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A scrap busting want to do…

Posted on: 10 January 2012

It seems there are so many who plan to bust their scraps this year. I too have had some really neat ideas popping through my head. Reading Ann’s blog post inspired me to post.

The one block/quilt I would like to try is from Bonnie K. Hunter.

Bonnie K. Hunter’s Winston Ways block

It is called Winston Ways.   I have tons of HSTs leftover bits, and I think this block would be perfect to use them up.

Last fall I was invited to a sewing group, and with my low energy levels, I didn’t participate in the sewing/quilting days.  Although I would stop in from time to time for a coffee visit.  Although my energy levels are still quite low, I am taking small projects that I can work on… it takes me a lot longer to do simpler tasks, but I’m okay with that.  I’m getting out of the house, and I enjoy their companionship.  I do more visiting than anything else.

I saw a General Surgeon yesterday (he removed my gall bladder), as I was still experiencing some low-degree pain.  There seems to be a problem with one or two of my lower ribs.  They are sore, possibly due to an injury.  He’s ordering a CT-Scan to determine if anything turns up.  My daughter told me I shouldn’t be lifting anything, which she may be right, so as a good Mommy, I will listen to her, which means I won’t be lifting my sewing machine, and wont’ be doing anything with it.   I am really hoping that knowing about the ribs, will help give a jump start to the progress of my recovery.

Thank you all for your comments of encouragement and well wishes.  I truly appreciate it.



18 Responses to "A scrap busting want to do…"

That’s a real beauty! It would certainly bust a stash. Bonnie is so clever at designing scrap quilts.

HI Ann,

She sure is. And I have lots of squares that I can cut down, and do the 4-patches with.


That’s a very pretty eye-opener! If you can’t do the machine thing, would you consider hand-stitching, maybe just table runners, etc. until you are stronger? That block might be just as easily done by hand, with its many small pieces.
It’s good to know you are at least getting to spend a little time with the quilters. Do take care of yourself! Hope the doctor gets to the bottom of your problem and gets you “fixed”! We miss you here! —“Love”

I do have some things I can do by hand, have not considered quilting. I will have to think on that. Thanks “Love”!



Handwork is great for getting you off your feet and resting. Why not try a Cathedral Window quilt? Once you get the squares cut (and you can do them a few at a time) the rest is just folding and pressing. The colored bits are all scrap fabric, too!


Oh my…. my daughter and I did a Catheral Window workshop through the guild a couple of years ago… it is still waiting to be worked on… hmmm… that may be the ticket. Thanks Maryellen! Something to think about.. if I can just remember where it was tucked away.


Bonnie is the queen of scrap quilts and that block just shows she’s done it again. Take you time quilting. Enjoy the process. Enjoy the companionship. I’ve been a part of a group where some power sew the whole meeting time and others visit the whole time and honestly? The quilters who visited the whole time were a whole lot more fun! I hope the doctor has good news about your ribs so you can move forward with healing.

Thanks Katie. I follow Bonnie on Facebook, and follow her blog. Some of her activities are jaw-dropping, and some others, you just have to giggle.

The group I go to… the most I’ve seen there is 8. It is a very large new meeting room, and the echos with the greater number of people make it very difficult to chat… but it is a good environment. I do enjoy going.


I agree that it is probably good “medicine” for you to attend the sewing group even if you don’t do much while there. Just getting the vibes from other women quilters is therapeutic. Bonnie’s scrap quilt looks like a great stash buster. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

HI Ruth,

I find it good “medicine” too. I was only able to stay for just over an hour, but I enjoyed getting out.


I have been nadmiring Bonnie’s Winston Ways as well. I hope your health improved soon so you can sink your teeth into whatever project you want. Enjoy the company of those other quilters (I need to find myself one of those “live” groups!)

Hi Joanne. Bonnie has so many great ideas, and when you see the traditional blocks in scrappy.. it gives them an all new dimension.

Are you able to check out the drop-in sewing times at your LQS? That may be a start to forming or finding a group.


Alice, I hope the doctor can find the problem and you start to feel better. The block by Bonnie is stunning and should use up lots of scraps. Take it easy, enjoy doing what you can and don’t worry about the things that need to wait. Just work on getting better.

Thank you, Marsha B. It has been a battle to allow myself the time to heal. The brain says “GO GO GO”… I am learning to ignore it, and listen to the body saying “NO NO NO”. *GRIN*

I do what I can… and am doing better at not sweating the small stuff.


Alice, I saw that quilt on Bonnie’s post and it is just beautiful. A perfect scrap buster for sure.
I hope that the Dr. gets to the bottom of your pain so you can speed down the recovery path. Until then, take it easy. Sending you healing thoughts and gentle hugs.

Thank you Beth! I’m all about the HUGS!


It certainly does seem to be the year of the stash bust, which is a very good idea too! 🙂 (I’ve been giving some serious thought to hand sewing some patchwork – would be a nice break from knitting!)

I hope all goes well with your scan, and some positive answers come your way soon. 🙂

Hi Jen,

Thanks bunches. Hand-piecing intimidates me, I think my skills are not good enough… but then again… we must all learn to walk before we can run a marathon. One step at a time. I may have to reconsider.


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