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A blast from the past… request of all APQ blogging buddies

Posted on: 27 June 2012


I have a request of all my APQ blogging buddies.  Do you recall in 2007/2008 I was doing a block of the month – where I posted a block a weeek, and you were able to select one block, and after 6 months we were going to create a sampler quilt… then of course that fizzled and APQ shut down the blogs.

Well, I had thought I had “downloaded” and saved all my entires to the APQ Blog.  But apparently I didn’t, or lost them, or something.

I am looking for the instuctions for the first six blocks:

Week #1 – Light and Shadows

Week #2 – Star and Pinwheel

Week #3 – Cats and Mice

Week #4 – Crossroads

Week #5 – Bear’s Paw

Week #6 – Leavenworth 9 Patch

Week #7 – Card Trick

I have the pics, but not the instructions  I wrote up.  If you have them, could you email them to me to southeasterly at hotmail dot com.  Thanks.

After looking through these, I’m tempted to start up another block of the month thing.  (or a block whenever challenge).  I think I would also create them using the computer showing different colour ways and how different values will change the block.   Many things to consider.



6 Responses to "A blast from the past… request of all APQ blogging buddies"

I just now checked my blog notebook, and I didn’t connect to APQ until March 2008. I did print (not save) all my blogs after that, but I didn’t do that series with you, nor did I save anyone else’s posts. Sorry! Good luck in finding those! In digging out my notebook, I did find a bag of new fabric that I had forgotten about! It had slid down behind my notebooks! More Civil War fabrics! Yea!!! (Got to get back to that project!) —“Love”

Did you try contacting APQ? Of course you did! Sorry Alice, wish I could help but if I was blogging at that time, I didn’t download those patterns.


I am not sure if I was blogging at the time, but in any case I don’t remember the BOM. Sorry I couldn’t help.

Sorry, I can’t be of any help either. I started blogging later, wish I could have seen your BOM. I hope someone has them for you.

Sorry Alice I don’t rember saving them – silly me!

Thanks everyone! It was worth the long shot! I will just have to work my way through making the Stars and Pinwheel block again. I’m thinking of maybe making it a larger block (18-24″) and making a medallion quilt. I haven’t made one yet.


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