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Quilting Videos

Online Quilting Videos that I have found inspiring and helpful.

Grab a cup of your favourite beverage and enjoy these series of videos.

Sharon Schamber’s Binding Technique

I have tried this technique, and won’t go back to what I knew before. I had trouble finishing my binding ends, it was either to long or too short. No more, after following these videos. I have to admit, I have watched it, paused it, complete the step and come back for the next one.

Sharon Schamber’s Hand Basting Technique

Sharon Schamber’s Perfect Piecing Board


3 Responses to "Quilting Videos"

What a wonderful way to do binding. Can’t wait to try it.

Hi Alice! I was just checking your blog to see if you had posted lately. But you hadn’t. I’m wondering how you are doing. I hope you are gaining strength. Did you see Love’s and my posts from the Dallas quilt show? We met up there briefly and she is such fun! I haven’t heard from her in a week, so I’m wondering how her quilting frame is working for her. I hope she isn’t regretting her purchase! I had to take my sewing machine to be fixed and it is ready, but I’m not sure I’ll go get it today or not. We are receiving much needed rain and if it doesn’t let up, I just might wait until tomorrow. I really miss it even though I have a Featherweight which sews like a dream. I have some quilting that I need to do. Do you know Jennifer? She and I have gotten together with Love a few times. Jenn and I (with my DH) will be participating in a craft show on March 31. This will be Jenn’s first one. I hope it is a good show for her sake. BTW, I just watched Sharon’s video on making an ironing board. I think I might make one on top of a TV tray, like she mentioned near the end. That would come in handy.

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for checking up on me! You will probably have seen my blog post now. I am doing okay. Maybe Fair plus! *grin*

I did see “Love’s” post about the quilt show. Sounds like it was a wonderful show! And I just saw her post about the quilting frame! Wow! Too bad it didn’t work out for her, but good for her to give it a go!

I remember Jennifer, and I have seen “Love’s” posts about the three of you getting together. That sounds like so much fun.

The craft fair sounds like fun, and I wish you and Jenn all the best! I look forward to reading about it, if you share.

I don’t recall the TV Tray ironing board, I may have to watch that, or wait for your blog entry on your creation! I am hoping to have more to blog about, as I work up my energy levels.


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