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Two years… really?

Posted on: 26 February 2015

One one hand, not much has happened in the last 2 years, since my last blog post.

New laptop, the other I had for 7 years, finally decided it had enough.

I have not done much quilting

I was quickly reading my last post, and I still have not finished that latch hook rug, although now it is about 60% completed.

I miss sharing my work, so I am going to work hard at trying to write more often.

Hope you are well.

8 Responses to "Two years… really?"

A big smile came all over my face when I read your comment on my blog tonight! I’ve wondered about you so many times, and I’m really looking forward to keeping up with you blog again. I hope you are feeling much better now than a couple of years ago, and that life is treating you well all around. So glad you’ll be blogging again soon. —“Love”

Glad I made you smile. 😀

Oh my goodness! I was looking down my blog list this afternoon and I clicked on and reread your last blog from two years ago. It made me wonder what you have been up to. It is good to hear from you, I was hoping you would blog again. So, now that you are back, I hope we hear more from you. I should talk, every day I think I need to add a post to my blog, it has been two months since I wrote anything. Maybe I’ll get it done tomorrow!

I’m hoping to be active again.

Oh Alice, Welcome back! I am delighted to see you joining us again. You have been much missed. I was remiss in keeping my blog up to date last year – not that it should be a chore but other aspects of life took my attention away from sewing and keeping in touch with the wonderful bloggers from the APQ days – plus the new ones! Post as often or as little as the mood takes you. Hugs Ann

Welcome back! I hope you’re doing well and will pop in again with crafty news.

I’m so happy to see you are back!! Yours is one of the first blogs I started reading, and listed in my favorites! Through your site, I discovered a whole big world of quilting blogs and have been so inspired as I’m fairly new to the making of quilts. I pray that life is treating you well. Looking forward to more inspiration from you in the near future. Again, welcome back!

I’m so glad you’re back! It seems many of the original APQ bloggers fell off the face of the earth in the last year or so and I miss you all and all you do and what you do to inspire me. I hope you manage to find time to quilt and blog and share with us more frequently!

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