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I am both.

I must tell you a story, it is funny, 24 hours later, but it sure wasn’t when it happened.  I decided to write a post.  Lately, well not lately, as that would imply I have been blogging regularly, and we know that, that just isn’t true.  I usually write it in MS Word on my computer, then cut and paste it, into a blog post.

Last night I did not do that.  Now I’m getting a bit miffed,  because last’s night post would have been so much more amusing than this one, but lets get back to the story, and then the blog post.

Anyway, I did not start writing in the wordprocessor.  Instead, I started writing right here on the blog.  No big deal, I would have thought, except, EXCEPT, I used the “Quickpost” feature, or whatever it is called.  I had it all typed up, and was grinning from ear to ear.  I had fun writing it.  It was time to add the photos, so I clicked on the ADD PHOTO button, selected if from my computer, then clicked on PUBLISH.  Worked great.  Until I went to view it!  It was only the picture.  NO BLOG!  And I’ll have you know, it was not a quick little blurb either.  Then, in my wisdom, I backed up back to the beginning, of when I went into my blog, and isntead of going forward one page at a time, in the hopes my entry would have been in memory (this I have done before), I went into the posts area, to see if it had saved it in draft.  Usually when I use the regular Add a Post window, it will systematically save my post as draft, until I am ready to publish it.  This is where I went first.  But it was not there.  And then I realized I had lost my chance of trying to recover it by going forward.

It was getting late, and I was so angry..well not really, I was put out though.  I gave the whole thing up.

Which brings us to now, tonight, and the purpose of the post.  As we know, school started just over 3 weeks ago here in Canada.  I had mentioned to DD#1 if she had a pencil case for DGD#1, and she said she didn’t know, and wanted to know why.  So I told her, I could make her one.  The weekend after school started, DD#1 texted me, asking if I had the pencil case done.  Now did you read, anything that said she wanted me to make one.  Nope, I didn’t think so.  Anyway, I answered by saying, no, but I would do it that weekend.  I proceeded to send her questions on what DGD#1 might like.  The results:

Favourite colour – indigo and pink

Dragonflies.  I have a Sizzix die cut machine, and have a couple of dies.  The really great thing was, I had been at a garage sale earlier that day, and picked up an alphabet die, and a few others.  I had the dragonfly already, but I thought it was neat, I had the alphabet, so I could do her name.  Oh, that was the last question asked, name, name and last, or initials.  Mom selected name, as she is the only one in the school with it.  So away I went.  I had a baby pink zipper, baby pink purchased bias binding, and pink and blue fabrics.  My blue fabric was dark with black swirls through it, think of adding a coloured liquid heavier than water, into water, that is the kind of swirling.

Takes us to Sunday evening.  I hadn’t been feeling over energetic, as I had worked the first week of school, and I was paying the price.  If I overtax my energies, I can spend several days paying the price.  Sunday evening, I was invited over to a fellow quilters home for tea, and the offer of some indigo fabric.  We had tea with another quilter friend, and chitchatted about many things.  The pencil case came up, and N. jumped up and showed me her drawer full of blue fabrics.  There was a cloth on a bookcase, and I suggested, that was very close to indigo.  She hunted in her drawer, and within seconds, found the perfect piece of fabric.

I had the pencil case for the following afternoon afterschool.

I love the next part of the story.  *giggle*  DD#1 brought DGD#1 to the house after school.  DGD#1 knows Grandma is tired easily, so it was nothing to convince her to get my cell phone, which I had left on my ironing board in the quilt’n room.

She dutifully returned with my cell phone, with a peculiar look on her face.   Almost a smile, but not quite, I think she was trying hard not to, but was excited.

I asked her, what was wrong.

She says, hardly containing herself, and just barely above a whisper.  She is trying not to bounce up and down in front of me.  “I saw something”.

What did you see, I asked her, with a dead pan straight face, knowing full well.  You see, I had left my cell phone, purposely on the ironing board with her pencil case.  Her Mom, held as straight a face as I did.

“Something with my name on it”, she almost squeals out, feet starting to jitter about.  She is doing her best to contain her building excitement.

I said to her, “something with your name on it” questioningly, like she must be seeing things.  Her Mom sees how excited she is growing, and tells her to go get it.

She returns triumphantly, and exclaims “It’s a PURSE.  A PURSE for school!”.  (I bet you are thinking, what a terrible grandma I am, for treating her like this.  She’s a good kid, and she loves it when grandma makes her things).

