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I have decided to store information that I will need again, into separate pages, as opposed to posts. This page is the “main” page for that information.

Bargello Resources – I have been “playing” with bargellos, and I taught a workshop for our local guild. These are some links and other information I have found, that I may come back to later.

Common Quilt Sizes – it seems that there are many bed sizes, which vary from country to country? A guideline for me to find quickly how big a certain quilt is.

Pillow Sizes – sometimes you need a pillow case to go with a quilt, or maybe you just need a unique gift idea.  This is a listing of several pillow sizes.

Flying Geese Fabric Requirements – there are many techniques/methods to make a flying geese unit. This page helps you determine rectangle and square size’s for various flying geese unit sizes.

Stitch Length Conversions – I can never remember what 11 stitches to the inch are on my 1 through 5 settings. This is a handy guide for me.

The “Pathways” section to the right will direct you to other pages in this section, and others.

In this way, I hope to manage my blog site especially as it grows.

Thank you for visiting!


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