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It all started Friday evening. I had been invited to a retirement party, which I attended. I had only ever been to one before, and that was a few years ago. I didn’t really know to many people except for the co-workers of the fellow that retired. I had worked for this company for 9 months, and although I am not currently working for them, they treat me as part of the family. It’s a really great feeling! Before I left home, I realized I was going to have to fill up the van with gas… I didn’t remember until I drove by the gas station on my way home. Oh well, hopefully I’ll have enough to get back in the morning.

Welcome Saturday morning. Forecast is for snow… but doubt we’ll see anyway… that’s the way it usually goes. Before heading to our Guild’s workshop on Appliqué, I head to get some gas. While I’m in the area, I stop and pick up a cup of tea to go! Mmmm… Earl Grey with a shot of vanilla. Now I’m on my way!

I’m looking forward to doing appliqué. I haven’t done it before, and think this will be a great technique to learn. The first part of the day (or morning), is on wool appliqué. What a great project. Wool appliqué is very forgiving. It doesn’t have to be perfect. My project isn’t finished, as it will take a little longer than the time we had to finish it.

Lunch time was a bit of a “surprise party” for one of the quilter’s. She “retired” at the end of December, unfortunately they closed the shop she managed. A number of the guild members, and another guild she belongs to, got together and completed a good size quilt in 10 days… that’s including the quilting, which was long-armed. The quilt was designed by one of the guild members. It’s gorgeous!

After the shock of the “party”, we got back to appliqué. This time it was to be needle appliqué, using a template, and folding the edges over, then handstitching to a foundation piece. My youngest daughter is also a guild member, and she attended the afternoon workshop. I helped her with the pressing of her pieces, and she started handstitiching. She was very excited about this project. It will be completely done by her, and she already has a few ideas to do a few more, and make a small quilt. The day was finished with all of us with a couple projects to do, and 2 new techniques under our needles. The needle-turn appliqué will be done on a Thursday evening. We were all suffering from information overload.

After a quick trip back into town, to do a little shopping, and picking up something for supper, I found I was back at home. I was tired, and fully expected just to have a quiet evening… not so. After supper, I decided to work on my redwork project. I am doing 12 blocks of redworked cats. I have 9 completed… finishing the 9th on Saturday night. I also crocheted another face cloth, the last for a special order I had.

It’s Sunday! What to do today. Well, I had to find 3 more cats… they are now traced onto the fabric, ready to be stitched. This should go quickly now. Then just have to make the alternating blocks, and then that quilt will be ready to go. I also did some quilting on the “There’s a Dog on My Quilt”. I have decided to quilt bones in the sashing, and hydrants and paws on the cornerstones. I stitched in the ditch around the 9 patch blocks. I need to decide what I’m going to do with the 9 patches, and the dog. I made three templates. I used the washable blue marking pen. Worked very well on the sashing. I haven’t marked the hydrants or paws yet… those will be on black. I have a few of the bones quilted, and used an Aquadoodle pen, to remove them. This little device works wonders! There is minimum wetting of the quilt to remove the marks

Well, I’m off to do some more quilting… and start marking the hydrants and paws. This quilt is really starting to look very nice!

Hope your weekend was what you wanted!


I set some goals for myself with what I wanted to do with quilting this weekend. Forgetting, that I was going to be away on Sunday… so I’m not going to get them accomplished… but that’s okay.

I’ve been having way to much fun. I’m working on the charity quilt. I wasn’t going to quilt the border, I didn’t want to calculate and mark it. When I was about to square it up… the border kept shifting… so what to do. It’s a leafy fern, or spiky plant for the border, and I thought I would quilt the spikes… following the leaf. WOW. I thought this would be difficult… but it is fun, and easy. I have to remember to change position, as I tend to stay in one position to long, and stiffen up.

It’s working out really well. A nice contrast, of sorts to the grid quilting I did on the quilt itself. No pictures yet… I’ll wait until its done, and do some close ups of the quilting. I’m really happy with it… did I mention that? LOL.

Sometimes you just have to jump in, and try something new, and don’t think about “rules” or if its right or wrong. Just Do It!

This is the quilt, before the binding.

Log Cabin Charity QuiltLog Cabin Charity Quilt - close up border quilting

It didn’t happen to me on my way… but actually after I got to our guild demo night.

