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Introducing Needlella… and back to our regular unscheduled programming.

Posted on: 21 August 2011

You may have seen Sandy’s Bindbara, a few weeks back.  It was so neat to see someone I “knew” also making this.

My friend MsLibra had me out for coffee and a visit, and she told me about this website called PaperPanache, and she proceeded to tell me about the Fairy Quilt Godmother mystery block that Linda was doing.  After we were back at MsLibra’s, she sat down in front of her computer and asked me for my email address.  (She does have it, but much faster to ask me directly).  The next I knew, I was being signed up for my very own Fairy Quilt Godmother.  After answering, or rather choosing one word each from ten categories, my Fairy Quilt Godmother mystery block was on its way to me, via email.  Not only do you get the block, but you get a special name for your FQG too!  This is the story of how Needlella came to be my Fairy Quilt Godmother.

It was the perfect project to bring me back into quilting, without it being over strenuous or time-consuming.  The toughest part I found with it, is selecting the fabrics.  It was great that Linda had included some tips for creating your very own Fairy Quilt Godmother.

After my fabric choices, it was time to cut out the sections for each part.  There were six parts, and each part had anywhere from twelve to thirty-two pieces, for a total of 121 pieces.  I started from Part A, and worked my way “down” to Part F.  As it was, Part A, is the top of my FQG’s head.

And this is what she looked like before quilting, and embellishing.

One of the suggestions was the wilder the hair the better!  I used one of my pieces of sewing/quilting themed prints for the background.  Doesn’t she look pretty good. I wanted eyes that had a bit of sparkle, and something a little different.  I had some purple with actual sparkles in it.  I think it worked out great.  And of course, what would a bit of purple be without some lime green, which became her eyeshadow.

Now for the quilting.  For the background and parts of her skin, I did a micro-stippling.  I used two layers of high loft poly batting, so I could create some definition to her face.  A somewhat 3-D effect.  I called it Sculpting.  I found I kept touching my own face, to see how I could make a 2-D image into more of a 3-D image.  It was fun.

Then of course, I started thinking of embellishment.  What if I was to do “this”, and add “that”.  I had been thinking of some way of adding a magic wand, but didn’t have the energy to proceed with it.  Who knows, down the road she may graduate from training, and get a full-sized wand!

And here is Needlella completed and waiting to be hung in my Quilt’n Room.

Doesn’t she look all dolled up.  I wanted to add some lace trim around the bodice of her dress, and had this beaded piece.  I realized as I was hand-stitching it, that it may have been better, if I had thought of it prior to stitching the sections together, but I didn’t know I was going to be doing any embellishment.  For her necklace, I had another piece I could use.  I snipped it where it meets the Q, and hand stitched it down.  It has crystals in the centre,  to give Needlella a bit of bling.  I had considered to give the Q pendant some dimension, but I didn’t have anything that would work, so it is just a pieced pendant.  I added some star beads into her hair, and gave her a pair of Needle earrings.  The needles I was given some time ago, and they are rather poor quality, in fact, although being brand new, one had a defective eye.  A few creative stitches, and I was able to place them where I thought her ear lobes would be.

This little project still requires a sleeve and a label, but it won’t be long before she finds a spot to hang in my quilting room.  And if I can find the can of silver spray paint, I’ll be considering making her a wand.



12 Responses to "Introducing Needlella… and back to our regular unscheduled programming."

Needlella is absolutely gorgeous. I hope you sent her picture to Linda! My granddaughter asked why Bindbara didn’t have any earrings, and of course I replied that she didn’t have any ears. Who needs ears to have earrings! I’ll know better next time.


Thank you Sandy!

I figured that with longer hair, you don’t always see one’s ears, but sometimes with longer earrings, you see them peeking through the hair.

I did send a photo to Linda a few days prior to her cut-off. Have you looked through all those that have been sent in? Some are very creative, and some are, well… let’s say different!


She’s great LOL. Still have 2 sections left on mine but maybe this Tuesday I’ll get ‘her’ done 🙂

OH DRAT! I knew there was a reason for delaying on posting this, but I couldn’t remember why! It was because I wanted to share with you first.

Ah well. I hope you get yours done on Tuesday, and I’m hoping to be there, for the morning, and the first part of the afternoon. Have a doctor’s appointment that afternoon. Now to find something to work on… or more to the point, to select something to work on!


That is a clever project and she is so cute!

It was a great project! I’m going to be watching the site for some more. Thanks, she worked out better than I expected.


Your Fairy Godmother looks perfectly capable of taking care of you! You did some fancy piecing! And I love the lace and jewels. Good to see you back in action to some degree anyway! —“Love”

Does she? That’s good to hear! I”m sure she’ll do a “bang up job”. Thanks “Love”.


Very wild and interesting! Nice to know there are other people out there who have a muse, LOL!


She is a bit wild isn’t she! Kind of like how I’ve been wanting to feel!


What fun! I love the needle earrings idea. I may just have to go check that website out, though I’m not sure paper piecing with 120 pieces is my thing!

YOu should check it out! It is not 120 pieces all at once. You start with one section. Then make the next section, then stitch the two sections together. It is a lot of fun. I’ve never done a mystery paper piecing before. I’m hoping to do more from the site!


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