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The mediocre teacher tells.
The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates.
The great teacher inspires.

— William Arthur Ward

Welcome to my blog. I’m not sure where I’m going with it. For now, it is about my adventures in quilting.

I have been quilting for six years. I have not developed a particular style, as I am open to try almost anything – quilting related. I tend to jump in with both feet, and have been told that I have done a few things which are more advanced, then maybe I should have done at my experience level.

I love the creativity quilting allows. From selecting fabrics, to designing. Taking a pattern and changing it to meet my whims.

I am a self-professed learner… I enjoy learning, and quilting is definitely giving me that “fix”. I don’t have a style, and I hope I never acquire one.

I’m 47, married to the same guy with 4 children, Boy 28, Girl 26, Boy 16, Girl 14, and one granddaughter 7. I live in the best place on Earth (according to the advertising, and I agree), British Columbia.  I am also a Kidney Cancer Survivor and Thriver!

I am currently an Administrative Assistant Relief, as well as a Cashier at a local grocery store.  I worked in the computer industry for awhile, ran my own business.  My favourite was teaching.  I also do free-lance editing/formatting/proofreading of documents. I have to have some work to pay for my habit… I mean my hobby.

I would love to have my own quilt shop, and if I can’t do that, I would definitely want to teach.

My goals and aspirations with regards to quilting:

  • Become a  quilt teacher (I have taught a few classes, Bargello. Beginner and Paper-piecing.
  • Enter a quilt into a contest.
  • Enter a quilt into a juried quilt show.
  • Perfect my piecing… so when I do follow a pattern it is the size it is supposed to be.
  • Perfect my free motion quilting skills – I want to get over the anxiety that quilting causes me.

Another goal, is to keep my information up to date.  Didn’t realize it has been four years since I updated this page!


20 Responses to "Welcome to My Quilting Blog"

Wow Which guild are you in love the fact that you are in BC. Seems like there are a growing # of us. I am a quilter,/ fiber artist and am growing so fast in the learning aspect I wonder how I am able to teach. Good luck with all your endeavors.

Hi Denise. I’m a member of Timberlane Quilter’s Guild. Thanks for your visit. -A

Hi, it’s Lisa from quilting friends. Looking forward to reading your blog. 🙂

Hi Lisa!!! Glad to see you. I’ve popped in on you, on your blog! I have a lot to catch up on. -Alice

Alice, I really like that quote. How many teachers have we encountered in our life’s passage that truly inspire us?

Of course, there are times when we find that *teacher* in the most unlikely of circumstances.

Cheers, Ann.

Thank you, Ann. I can’t remember where I found it, but found it inspiring and though provoking. -Alice

Hi Alice ‘Thanks for your note on my blog. Would I adopt you-in a heart beat. I think we would have more of a friendship relationship. I love your work too.
I do not do as well on the computer as you so this is all new. I wish I new how to make the links to other blogs. I would add yours.

Awww, Debra, you are much too kind. A friendship relationship, it would be indeed. I’m looking to get some help for you, to add links. -Alice

Thanks Alice for your kindness and Note. I have your link now. Yeah!!!! I will add it to my site.
As far as adoption-I be a pretty old mom-but if you where in the area, you would always be welcome to come visit. I wish it were so. You are so creative and I am sure we would have a wonderful friendship. It would be a joy to visit it with you often. Quilt, a cup of coffee and cake. Wouldn’t that be fun!
Thanks again. I too am enjoying your blog. I wish I had more time. With one graduating next week, graduation parties to attend, and the endless wedding appointments, I will have save time int say…..October? LOL Take care and thanks again.

“old mom”, I don’t think so *grin*. If I am ever in the area, be sure I’ll let you know. You describe a very blissful visit we would have! Ahhhh…. Congrats to the grad and the two to be wed! -Alice

alice…i found you. i mean other than on allpeoplequilt.com


i love your blog my dear.


RACHEL!!!! Fancy meeting you here! Glad you like my blog. Your’s is shaping up nicely. I’m going to need an entire day to keep up with all my blogging friends… I don’t mind! *grin* -Alice

After you left a comment on my blog, I thought I would come visit you, and I have been here many times before!

