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What a day I had. Yes, that’s right, another guild workshop.

I wasn’t originally going to take the “Curve Play” workshop our quilters’ guild was doing, but then I thought why not!

I must admit that working with curves was a wee bit intimidating. But I’m glad I took the workshop. Each of us bought the Curve Play pattern by Fun Easy Designed.

The basic premise is you take a number of squares. Take the template, and cut. Then mix them two sections, so each fabric is with another. Stitch. The neat thing, there is no real setting in… the pattern is designed to have some “extra” bits left over. They remain until you square up your block. Once you have your curves stitched in… you take up to 5 of these pieces, and with the template… cut again. Switch them all up, piece together, and now you have your block. Then arrange your blocks to make a pleasing design with the fabrics.

I was able to produce 9 blocks during the workshop. For a small quilt, I need 15 more.

I have seen this quilt pattern primarily made with oriental style fabrics. I wanted to do something different. I chose a purple fabric that had some circles and lines which were bright colours. I coordinated with some other bright colours.

Curve Play quilt blocks

These are my blocks randomly placed to get a feel for how this quilt is going to be.

Another quilt to be finished…


February 2007 was another new adventure for me. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for paper-piecing, but I decided to attend the paper-piecing demonstration our guild was hosting.

I picked three fabrics as suggested.

The “project” we were going to be doing was a tea-cup! Cool, I thought. The facilitator explained that before she moved to our community friends of hers made several tea-cup blocks as a going away gift for her. She was to make them into a quilt… she likes tea-cups.

After a couple of false-starts – putting the fabric the wrong way, if you have done paper-piecing you know what I mean. If you haven’t… the thing to remember is everything is done “upside-down”.

This is my block. Unfinished size 5½”.

Paper Pieced Tea Cup

As usual… once I’ve attended a workshop or demonstration at our guild… the ideas start popping into my head.

Thought #1 – In April I was going to visit my Mom… wouldn’t this be a great thing to teach her. Something we could do together. We did spend part of a day working on a paper-piecing tea cup block… a different pattern than the one above… and I don’t have pictures. LOL.

Thought #2 – The company I was under contract with had moved into their new office in January, and their coffee room is very nice.. .and needed something. I started planning a little wall-hanging for them. They have a variety of mugs of different colours and sizes and styles. This is the wall-hanging I gave to them. I finished it in October 2007.

Paper pieced wall hanging

The spoons and cups are paper-pieced.  The “Coffee Room” letters are my first attempt at machine applique (with no idea what I was doing).   I stitched-in-the-ditch around each cup and spoon.  And added some “steam” off each cup.

And that was the beginning adventure into paper-piecing.   There is lots I would like to pursue in this technique, just haven’t got there yet.  Several other projects need to be started and completed first.   Believe me… it is not the end for paper-piecing for me!

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