I wasn’t planning on participating, as they were doing valentine postcards, and I have never done a postcard, so didn’t know what to bring.

A couple of the members offered to assist me in finding a way to quilt a Mystery Quilt I did a year ago. I thought it would also be a good idea to bring a couple of others, to be sandwiched, then I would be ready to quilt them.

Once I was ready, I got my quilt top, batting and backing out… then realized no masking tape, to tape it down. So the hunt for tape was on. As I lived relatively close by it was suggested I run home and get some. As I was about to grab my jacket and dash out the door another member, asked where I was going. So I told her “home for some tape”… she pulls open a drawer… and voila! tape. So next we take the chairs of the table and put two tables together. I pick up the backing only to realize… I had not cut it, and pieced it to fit. Well, I know what I’ll be doing this weekend.

I have set goals for the weekend.

  • fix oopsies on the mystery quilt
  • piece backing for mystery quilt
  • sandwich mystery quilt
  • quilt the stars on the mystery quilt

And if that goes well, and there are no other distractions, I will tackle

  • piece the backing for “There’s a dog on my quilt”
  • prepare binding for mystery quilt
  • sandwich “There’s a dog on my quilt”
  • prepare binding for “There’s a dog on my quilt”.

These are the two quilts I am talking about.

Mystery Quilt - Stars Top

“There’s a Dog on My Quilt”

Well, today was one of those days. To cap it off, I don’t really remember what I did today. But that’s okay, because I really want to write about my shopping trip.

I had some errands to do, and thought I would see if I could find some bicycle clips to help with quilting a community quilt I’m working on. Not only that, but I can use them for my other quilts when I get them to the quilting stage. From one store to the next, to the next, to the next. Nothing. I didn’t want to goto the Bicycle Shop, as they usually are pretty expensive (the shop that is).

While checking out a couple of the dollar stores, I picked up some embellishments. I am going to make a few “bags” or purses, and I wanted to pick up a few things. That was a success… perhaps too many, oh well.. I’m sure I’ll find a use somewhere, or my daughter will.

At one store – Canadian Tire, I didn’t find the bicycle clips either, I was just about to give up and leave, when I noticed something hanging on one of the end of the aisles. They are called Twist Ties. They have a bendable core, but are covered in foam. Three in a package, but on sale for just over $4. Why not… I could bend them and wrap them around the roll of the quilt.

Now to another dollar store. More embellishments. When something caught my eye in the hair accessories aisle. Remember the slap (snap) bracelets. They stretch out flat, but smack it on your wrist and it curls up. That might work… for $1, not bad… if it doesn’t work I can give it to my youngest or my granddaughter.

Back home with my treasures! Of course I have to test out my finds. I mentioned the charity quilt I’m working on. I took the bracelet and “slapped” it against one end of the roll, and took a twist tie and twisted/bent/wrapped it around the other end. Took another twist tie and secured the other side of the quilt (I’m currently quilting down the middle). Quick look, everything seems to be holding. A quick trip downstairs to show hubby, my find! And back up to the quilt room. Everything still holding. This is good! Now for the big test! The sewing machine. Sew far sew good (sorry about the pun, but it is true). The bracelet goes up over the extension table, and is holding the roll in place. Now the twist tie on the other side comes up… hmmm… snags a bit on the extension table. Now the other twist tie comes up, snags a bit too.

Both the bracelet and the twist ties work, but I am much happier with the bracelet. What a happy surprise! Tomorrow, I’ll have to go in and pick up a few more.

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I have the weblog started. But what do I write about. They say to just write, and it will come.

I’ve been in a bit of a mood lately, not sure what was causing it… but I think I have a remedy! My hubby and I were talking about it, and I have come up with Tactile Textile Therapy. What is Tactile Textile Therapy? It is when you touch your fabrics, in my case my quilting fabrics.

My quilt room is in progress. Which means, we have been renovating a spare room into a quilt room. It’s not complete, but I am in there temporarily. Most of my quilting supplies including fabric is in storage. Something was missing in my temporary setup. FABRIC! I took all my fabric out of storage, and it is now in my quilt room. What a pick-me-up!

Now, to decide what I’m going to do with them. Some ideas:

  • Folded-star trivets
  • Coffee Cup Cozies
  • Table-runners
  • Coasters

Well, I should get back to quilting a community quilt. And then play with the fabric.

Until next time!

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