I enjoyed your previous posts on the ‘firsts’ of being a quiltmaker. I guess I should have written those memories down, but now my first quilts are so long ago it is hard to remember — well, I do have my son’s crib quilt I made for him in 1974 and that was nearly one of the firsts!

I think we shared the same moment! After I had left my comment, I had realized I had visited your blog a few times as well! I am sure there is a lot missing from my memories, and I should be writing more about the progress of my “current” projects, but I think what I write will have to suffice! -Alice

Alice, Hello from APQ world! I don’t know where you get the energy to blog here and APQ and still produce great looking quilts! It’s good to see you here, too! Rosemarie

Hi Rosemarie! Thanks for stopping by. Energy? LOL. I just do what I can do. Some days have more than others. -Alice

Love your blog. Bargello is one of my very favorite types of quilting. I think I have made more of those than any other pattern.
I use to own a restaurant in Vancouver on Main St. called Apple Annie’s. I loved living there but really missed home so much that after awhile returned to Arizona. But you do indeed live in a beautiful part of the world. All of BC is wonderful.

Hi I am a relatively new patchworker and quilter from south western Australia. I wanted to know the history of the bargello quilt, some time frames and the inspirational idea they were sourced from? Can you help me? I would appreciate ant information. We are holding an exhibition in September and I wanted to have some history as we displayed our quilts.
Than you very much

Hi Shirley. I’ve sent you an email, with some resources which should help. Good luck with your exhibition!

Hi! I’m not sure how else to email you – but I saw you had some Sharon S. you tubes on binding there was one listed for making a elmers glue top tip – but the video no longer shows – do you still have it or the instructions to make such a tip? Thanks for any help you can provide! Kim

Hi Kim. The video was removed from YouTube. I think this could be, because Sharon Schamber has come out with a tip available for purchase. It is available on her website. -Alice

I’m a new quilter too. Only just finished my first Quilt…. barbie sized. 😉

I’ll follow your blog with interest

I’m thinking of starting my own quilting blog and wanted to know if you have any advice for me before I get started on this new adventure!

Hi; I was wondering if there is any quilters out there that would be interested in volunteering there time to teach and assist a small group of residents in a care facility how to make quilts.
We are in the Port Moody/ Coquitlam area.

Please let me know via- email if you are interested.


i love the goals you have set for yourself. i have set some similar goals as well.

Hi Alice, I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to try and do my first craft show next weekend. It’s in a small town that is having there annual summer fest. They advertised for Craft Show and Flee market vendors and it was just $25.00 for Sat. & Sun. So I thought I would try it. I’m going to try and sell some of my totes, cosmetic bags, crayon roll ups and my bookmarks. My DH said he would help me. I just heard the weather report and they say it’s going to be near 90. Although it’s inside, fans but no air conditioning. I’m a little nervous since I’ve never done anything like this. However, everyone I know has been bugging me to sell the stuff that I make. Just wanted to let you know, that you were my biggest inspiration for doing this. Thanks, Connie

Hi Connie!

Way to go! You’ll have to let me know how it goes. Did I send you a link on “Do’s and Don’ts” that someone posted about craft fairs?

Be sure to bring lots of water. And dress in layers.

I wish you all the success!


I just found this blog…and I love it!!!
I have been quilting since childhood in the church basement. I put it down for a while, was busy raising five daughters.
Now I make my own quilts, do quilt tops for others who like to piece or embroider, but don’t want to quilt. I make bags and purses and related items and go the rounds of the craft shows in the late summer and early fall.
I new have 14 grandchildren one ggchild, husband is retired but works a few jobs as they come available. We are campers, have a Bigfoot TC. When we’re not working or doing shows we visit the kids who are spread out all over the country.
I am looking for a Baltimore Signature Quilt design. Anyone out there familiar with this or know where I can find the design.
Love to all…thank you.
Rosie (from SE Missouri)

Hello from Surrey. I am a new quilter that hardly knows any of the basics. Could you please tell me what the standard FINISHED binder width is for different sizes of quilts? Is it perhaps 2″ for large quilts and 1″ for small? I haven’t done any bindings yet or taken any binding classes.

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