Her Mom shakes her head, and I say, it is for school, but it is not a purse.

“What is it”, she breathes, almost hesitantly, because she is excited Grandma made her something, even though she isn’t quite sure what it is.


Pencil Case

I had taken a photo with my camera, but it was blurry, so I asked DD#1 to take a photo for me.  I loved this one, already for school   I didn’t free hand the dragonflies very well for quilting, but I like it.  The back has 2 appliqued dragon flies, and the trail, and a stitched dragonfly.

This is my DGD#1 prouldy displaying her pencil case, before heading to school with it.
I appliqued her name as well, using the Sizzix machine, and then machine stitched it on.  I used fusible web, pressed it on the fabric, then ran the fabric and dies through the machine.  Took off the paper backing, and laid it out on the case outer material, and pressed it in place.  I then machine stitched in place, using a straight stitch.  I then sandwiched the front and back, to give it a bit of thickness and protection, lined it, and quilted it.  I cut the front piece in order to add the zipper, and I had not cut the batting to the full size,  I trimmed it in order to allow the zipper.  I had some trouble with the binding, and had to stitch it down twice.

The purchased binding was okay, but I was not happy with the results.  I thought it would be quicker.  The only thing quick about it, I didn’t have to cut a bias strip.  And it is not doubled at the seam.  The seam for the case is on the outside.

I have been working on the Scrappy 3d nine patch.  Sewing the 9patch units together, cutting 400 of the light blue pieces, cutting out some of the white background pieces and about 40 of the dark blue pieces.  I’ll leave the rest for another post.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  What in quilting intimidates you?  Have I ever told you that applique intimidates me?  It seems, when I don’t think about it, I can do an okay job.  But when I have to actually work out where pieces go, and the stitching, and the turning under, that scares me!  If you are a blogger, and need a subject, I challenge you to tell us what intimidates you when it comes to quilting.  Or just leave a comment below.
Looking to hear from you!




Well this weekend I wanted to do something a little different.

With inspiration from an APQ blogger – StitchNiche (she makes gorgeous placemat bags), and my YDD – her wallet was too big for her pant’s pocket… I delved into making placemat bags. Not as elegant as StitchNiche’s, but my YDD loves it!

My YDD chose a turquoise placemat. I decided to incorporate a little from the Applique workshop (our local quilters guild held) last week, and use the new “Basting Glue Bottle” I made the other day.

Not knowing what I was doing, and making it up as I went, we came up with a pretty good bag between us. She chose the lining – blue fire (which looks like water in the bag), the straps. She also requested a pocket for her MP3 player.

I stitched the sides of the place mat together, then stitched across the seam 1″ from the bottom of the bag, to square the bottom a bit. I appliquéd the flower, using “glue” (see above link) to fold over the edges, and then used fusible web to appliqué to the bag. It worked very well!

I stitched the lining, using the same technique as the place mat. The lining had a bit more work, to fold over and stitch down the edges. I added two pockets – one for an MP3 player, and another larger one.

Attaching the handles were interesting. I was hoping to use a slider, so she could adjust the handle as she grew, but I miscalculated the sizes… strap is 38.1mm, buckle/slider is 32mm… I thought strap was 31 (grrr.) I used a feature on my machine I didn’t know I had. I have an overlock stitch. I shortened it, and used it to finish the cut edges of the strap as it was unravelling. Worked great! (Better not mention to DH, or I’ll never get a serger!). I folded over the edges, and used the stretch stitch to hold in place. Attached to either end of the bag, centering on the placemat seams. And stitched it down. My poor machine… it didn’t like it too much. (I think next time, my Kenmore will do this task). I added some hook and loop to the lining, so the bag didn’t gape open on her. After adding the inside butterflies (fusible web), I melted the loop part of the hook and loop, had to unsew that piece, and replace it.

Time to attach the lining. This went better than expected, although again the machine didn’t like the extra thickness at the seams. I thought the placemat was easing up with the lining, but not so, but the time I got all the way around, I had about 1/2″ of extra place mat. I just tucked it in, making a little pleat at the edge of the handle/strap, and stitched it down. And without further ado, here are some pictures. If you would like to see a larger image, click on the picture, and it will open in a new window/new tab.

Shauna’s Placemat Bag

Inside Placemat Bag

Inside Placemat Bag

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