonder if the kids will mind, if I take over the family room… nah, I didn’t think so.

And amongst all these happenings, I am back to dealing with my vertigo.   When I first came down with it last April, and then visits to an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist, it was determined that it would go away eventually, and that it was more than likely caused by a cold or an ear infection.   I couldn’t remember when the last time I was sick, so it seemed odd, to me, but I just had to wait it out.   Jump to October… school’s back in for a month, everyone gets a cold, and I’m the last to succumb.  Sick for 2 weeks, and then… NO VERTIGO!  Yippee!  I was free for 3 months.  I ended up with a chest respiratory infection, which also caused a minor sinus infection.  Got over that in a couple weeks, and a week or so later… Vertigo has returned.   I’ve been on the hunt to find someone with a cold, so I could knock it out again.  No luck yet!

In the meantime, I am going to get back to sewing this Hawaiian fabric quilt, and working on a few other projects, that need doing.




10 Responses to "What I’ve been doing… quilting, shop-hopping, and other things."

The Hawaiian quilt sounds beautiful. I hope you show us pictures soon! Finding room for a big quilting frame is no small chore – good luck figuring it out and enjoy the new machine. And I hope you get over the vertigo soon. Sad to wish for a cold, but if that seems to help get rid of it, I suppose there are worse cures!

I love some of those Hawaiian quilts, is this one in the traditional red and white? Can’t wait to see some pictures. 🙂

I hope you get over the vertigo soon so you can enjoy your sewing goodies even more!

My mom and my husband have had bouts of veritgo in the last year or so. The hubby kept falling into walls, and my mom fell and hurt herself. Be safe. Hope you find relief soon.
Looking forward to the pictures of the hawaiian quilt;)
Happy Quilting!!

Geez, I am almost at a loss for words! All that activity and vertigo to deal with too. Did you go back to the ENT guy after the cold episode? There might be a clue as to the cause in there. I would try it. Lucky you for the quilting machine. What is a Sizzix?


Wow, you have been busy! Sounds like you will be having fun making flowers for the wedding. Can’t wait to see your daughters shirt. The Hawaiian quilt sounds wonderful, I’ll be waiting to see some pictures. Hope your vertigo goes away soon, sounds like no fun at all!

As I said somewhere else, scraps really are no fun to work with, but…….!
Reading blogs is fun, isn’t it? I’ve been reading a lot of them too; I think that’s why I don’t get more quilting done! Hope you get to feeling better soon! —“Love”

I hope the vertigo resolves without another cold!
Sounds like you have kept very busy. I can’t wait to see what you do with your Sizzix. I see them in the craft stores but haven’t ever seen a demo or anything. Sounds like it will be fun.

Hi Alice, the Hawaiin quilt sounds like it will be really beautiful. Sounds like you’ve been really busy. Have fun with that new machine. Connie204

Can’t wait to see a picture of the quilt with 880 rectangles!

That doesn’t seem fair Alice – you need to have a permanent cold to not have Vertigo. I sure hope your health care providers can come up with a better solution for you. 880 rectangles – yikes! That’s a lot – especially cut form scraps. Have fun with your Sissex and machine quilter. It’s fun to have new toys to play with. Chiiliwack is such a fantastic name for a place! Tale care, Ann 🙂

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